• Presentation - New job, Eisenstadt

    Nicole Trimmel becomes driving force of new action body movement projects in the Austrian province of Burgenland.

    The secret is out - Governor Hans Niessl presented Nicole Trimmel’s new field of activity at a press conference today: the multiple World Champion in Kickboxing is going to work as a sports referee in the Austrian province of Burgenland and thereby takes over an even bigger function as a role model for kids and teenagers in the area of sports. The province of Burgenland decided to launch initiatives to encourage childrens involvement in sports and physical activity. As a prime example of a successful sports personality Nicole Trimmel is going to develop concepts for the promotion of activity among primary school pupils. These projects shall be realized with the assistance of schools, various associations and townships.

    “Sports, especially junior sports, are my big concern. For this reason I am highly pleased that I got the chance to devote myself fully to sports and to make use of my long-time experience in sports. I am sure that I can make things happen,† says Trimmel, who will support the projects with strong motivation.
    10. December 2008
  • Vice European Champion in light conta...

    Nicole Trimmel scores silver medal at European Championships.

    Slovenian Sabina Sehic gets European Champion in light contact kickboxing. Nicole Trimmel takes Vice European Champion title for Austria. In total Austria got five medals.
    30. November 2008
  • Nicole entered semi final, Guimaraes

    Nicole Trimmel wins against Poland.

    The Manifold World Champion in Kickboxing started the European Championships with a fight against the Polish Paulina Frankovska. With 3:0 win on points Nicole Trimmel could clearly win this fight and is now in semi-final of the category minus 65 kilograms in light contact. Tomorrow she will fight Hungarian Bojana Dancsecs.
    27. November 2008
  • European Championships in light conta...

    Departure for European Championships in light contact kickboxing on November 24, 2008.

    The European Championships in light contact, low kick and K1-style are set to take place in Guiamaraes (approximately 50km from Porto), Portugal, on 24-30 November 2008. The Austrian kickboxing national team including Nicole Trimmel will arrive to Guiamaraes on Monday.
    In Portugal the Manifold World Champion in Kickboxing will participate in her favourite discipline – light contact. Until departure a couple of training sessions are hold. More news will follow soon here.
    21. November 2008
  • Retired early in round one, Varna

    Nicole Trimmel looses against German Julia Irmen.

    The manifold World Champion in Kickboxing was kicked out in the first round of the tournament, not being able to savour the honour of the Austrian national kickboxing team. The two opponents being of equal performance during the fight, the referees had to take the decision: win on points for Julia Irmen, which consequently marked the first retirement of Nicole Trimmel in round one at such a major event.

    Already in November Nicole Trimmel will start again at the next major event, the European Championships in light contact kickboxing, in Portugal.
    26. October 2008
  • Arrival for European Championships in...

    Nicole Trimmel arrived at the European Championships in full contact kickboxing.

    The European Championships in full contact are set to take place in Varna, Bulgaria, on 21-27 October 2008. Manifold World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel arrived already on Monday: “I am looking forward to the European Championships. Slowly I am getting more and more excited. Unfortunately my coach Joachim Huber can’t join the event because of professional reasons, but on the other hand the whole team of KBC Rohrbach will be present.†, said Nicole Trimmel.

    The four time World Champion in Kickboxing will presumably climb the ring on October 22. More news will follow soon here.
    20. October 2008
  • Mountain climbing in Tirol, Oberndorf

    Nicole Trimmel climbs the Wilder Kaiser in Tirol.

    The World Champion in Kickboxing currently prepares for the European Championships in full contact kickboxing. Five days she stays in the mountains of Tirol training with ex-national team colleagues Bianca Pfahringer and Nicole Pendl. Main focus of the training session is endurance and development of physical strength - mountain climbing thus comprises the programme.

    At the beginning of the week the trio was transferred to legendary ski racetrack Hahnenkamm, climbing the Streif. In a second climb the summit cross of the Wilder Kaiser was crested. Even though Nicole Trimmel originates from the low lands of Austria, she showed talent in climbing and left a good impression on her colleagues. The subsequent descent by means of paragliding gave an impressive view on the mountain world of Tirol - a felicitous alternation of the usual training routine.
    27. August 2008
  • Training camp in Hungary, Vép

    Nicole Trimmel prepares in Hungary for the European Championship.

