• Winter vacation, America

    Vacation in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

    After a long and successful season Nicole Trimmel took vacations and escaped from the cold snape in Austria. Destination: Los Angeles/USA. From there she continued to San Francisco and Las Vegas. In Las Vegas she met the two ÖSV-snowboarders Julia Dujmovits and Marion Kreiner. Together they started a spontaneous adventure: skydiving from 4000meters.
    In the meantime Nicole arrived at home and finds back to the training routine.
    29. December 2009
  • Norway, Oslo

    Trainingcamp at Olympiatoppen in Oslo.

    In order to prepare for the World Championships in fullcontact kickboxing, Astrid Öttl (Vienna) and Nicole Trimmel went to train in Oslo. They trained together with the Norwegian full contact squad at the Olympia-toppen in Oslo. Focus of this training camp was sparring. Norway has a very strong female fullcontact team. Five of eight nationalteammembers are women.
    16. November 2009
  • WM Silver, Villach

    Three seconds were missing for gold.

    Nicole Trimmel wins the silver medal at the World Championships in light contact kickboxing in Villach. She lost the final against Hungarian Bojana Dancsecs with 1:2. “I never lost a fight so unlucky†, explains Nicki Trimmel: "Three seconds before the end of the fight I was watching on the scoring table and in this moment my opponent attacked and made the lucky punch.† At the first two rounds Nicole was behind but with tactical discipline she could change the result and fought back. With profit: in the third round Nicole leaded with 2:1 until the annoying concentration mistake happened.
    26. October 2009
  • Kickbox WM starts, Villach

    On the 22nd of October the WM will start.

    More than 600 athletes from 60 nations arrived in Villach to fight for the World Champions titles in low-kick, K1-style and in lightcontact kickboxing. Under the title-candidates is also WAKO PRO World Champion Nicole Trimmel. Currently she suffers from a cold. "Naturally not a good moment for a flu. But there is no risk for not participating at the WM †, says Nicole Trimmel, who prepared for tomorrows elimination fights in her last training today. The drawings will be published this evening.
    21. October 2009
  • Fotoshooting gitgo GmbH, Eisenstadt

    Nicole Trimmel at fotoshooting shortly before World Championships in Villach.

    A short overview from the shooting can be found under rubric media.
    16. October 2009
  • Theodor Kery foundation, Lockenhaus

    Award for Nicole Trimmel.

    Even besides the ring World Champion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel got a good charakter. For her excellent achievemts in amateur- and PROsection she was awarded from the Theodor Kery foundation in the categorie sports.
    22. September 2009
  • The training alliance, Schielleiten

    What has Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu in common?

    Nicole Trimmel, World Champion in kickboxing, and Matthias Gastgeb, European Champion in Jiu Jitsu train together. Although both athletes come from different martial arts sports they have something in common: both represent the province Burgenland and the most important thing, both have the same fitness coach namely Mag. Andreas Vock. 'I am very glad that Andreas is looking after my training. He is an expert and the support I get from him is really excellent. As Andreas is also looking after Matthias we often train together. It is always better to train in a team than being alone', Nicole Trimmel knows. The two athletes just finished a training camp together with their coach Andreas in the sport center of Schielleiten.
    1. September 2009
  • Tribute through commune, Oslip

    Oslip honoured her most popular sportswomen.

    Nicole Trimmel achieved already a lot. Her last World title fight at the Tennishall in Oslip on the 23rd of May is still well known. At the same place where Nicole Trimmel fought for the WAKO World title she now took over a cheque from the commune Oslip as a backup for her sport and her achievements. Mayor Johann Schumich and Vice-mayor Paul Walzer were very proud of there sport-example and handed the cheque over via the local sports festival.
    18. August 2009
  • Training camp in Hungary, Vép

    Nicole Trimmel joined Hungarian international training camp.

    As last year Nicole Trimmel took part at the camp in Vép/Hungary near the Austrian border. Hungarian national-team coach Miklos Zrinyi again made a very good job and was organising three daily training sessions. About 50 athletes, mostly members of the Hungarian national team, participated at the camp.
    3. August 2009
  • Austrian Championships, Velden

    Gold in light and full contact kickboxing.

