• THE ROYAL KICK @ Xmas market

    At the Xmas market in Oggau! On the 22nd of December starting at 3pm, the eight time World Champion in kickboxing will sign autographs and sell her new calender for 2014 "The Royal Kick". Of course you can also get your personal message on the calender. Just join me and say hello.
    20. December 2013
  • Worldchampion

    "Ooops I did it again" - it's done again. WM title no 8 is in the box!! At WAKO Worldchampionships in Antalya Nicole won the Light Contact matches. In order to get there she had to fight against Marina Popova (Russia) and Karen Bailey (GB). In final she beat Madelen Softeland from Norway with a clear 3:0. 

    For her perfect performance she was also honoured as Best Fighter of the Worldchampionships. Besides Nicole, also Nadja Reinegger (-60kg) and Levente Bertalan (-74kg) took gold for Austria. 

    The summary from the new and old Worldchampion: "2013 was an amazing year! In the first place I defended my WAKO PRO World title in Fullcontact over 10 rounds. And now I am standing here as Champion again in Light Contact. I think I had a very good run and now I just want to relax and celebrate X-mas."

    On the 11th December 2013 Nicole will present her new calender "The Royal Kick". You can buy the calender online on the website.
    9. December 2013
  • Austrias Top Athletes

    Austrias sports journalists voted Austrias Top athletes. Nicole reached place nr 9 which is a great honour for her and her achievements. "I am very happy and proud for this," says Nicole. At the night of sports in Austria Center in Vienna the trophies went to David Alaba and Anna Fenninger.
    3. November 2013
  • California girl

    After defending the WAKO PRO Worldtitle it was time for vacation in the United States. Nicole made a tour through California’s national parks. She visited Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia national park. “Nature, silence, freedom – I got a lot of impressions during my journey. I loved it and it gave me a lot of energy! I also enjoyed the time with my family a lot as I always run out of time for them during the year because of my sport,” says the World Champion who drove more than 1.500 miles in California to explore the country. Back in Austria her preparations for the World Championships in Light Contact Kickboxing beginning of December starts.
    30. September 2013
  • Guest at AVITA Resort

    Nicole Trimmel defended her Pro World Title. After her succesfull fight she checked in at AVITA Resort in Bad Tatzmannsdorf to regenerate from an exhausting and very succesfull season. The pro-martial artist is already a regular guest at AVITA. Back in 2009 when she fought for the title the first time, she did a training camp at AVITA in order to prepair for her fight. Nicole loves to relax at the resort. In the Sauna garden Eden and the new Lady’s spa she always finds a place to chill. “I love to be a guest at AVITA resort. There are a lot of regeneration facilities and you have big choice. Here I can refill my energy”, says Nicole, for whom regeneration and mental power are key words for a long-term success. 

    Managing director Peter Prischnig is also happy: “Congratulations to Nicole in the name of our whole team. We are very proud of such a big sport woman in Burgenland and we are always happy to see here again at AVITA Resort.”
    28. August 2013
  • WM Title-fight

    World Champion in kickboxing will defend her fullcontact title on the 17th August 2013 against Anne Katas from Finnland. The pressconference will take place on the 16th August at area47 in Ötztal.

    Nicole Trimmel is already looking forward to a marathon fight over 10x2mins and want to give her best for the audience. She will get support from the audience as her family and lots of friends will be there to watch her. "I am very happy that so many people are coming to Tirol to support me. It is a big pleasure for me and I am happy that my team mates are there too. That means a lot to me," says Nicole.

    13. August 2013
  • The Countdown is running

    Soon Nicole will defend her WAKO PRO title at area47.

    At a training camp in Schielleiten Nicole got power for her new challenge. On the 17th of August 2013 she will defend her WAKO PRO World title in Fullcontact over 10rounds by 2mins.
    26. July 2013
  • Beachhockeytrophy & Beach kickbox...

    The new trendsports at Strandbar Herrmann in Vienna.

    More than 1000 people where attracted to visit Strandbar Herrmann but not only because of the nice weather there were lots of others things to see there!

    Highlights at the famous bar: a kickbox show fight with World Champion Nicole Trimmel, a performance of the cheerdance group Millenium Dancers and the beachhockey promi match with singer Eric Papilaya, Gary Howard (frontman of the Flying Pickets) Nicole Trimmel, Georg Kölbl ( Viennas hottest farmer) and organiser of the event Alexander Kaiser (Strandbar Herrmann). "The new trendsport is invented: beach kickboxing!" said Nicole Trimmel. Currently she prepairs for her title fight on the 17th of August 2013.