    The World Champion in Kickboxing followed an invitation of Hungary’s kickboxing national team coach Miklós Zrínyi to take part in a training camp in Vép, close to Szombathely. The camp lasted for a duration of fourteen days; 46 Hungarian sportsman attended. Daily three training sessions were on the agenda: running, boxing and kickboxing.

    “It really was a very exhausting training camp, and it wasn’t a matter of course that I could participate. Hungary has a very strong and successful national team, besides in Miklós Zrínyi also a fantastic coach. The training sessions were very demanding, but enjoyable. I was welcomed openly and could gather a lot of power. No such training camp exists in Austria.†, said Nicole Trimmel.
    30. July 2008
  • PR-staff member at Euro 2008, Bad Tat...

    Nicole Trimmel looks after Croatia’s national soccer team.

    During the UEFA EURO 2008 the World Champion in Kickboxing works at the Media Centre in Bad Tatzmannsdorf. The welcome desk consists of two strong ladies: Sarina Gludovatz, daughter of ÖFB-team-coach Paul Gludovatz, and Nicole Trimmel, professional kickboxer. The team is completed by Darko Durkov and Ronni Gollatz, who leads the Media Centre.

    At the Media Centre journalists from all over the world are being supported daily with the most important information regarding the tournament, and in particular the Croatian team. The atmosphere is fantastic: “Up to 180 journalists have already been attending press conferences in the Media Centre Bad Tatzmannsdorf. The day after the game against Austria there were 22 camera teams. A very interesting and challenging opportunity, which is at the same time very funny.†, said Nicole Trimmel.
    12. June 2008
  • Early retire at WAKO World Cup, Szeged

    Nicole Trimmel got kicked out in the first round.

    The WAKO World Cup in Szeged, Hungary, started on Thursday with the weigh-in and registration. It turned out it was not possible to start in light- and full contact as originally planned. Nicole Trimmel and national team coach Bernhard Sussitz had to take a choice – start in full contact.
    In the pre-elimination fight the four-time World Champion in kickboxing lost against Birgit Reitan Oksnes from Norway with 2:1. Bernhard Sussitz lost his full contact final against Norway.
    26. May 2008
  • WAKO Pro Austria Champion, Hartberg

    Nicole Trimmel is WAKO Pro Austria Champion in full contact with low-kick.

    On May 10 the WAKO Pro Kickbox Gala in Hartberg took place in Hartberg, Styria. Lots of fans from Burgenland were attending to support the four-times World Champion in Kickboxing at her first professional fight according to WAKO Pro.
    Around 10pm the ring was given green lights for the World Champion - Nicole Trimmel started against Tanja Rafetseder from Upper Austria. Tanja started with a fast sequence of kicks, but got stuck in Nicole’s backing – the Upper Austrian didn’t seem to care much and continued her attack. The World Champion counterattacked in round 2, in which she went from passive to active leading to an open match of kicks. In round 3 Nicole increased the effort, eventually seeing Tanja Rafetseder down for the count under the applause from the fans - only seconds later the fight was restarted, Nicole cutting back again. She was rewarded immediately, as her opponent went down for the final count which brought the technical K.O. in round 3. Nicole took her first WAKO Pro Austria title in her career.
    The arena trembled still minutes after the award ceremony. Nicole Trimmel was carried around on shoulders - Tanja Rafetseder took it fair, and congratulated more than once. “It was a very difficult fight, and I’m happy I could finish it before time. Fighting without any protection was a bit different, but I had a good backing which turned out to be the doom eventually for my opponent. My tactics evolved in full - I had a passive look at my opponent, went breaking her style only in round 2 when I became active at the very right moment. I’m very, very happy today, haven’t grasped it yet. I’m already looking forward to the next WAKO Pro fight.† said Nicole Trimmel.

    Photos and video of the WAKO Pro Kickbox Gala in Hartberg are located here: photos and video - kindly supported by Viktor Fertsak and Kleine Zeitung.
    10. May 2008
  • Gold and Silver at the German Open, E...

    Nicole Trimmel scores gold and silver at the German Open.