    Nicole Trimmel wins two titels at Austrian Champion-ships in Velden. She is the old and new Austrian Champion in light and full contact kickboxing.
    28. June 2009
  • WAKO PRO World Champion, Oslip

    Nicole Trimmel brings the WAKO PRO World Champion title to Austria.

    Saturday evening the Night of the Champions presented by AUT media took place in the Tennishalle Oslip. Local Nicole Trimmel competed in front of approximately 1000 visitors against the current WAKO PRO World Champion in Kickboxing and leader of WAKO PRO rankings Carla Sofia Pimenta Marques Silva in discipline full contact.
    Encouraged by the crowd of spectators both fighters spared no effort to claim the title in winning the fight - what followed was a spectacular performance over the full distance of the ten rounds: Carla Silva dominated rounds four and five, Nicole Trimmel on the other hand had advantages in most of the other rounds. She eventually won over Portuguese Carla Silva on points with 2:1, and thus is the first ever Austrian WAKO PRO World Champion in Kickboxing.
    The crowd was happy, there were standing ovations for both fighters. Carla Silva, though defeated, congratulated and was happy with the new champion - she was welcomed with applause at the After-Fight Party. More information here: Burgenland Heute.

    "I am of course very happy to bring the title to Austria. It's crazy, I haven't yet realised what I have achieved tonight. Many, many thanks to the crowd for the support, and also a very warm 'muito obrigado' to Carla Silva and her team - she was a very difficult, but fair opponent. We both really went to the last drop.", said Nicole Trimmel.

    In the fight for the WAKO PRO Austria-title Styrian Rupert Gritsch won over Patrick Gerdenitsch on points.

    Nicole Trimmel and her team would like to say thank you to all guests, friends, partners and sponsors who made this event possible.
    23. May 2009
  • Press conference, Oslip

    Governor Hans Niessl in boxing gloves.

    Media was invited by Kickboxclub Rohrbach to the newly opened Café Weinreich. Nicole Trimmel will fight for the WAKO Pro World title at the Night of Champions presented by AUTMEDIA. “Nicole Trimmel has the historical chance to perpetuate herself in Austrian sport history†, says governor Hans Niessl for whom Nicole and Patrick are also important symbols for success. “That the fight takes place in my hometown Oslip is something very special to me. With this event I also want to says thankyou to Oslip, as I always got support from the very beginning† says Nicole Trimmel, who now also got a strong partner for the future: Hannes Schmidt, owner of the advertiser AUTMEDIA, explained why he supports this event and Nicole Trimmel: †˜We want to support only the best and want to set up a long term partnership. We have put Nicole Trimmel into a new light and have also created a new logo for her†.
    Further press information and fotos free of charge you will find here: MPW-1060.
    16. May 2009
  • Kickbox-fever in red gold, Oslip

    World title fight of Nicole Trimmel in Burgenland.

    In exactly one month, on the 23rd Mai 2009, a World Title fight in kickboxing will take place in Burgenland. It is the first time that a World Title fight will be carried out in Burgenland. Nicole Trimmel challenges the leader of the world ranking, Carla Silvia from Portugal, to a spectacular fight and wants to bring the title home to Burgenland. AUTMEDIA presents the “night of champions† where hard but faire fights will be held. Team colleague Patrick Gerdentisch will fight an Austrian WAKO PRO title. Naturally the two athletes expect loud support from their fans and spectators. Further information and press releases you will find under MPW-1060.
    24. April 2009
  • Born to Fight 2, Vienna

    Kickbox event in Vienna. Nicole Trimmel will fight in full contact.

    On the weekend it will get hot again not only because of the current hot temperatures in Austria. On Sunday a kickbox event will take place in the Maxx-sportcenter in Vienna Floridsdorf. Nicole Trimmel will also get in the ring again. In the national team dress she will fight against a Croatian woman.
    17. April 2009
  • World Champions among each other, Roh...