    15. July 2013
  • Peace keeper week, Bayreuth

    Student exchange between Bayreuth and Burgeland.

    As part of the cultural partnership between Bayreuth and Burgenland a student exchange took place for the first time in 2013. The counterpart to the forum violent city of Bayreuth is the forum Nonviolent Burgenland, which is established at the administrative level ten years ago. In the context of the local labor classes Austria offered peace weeks on the so-called Castle in Schlaining for many years.
    The protagonist of the Nonviolent Burgenland, Mr. Christian Reumann, found the approach of Nonviolent Bayreuth to mix peace education with martial arts, exciting and suggested to organize a student exchange in which a school class from Bayreuth goes to the Burgenland to take part on the Peace Week in Schlaining and a class of Burgenland goes to Bayreuth to join the Peacekeeper week there.
    The Peacekeeper - represents the vision of a young man/woman who is strong, without resorting to violence and he settles conflicts in a peaceful way. At the first point it seems paradox to mix peace education with martial arts traíning. But new studies show a different view: special martial arts training can avoid and reduce violence. A symposium at the University Bayreuth hold on 6th/7th April 2013 made this conclusion.
    Nicole Trimmel, as World Champion in Kickboxing and experienced martial arts athlete, joined the 2. class of HAK Eisenstadt on their peace keeper week in Bayreuth together with two teachers. "It was very interested and funny at the same time. I love the idea behind this project. When I was a child I was already fascinated by the philosophy of martial arts! I hope that the project is succesfull and we can make it bigger the next years!" says Nicole, who met her former sportcolleague Melanie Küfner in Bayreuth. She gave a kickbox lessons to the students.

    24. June 2013
  • World title fight, Ötztal

    WAKO PRO Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel will defend her title on the 17th of August 2013 in the area47 in Ötztal, Tyrol.
    WAKO PRO World Champion and Kickbox figure Nicole Trimmel will face her finnish challenger Anne Katas in a 10 rounds (each 2mins) pro-fight. The K1-Kickbox-gala in the course of the „Fight for Fun Summercamp 2013“ is defenetly Austrias Martial Arts highlight of the year.
    Anne Katas (39) won several medals at European and Worldchampionships. The skandinavian woman is a real challenge for the 1,68m tall Austrian power woman. „I am very happy, that I can present myself in a big fight in Austria again!“ says Nicole. 
    More information soon.
    19. June 2013
  • Worldcup-Triple, Rimini

    Nicole got the Worldcup-triple!
    Six-time kickboxing World Champion and WAKO PRO World Champion Nicole Trimmel fixed the "Worldcup-triple" on Sunday after her victories in Innsbruck and Szeged (HUN) she could also win the tournament in Rimini (ITA).
    After a bad cold the 30 year old women could beat her longterm competitor from Russia, Xenia Miroschnitschenko, in the Full-contact final -65kg. With a 2:1 referee decision it was a close but fair decision at the end. Full of joy Nicole said: "I still can't believe it! On the beginning of the tournament I was so warried as I was not 100% fit and now I won the 3rd Worldcup in a raw - that's fantastic!"
    After fever and an persistent chill Nicole was still not fit and made her decision for the Worldcup start in Full-contact quiet late on Thursday evening.
    The start of the tournament went very well as Nicole as World Champion had a day off on Friday and could still recover. Her first fight she had on Saturday against the local Michela Patarini from Italy. Nicole got rid of her nervosity and made a clear 3:0 decision.
    "The final was like playing chess", said a happy Nicole on Sunday. 
    Whereass the most kickboxers go to their summer break now, Nicole is working on the next fight already. More information soon! 
    4. June 2013
  • Start of Bewegungskaiser, Ternitz

    Kickbox World Champion as ambassador for sport at the first Bewegungskaiser event!
    400 kids raged trough the sporthall in Ternitz and tried the Bewegungskaiser parkour - a parkour where the different skills are tested. Nicole Trimmel in the function of ambassador for sport showed easy kickbox techniques to the kids and was writting houndreds of autographs.
    Information for Bewegungskaiser you find here.
    16. May 2013
  • Night of Sports, Pamhagen

    On the 8th of May the night of sports took place at Vila Vita Pamhagen.
    Every year the who is who in Burgenland sport and lots of sponsors meets at the night of sports organised by Sportpool Burgenland. For the first time the event was moderated by Thomas Trukesitz.