    Nicole Trimmel and Patrick Gerdenitsch participated together with the Austrian national kickboxing team at the German Open in Ebern. Nicole Trimmel lost her full contact final against Julia Göllner (Bayern), reaching only silver. In light contact she wins gold over Nadja Fritsche (Hamburg). “I had numerous fights, very suitable for my preparations in regards to the professional fight on the 10th of May,† said Nicole Trimmel.

    Patrick Gerdenitsch won bronze in light contact.
    21. April 2008
  • Austrian Champion in Light contact, G...

    Nicole Trimmel is Austrian Champion in light contact kickboxing.

    The World Champion In Kickboxing competed last weekend at the Austrian Championships in light contact kickboxing in Gratwein, Styria. In weight category -65kg she scores her fourth Austrian Champion title in a row.

    In the semi-finals she wins over Barbara Mihatsch of Kickboxcenter Graz on points with 3:0. In the final she kicks against Beatrix Hütter, a former manifold World Champion in Kickboxing. The Styrian kisses the dust after a stormy start by receiving a kick from Nicole; the fight ends after three rounds on points for Nicole Trimmel.

    In weight category -94kg Patrick Gerdenitsch secures the title. Christoph Pauly scores bronze in category heavy-weight.
    13. April 2008
  • KICK-OFF press conference, Schielleiten

    Nicole Trimmel will compete in her first professional fight.

    The first WAKO PRO kickboxing gala in Austria was presented to the public at the castle of Schielleiten during a KICK-OFF press conference. On the 10th of March 2008 the kickboxing gala will take place in the Hartberghalle in Hartberg (Styria). Local hero and host Roman Durlacher plans a unique event never seen in Austria before. Besides an ambitious program for the spectators three pro-fights will take place. Nicole Trimmel, four-time World Champion in Kickboxing and actual number two on the world ranking list in full contact, will be one of the main fights. She will compete against Andrea Murcovic from SC Leoben in the category -63,5kg full contact with low kicks over five rounds.

    Tickets can be bought at all Sparkassen in Burgenland and Styria or at KO American Bar. Reservations for ring-desks in VIP all-inclusive areas under office@k-o.at.
    21. March 2008
  • Seasonal opening in Ireland, Dublin

    Nicole Trimmel participates at the Irish Open in Dublin.

    As in the previous years Nicole Trimmel starts the new season at the Irish Open in Dublin, one of Europe’s largest and most popular international tournaments in kickboxing. This year Nicole Trimmel is at the very beginning of her preparations and will see this event just as a test without aiming for high expectations.

    ASVÖ Kickboxclub Rohrbach will have two participants at this event: Patrick Gerdenitsch and Serdar Tekeli.
    22. February 2008
  • Prolongation of contract with Green-w...

    Greenwich Consulting prolongates the contract with Nicole Trimmel.

    Since 2007 the four-time Kickboxing World Champion Nicole Trimmel is being supported by Greenwich Consulting. The contract was now extended for two years.

    “I’m very happy about the cooperation with Nicole. Her achievements on national and international level help positioning our group of companies across Europe. Both of us strive for continuity and long-term orient-ation in what we do. In the next 2 years Greenwich Consulting wants to be present in Austria as well, which qualifies the engagement of Nicole.“ said Thierry Bouffioux, Managing Director Greenwich Benelux.

    Nicole was ardent, having profited from the profess-ional coaching by Greenwich Consulting at the World Championships in Coimbra: her fight in the final was broadcasted live on Portuguese TV-station RTP2.

    Greenwich Consulting is a member of Greenwich International Group.
    14. January 2008
  • Congratulations, Eisenstadt

    Head of state congratulates.

    Governer and sport adviser Hans Niessl expressed his personal congratulations to Nicole Trimmel, the winner of the silver medal at European Championships. Also Oslips mayor Johann Schumich handed flours on to Nicole Trimmel and was very proud of her achievements.
    3. December 2008
  • On the way to final, Guimaraes

    Nicole Trimmel wins semi final.

    In semi final Nicole Trimmel fought Hungarian Bojana Dancsecs today. At their last meeting the Manifold World Champion had no chance against Bojana. This time Nicole Trimmel worked out a better concept together with team-coach Michael Gerdenitsch. Nicole Trimmel won with 3:0 and was dominating the fight from the very beginning.
    Tomorrow at around 5.30pm Nicole Trimmel will fight Slovenian Sabina Sehic for the European Champion title in light contact kickboxing.
    28. November 2008
  • Delayed arrival to EM, Palma

    Nicole Trimmel and Co stopped for one day in Palma de Mallorca.