    Training camp in Rohrbach with Hungarian Top-fighters.

    Last weekend Nicole Trimmel send for Hungarian national team-coach Miklos Zrinyi. The very successful coach from the neighbour country came together with his top athletes Monika Molnar and Reka Minda, both World and European Champions in light contact kickboxing. With this camp Nicole Trimmel made her fine tuning for the coming saison.
    17. March 2009
  • Squad training, Rohrbach

    On the weekend a squad training was held in Rohrbach.

    National team coach Bernhard Sussitz visited Kickbox-club Rohrbach. The several trainings focused on kick-boxing technics and specific condition. On Saturday Nicole Trimmel was part of the sport-comission conf-erence of the Austrian Kickboxing Federation where she helped to find new aid concepts for national team members.
    21. February 2009
  • World Championships, Lignano

    WM-silver in full contact. 

    Nicole Trimmel showed a very good performance at the World Championships in Lignano Sabiatore/Italy. She took silver in full contact. In quarterfinal she won against Ukrainian Oleksandra Pliusnina. In semifinal she met Cathrine Fonnes from Norway who was nearly one head taller. Nicole Trimmel won 2:1 and showed again a very good result. In final Austria met Germany: Nicole Trimmel vs Julia Irmen. At last years European Championships Julia kicked out Nicole in the first round. This year it was a very great fight on a very high level between the two athletes. In round three Nicole Trimmel took the full risk and gave everything - Julia Irmen won. Two referees had her just one point in front so it was a very close result. “I am very proud of this fight. It was my best fight at this Championship. Both of us could win - I am satisfied! I had a great year with a lot of success.† Now Nicole Trimmel will take a rest to get new energy for the next season.
    30. November 2009
  • Night of sports, Vösendorf

    Sports Media Austria elected Nicole Trimmel on place 15.

    Sports Media Austria elected the sportsman and the sportswoman of the year in the eventpyramide Vösendorf. World Champion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel was also under the 25 nominees and got place 15 at the end.
    12. November 2009
  • Nicole entered final, Villach

    Nicole Trimmel fights her final on Sunday.

    It was a hard day for the manifold World Champion. After watching her opponents in 1/8 final, Nicole Trimmel had to fight on the tatami twice. Firstly she met the English Viktoria Wilkinson. A small and very fast fighter. Old hand Nicole Trimmel won with 3 to 0 points. In the afternoon she got a completely different fighter type: Kamila Bakanda (POL). Nicole won with 2 to 1. “I still suffer from a cold and had some problems during fight. The components were not easily to beat. Now I am focusing on Sundays final!† says Nicole Trimmel, who will fight against Hungarian Bojana Dancsecs at final.
    24. October 2009
  • World Championships, Villach

    World Championships in Kickboxing from 22nd till 25th October.

    Preparations fort he World Championships in kickboxing in Austria are on full speed. The Austrian kickboxing federation (ÖBFK) is very busy with the organisation. On Monday WAKO PRO World Champion Nicole Trimmel will travel to Villach to meet the rest of the national squad and to register for the Championships. The last days of preparations have been very good for Nicole. "Because of a strain in my leg I could not stress it too much. But now I am fit again. So a big thank to my team and my physiotherapist. I am ready to fight in Villach now!" says Nicole Trimmel. Fans should start to cross fingers for Nicole on Thursday. Than the elemination fights will start. More information about the time table can be found here.
    18. October 2009
  • Day of sports, Vienna

    Sportspectacle at Heldenplatz in Vienna.

    On the 26 of September Austrias sports-elite met at Heldenplatz for the day of sports. WAKO PRO World Champion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel and Jiu Jitsu European Champion Matthias Gastgeb signed autographs at the information desk of the sportacademy.
    1. October 2009
  • World Championship in Austria, Villach

    22nd - 25th October 2009 in Villach.