    The winners of this years election:

    Athlete of the year 2012: golf-pro Bernd Wiesberger

    Female athlete of the year 2012: snowboarder Julia Dujmovits

    Team of the year 2012: sailor Matthias Schmidt and Florian Reichstädter

    Coach of the year 2012: Tom Weninger (ÖSV snowboard)

    Since 2003 Nicole Trimmel has been sponsored by Sportpool Burgenland. During her carrier she received this award already three times.
    10. May 2013
  • Surfworldcup & minisoccer, Poders...

    Chillen at lake Neusiedl and playing soccer in a cage?
    Sun, nice people and just chilling after a morning training session! But just relaxing is nothing for Nicole at the Surfworldcup in Podersdorf, where the who is who in surfing is just visiting. At the RedBull playground it was time to play minisoccer against originator Rudi Gollubits. "It's so funny to play in this cage - we decided it was a remis!" laughed Kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel. She has her own Worldcup on the weekend in Innsbruck.

    Check it out: minisoccer & surfwordlcup
    2. May 2013
  • Austrian Championships, Schwanenstadt

    Nicole Trimmel got titel no. 15 & no. 16!
    Nicole Trimmel had to fight with the next generation!
    Fot these two titles she realy had to fight. In the previous years she was always scared to have competitors at her category - her name was enough that nobody wanted to compete in her class. This year it was different. In both disciplines there were seven starters which is quiet taff for a national tournament. "In both finals I had to give my best to win. That's a good sign for me that the next generation is pushing upwards. I had to take it very serious!" says Nicole Trimmel.

    Pointfighting (-65kg)
    1st round: Nicole Trimmel vs Traussnig Katharina (Köflich)
    2nd round: NT vs Ulm Tanja (Graz)
    3rd round: NT vs Billa Nicole (KC Kruckenhauser Tirol)

    Light contact (-65kg)
    1st round: NT vs Reithofer Elisabeth (Kickboxclub Wr. Neustadt)
    2nd round: NT vs Federer Jana (Kick for Fun)
    3rd round: NT vs Jarzmik Paulina (Tae-Kibo Wien)
    8. April 2013
  • Workshop in self-defence, Gols

    The girls at sport school Gols did a workshop in self-defence.
    For the students it was a very serious topic. Besides vital strategies they also practiced a lot and learned basical techniques of defence. Kickbox World Champion Nicole Trimmel teached how to punch and kick against enemies. The students trained also on pads in order to get a feeling for a punch. 
    25. March 2013
  • Theodor Kery Foundation, Oberpullendorf

    Nicole Trimmel was announced to the scientific advisory board of the Theodor Kery foundation.
    The support of people, projects or institutions has always been a special concern of Theodor Kery (governor of Burgenland ret.). In 1976 the "Burgenland Foundation - Theodor Kery" was launched in order to put this concern into concideration. Every year now, the foundation awards prizes for outstanding achievements in the interest of the people and the reputation of the Burgenland. The foundation is continuing a path that Theodor Kery has started sucessfully.

    In 2009 Nicole Trimmel, World Champion in Kickboxing, was considered with a grant from the foundation for her achievements in kickboxing. Years later in 2013, she has now been added to the Scientific Advisory Board and will assist in future in the field of sports. "It is a great honor for me to become a member of advisory board and it shows that my expertise is also valued. The body of the Theodor Kery foundation consists of a circle of very interesting people and it makes me proud to be one of them now!" says Nicole Trimmel.

    Theodor Kery Foundation
    8. March 2013
  • Girls Power, Schielleiten

    Training camp at Bundessportzentrum Schielleiten.
    The weekend was pumped up with girls power! World and European Champion Nicole Trimmel trained together with some girls from the national team at Bundessportzentrum Schielleiten. Besides a couple of technical trainings there was still time to have fun.
    26. February 2013
  • Kickbox workshop, Rust

    At the ‚Neue Mittelschule Rust†˜ a real pro came to the kids to give a workshop in kickboxing: Nicole Trimmel

    The pupils were already very excited when Kickbox World- and European Champion Nicole Trimmel entered the classroom and explained what they will do today. Shortly after the introduction they immediately started to practice at the sport hall. A full morning they were teached by the World Champion in basic kickboxing techniques. Nicole showed them some general things and gave a rough overview about a daily training of a professional athlete. The kids were also allowed to practice on pads and had a lot of fun! At the end Nicole had to give lots of autographs and pictures.