    It was the shortest flight ever – after nine minutes the aeroplane had to return to Vienna airport due to a technical problem. When arriving to Palma de Mallorca the connection flight was gone and the Austrian National Team in Kickboxing had to stay overnight and could only continue the next day.
    After an exhausted journey Nicole Trimmel and the rest of the team have arrived to final destination - Guimaraes. Today the opening ceremony will take place in the evening.
    26. November 2008
  • Slingtraining Seminar, Vienna

    Nicole Trimmel attended the first slingtraining seminar in Austria.

    Sling training is a coordination training based on perception with the goal to train the local stabilizers of the joint and segment system. Under the supervision of Mag. Erwin Reiterer and Georg Höchsmann also other training equipment was presented and tested.
    12. November 2008
  • Report from the European Championship...

    Day off for Nicole Trimmel at the European Championships.

    The four times World Champion in Kickboxing hasn’t climbed the ring yet as yesterday’s drawing resulted in a day off for Nicole Trimmel. Only tomorrow around 11am she will stand her first fight against Julia Irmen of Germany. “My opponent is well known to me. I have lost already once against her, however that doesn’t disturb me. I know my strengths and I am well prepared.† said Nicole Trimmel.
    Austria’s national team saw a black opening day with all five male fighters losing their very first fight of the tournament and thus retiring early.
    22. October 2008
  • World Championships for Juniors and C...

    Nicole Trimmel as coach of the kickboxing national team in Italy.

    The World Champion in Kickboxing had her first as coach of the kickboxing national team. Together with six colleagues she coordinated the twenty-six athletes. Austria’s medal table: four times gold, three times silver, and two times bronze.
    “It was a very interesting task. As experienced fighter you simply know what’s important when going into the ring. In Napels I really would have loved to step into the ring myself.†, said Nicole Trimmel. In a few weeks already she is going to compete again at the European Championships in Varna, Bulgaria.
    28. September 2008
  • Children’s kickboxing camp, Rohrbach

    Nicole Trimmel coached the kickboxing kids.

    The annual five days training camp in kickboxing for children took place last week at KBC Rohrbach. World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel participated as guest of honour: she taught the young talents in punching techniques and coordination.
    23. August 2008
  • Training class with the Croatian CroS...

    Collective training class with CroSki Team, Mörbischer wrestlers and Nicole Trimmel.

    Being part of the team of the media centre at the Euro 2008TM was a very interesting task for the World Champion in Kickboxing - a view behind the scenes at an international mega-event. Since than Nicole Trimmel cannot get away of Croatia and had a training class together with the Croatian CroSki Team.
    The CroSki Team currently resides in Burgenland: Natko Zrncic-Dim, Ivan Ratkic, Tin Siroko and downhill coach Walter Hubmann undergo a one-week training camp at the Bergmüller Kompetenzzenrum. Besides numerous training sessions other sports were on the agenda - Mark Bock from SV Mörbisch presented his wrestling skills whereas the four times World Champion in Kickboxing showed standard techniques of kickboxing to the Croatian ski athletes. "For top sportsman it is important to bring in variation in the training routine and set new impulses. I would have also loved to teach a training lesson to the Croatian soccer national team, but maybe this opportunity arises in the future!" smiles Nicole Trimmel.
    2. July 2008
  • Silver at the WAKO Worldcup, Salsomag...

    Silver medal in light contact for Nicole Trimmel.

    In Austria and Switzerland the Euro 2008 opened this weekend – Nicole Trimmel went to Italy though to compete at the WAKO Worldcup in Salsomaggiore. The World Champion in Kickboxing attended in category light contact female, weight class -65kg.
    Nicole eliminated Paulina Frankowska (POL), Julia Proskurina (UKR) and Elena Bongiovanni (ITA) before taking defeat in the final against Hungarian Bojana Dancsecs. “I’m happy with my performance. Sure I would have liked to win, but this time it wasn’t my turn.“, said Nicole Trimmel.