    Are you a fan of Nicki Trimmel? Than you should join the World Championships in Villach, Kärnten, and support her during the fights from 22nd till 25th October. Furhter information about the event you will find on the official website. Nicole Trimmel will start for Austria in the category light contact -65kg.
    11. September 2009
  • Radio guest, Eisenstadt

    Nicole Trimmel guest at broadcast 'Mahlzeit Burgenland'.

    On the 18th of August the manifold World Champion in Kickboxing is guest at broadcast 'Mahlzeit Burgenland'.
    18. August 2009
  • Olympiacenter in Norway, Oslo

    Full contact training camp together with 'Team Norway'.

    The norwegian kickboxing team in full contact started with their preperations for the World Championsships end of November. Therefore they had a one week training camp in the 'Olympiatoppen' in Oslo. Nicole Trimmel could also join the camp and spend some days in Oslo to train together with the norwegian team who has some of the best full contact fighters in the world.
    13. August 2009
  • The golden horn, Brac

    Nicole Trimmel sweats in the heat of Croatia.

    The World Champion in Kickboxing often got gold – but never did a training at the golden Horn in Croatia. Nicole Trimmel used a one week training camp to-gether with box fans and coach Ernst Dörr to work on the basics. Beside training sessions they relaxed on the beach to refill the energy tanks.
    10. July 2009
  • Summercamp Norway, Stavern

    Trainingscamp in Norway.

    Austrian kickboxing federation (ÖBFK) sent Nicole Trimmel and Juso Prosic (Tyrol) to the Summercamp in Norway. The two athletes joined a full contact training camp under Russian head coach Valentin Pushkarev.
    22. June 2009
  • A*V*I*T*A, Bad Tatzmannsdorf

    Nicole Trimmel at the preparations for the World Championship Fight.

    The Kickboxing Champion spends the week ahead of the title fight with a practice group and her coaches Joachim Huber and Mag. Andreas Vock at the Hotel A*V*I*T*A in Bad Tatzmannsdorf. Managing Director Peter Prisching provides a perfect enviroment for the training: "Training and relaxation walk along hand-in-hand here. We always feel very comfortable here and I'm able to prepare mentally very well for the challenge ahead", said Nicole Trimmel.
    19. May 2009
  • Fan-competition and ticket-action, Oslip

    Night of Champions attracts with innovative concepts.

    On the 23rd May the Night of Champions will take place. In order to get a fantastic atmosphere in the sport hall, organisers have called for a fan-competition. The best and most flashy group (one group are at least 5 persons) will be elected by Oliver Stamm and gains a yearly stock of beverages sponsored by Coca-Cola Hellenic. In order to get a special support for the young-kickboxers, who are also involved in this event, Nicole Trimmel and Patrick Gerdenitsch invited the grammer schools in Oslip and Rohrbach and brought them free tickets. “We want to be good examples for them and try to motivate them to do more sports†, says Nicole and Patrick.
    16. May 2009
  • Again successful, Vienna

    Competition: Austria against Croatia 3:1.

    Nicole Trimmel again successful at the "Born to Fight 2“ kickboxing event in Vienna. She wins Croatien girl in a full contact fight over three rounds with 3:0 by points. “It was a good training competition where I could test a lot of things†, Nicole Trimmel sounds satisfied.
    24. April 2009
  • Kickboxgala, Pischelsdorf

    Win by knock out at Pischelsdorf.

    Nicole Trimmel started her new season at Kickboxgala in Pischelsdorf. In the course of the competition: Austrian full contact national team against Slovakian team, Nicole Trimmel fought against Slovakian Janka Satalova. At the very beginning of the second round the manifold World Champion in Kickboxing could make an effective punch and won the fight by knock out.
    21. March 2009
  • BVZ Favourite Sportwoman 2008, Eisens...

    Nicole Trimmel came off as winner of this year's BVZ election of most favourite sportswoman of the year.

    The Burgenländische Volkszeitung (BVZ) honoured their most popular sportsman and sportswoman in winery Esterhazy in Trausdorf. BVZ readers made their choice: Nicole Trimmel and Patrick Gerdenitsch, both members of Kickboxclub Rohrbach, won this years election in the district Mattersburg.
    16. March 2009