    The next fight of the World Champion is scheduled for July 6 at the Austrian Championships in full contact kickboxing in Klagenfurt.
    10. June 2008
  • Austrian Champion in Full contact, Ho...

    Nicole Trimmel is Austrian Champion in full contact kickboxing.

    The World Champion in kickboxing and newly crowned WAKO Pro Austria Champion competed last week at the Austrian Championships in full contact kickboxing in Hopfgarten, Tirol. In weight category -65kg she scores her second Austrian Champion title in a row. In the final she wins on points against Isabelle Hannl from Steyr.

    There’s not much time for a break, though - already on the weekend Nicole will start at the WAKO World Cup in Szeged, Hungary. “The strongest opponents in full contact are from the East - Szeged is therefore a perfect training ground for preparation of the Austrian Championships in full contact in July.“, said Nicole Trimmel.
    17. May 2008
  • Countdown to the WAKO Pro Gala, Oslip

    Five more days to go until the WAKO Pro Kickbox Gala in Hartberg.

    On May 10, 2008 Nicole Trimmel will contest in her first professional kickboxing fight at the WAKO Pro Kickbox Gala in Hartberg. Andrea Murkovic, the opponent of Nicole Trimmel, cancelled for reasons of illness – her substitute comes from Upper Austria: Tanja Rafetseder is going to compete in full contact with low kick against the World Champion in Kickboxing. “I do not know my opponent, have never contested against her. At a tournament or the World Championships I do not know my opponent either, so it is a normal situation for me. I feel well prepared for the fight.† said Nicole Trimmel.
    The WAKO Pro Kickbox Gala in Hartberg is a first for Austria: it comes with a VIP-area hosting full catering at tables close to the boxing ring, as known from professional boxing events.
    With an eye on the environment Nicole Trimmel organized a coach for her fans providing transport to and from the event.
    5. May 2008
  • Night of Sports, Pamhagen

    Nicole Trimmel at the Night of Sports.

    Burgenland’s Sportsman of the Year were awarded at the Night of Sports in Pamhagen. In the fabulous VilaVita Julia Dujmovits and Georg Tischler took over the precious title for their achievments in the past year. Coach of the Year is Paul Gludovatz; team of the year is SV Mattersburg (both: soccer).

    Nicole Trimmel took the title Burgenland’s Sportswoman of the Year already twice, in 2004 and 2005 respectively.
    15. April 2008
  • Austrian Championships, Gratwein

    Nicole Trimmel at the Austrian Championships in light-contact kickboxing.

    The four-times World Champion will fight for the Austrian Champion this weekend. Also participating are her colleagues from ASVÖ KBC Rohrbach. Already since three years has she been defending the title in the weight-category –65kg.

    This tournament is another preparation for the WAKO Pro fight on May 10 in Hartberg.
    10. April 2008
  • Top 8 positioning at Irish Open, Dublin

    Nicole Trimmel ranks Top 8 at the Irish Open in Dublin.

    The Irish Open attracted some 2.400 attendants this year. Nicole Trimmel managed to fight her way into the round of the last eight in her weight class, consisting of a total of 25 fighters. There she lost on points 2:1 against Danish Johanna Striim. “I’m happy with the result. I’m still able to compete well, and that’s exactly what I wanted to know from this preparation tournament!† said a smiling Nicole Trimmel, who very much enjoyed the stay in Ireland.
    2. March 2008
  • Successfully passed coaching exam, Sc...

    Nicole Trimmel is the first female licensed coach for kickboxing in Austria.

    Besides the efforts in training, tournaments and job, in the past years Nicole Trimmel also focused on edu-cation. Being only 25 years old, she not only holds four titles as World Champion in Kickboxing, but also be-came Austria’s first female licensed coach for kick-boxing.
    The education started already two years ago. Now, eleven of the participants in the course were allowed to take the committee examination in the Bundessport-zentrum Schielleiten. Nicole passed with distinction.
    “Knowledge is not only a skill of a good coach, but also of a good sportsman. In the first place I started this education to learn more about my own training and to understand it better. It was a balancing act doing this course besides job, training and competition. As I am still in the middle of my kickboxing career I do not have much time left for coaching other people. I want to do this in future. For the time being I use the knowledge to implement my own training with more success.† said Nicole Trimmel.
    4. February 2008