    Are you also interested in a workshop with Kickbox World Champion Nicole Trimmel? Just get in touch with us via the contact form and let us know!
    28. January 2013
  • The Royal Kick

    At restaurant "Das Heinz" Nicole Trimmel presented her new calender for 2014 "The Royal Kick".

    The event was moderated by Harald Katzenschläger, founder of Dream Academia, whos vision is a society where everybody does excactly what he loves. A vision Nicole Trimmel shares too. 

    2012 she produced her first limited calender under the title of "dirty girl - 13 pics - limited". Fotographer Christina Karagiannis made brilliant pics at the Ottakringer brewery. Nicole loves the work of Christina, an artist from Greece. Her portfolia is huge: journalism, architecture, art, portraits and much more. Very soon it was clear that Nicole and Christina will also do future projects. This year they shooted at Palais Auersperg. The history and the royal scenary of this place influenced the new calender. "Nicole has a very powerfull sport and that's why I wanted to put her into something completly different again.", says the artist. With the calender Nicole wants to show a different side of her and not only the sportive one.

    Those who want to have a World Champion under the Christmas tree should order "The Royal Kick" immediatley on the website: 27 € including shipping in Austria (20 € pick up)

    "The Royal Kick" : photos by Christina Karagiannis, styling by Alexandra Karakopoulou-Zisser, layout by gitgo

    13. December 2013
  • Calendershooting 2014

    2012 Nicole produced in cooperation with sponsor gitgo GmbH her first limited calender edition. Fotographer Christina Karagiannis made wonderful pics at Ottakringer Brauerei in Vienna. Nicole loves the work of the greek artist. Her portfolio includes many areas as art, journalism, architecture, portraits, product-campaigns and events. Very soon it was clear, that Nicole and Christina will also work together for future projects.

    The next limited edition for 2014 is in process right now and will be presented middle of december. This time Christina put Nicole into Palais Auersperg for the shooting. "This time it was completely different to the last shooting. It will be interesting I guess," says the World Champion. Before the presentation of the new calender she will fight at the World Championships in light contact kickboxing in Turkey in the first week of December.

    A view into the shooting you can take already under media. Pics by Christina Karagiannis, styling by Alexandra Karakopoulou-Zisser.

    Nicole wants to show a different view of her sport and get in touch with a wider audience. You can order the calender middle of December on the website. 
    19. November 2013
  • Studioguest at SCHAU TV

    Kickbox Worldchampion visited Jesse Schwarz at the SCHAU TV studio and had a funny talk about Nicole's latest World title fight and a project called 'peacekeeper'. This project is a cooperation of the city Bayreuth (Germany) and Burgenland. Kids get an overview of different kinds of martial arts in order to prevent violence. Nicole is a supporter of this project and joined a class of students from HAK Eisenstadt to Bayreuth in June. Don't miss the interview on SCHAU TV on the 10th of October 2013 at 18:48h.
    9. October 2013
  • The dance with wolves

    Recently Nicole received an adventurous gift from Gerald and Regina Schinzel. They are husky breeders and participate on championships with there dogs. The World Champion got a special drive with the sled.

    "Wow that was funny", says Nicole after her return. Eight of the eighteen huskys where running the sled through the wood. "I was very impressed by the power of the dogs and of the sport itself and I had a lot of questions. And puppie 'Grisu' is more than sweet", says Nicole.

    You can book Gerald Schinzel also for sledde dog drives. Just check out his website for more information:  http://www.hundesport.at/hundesport/schinzel/news.php

    29. August 2013
  • The Worlds greatest!

    In the middle of Tirol’s mountains kickboxer and World Champion Nicole Trimmel did another carrier step and defended her Pro-World title against Finnish Anne Katas.

    At 11.30pm local time on Saturday evening successful Nicole Trimmel could raise her hands into the sky: Austria’s best kickboxing woman defended her title in professional kickboxing. In a fight over 10x2minutes the 30 year old Austrian woman won with a 2:1 decision against Anne Katas (39) from Finnland. Thus the WAKO PRO World title belt in 65kg stays in Austria. After the fight Nicole Trimmel was very happy: “An amazing feeling – I haven’t realized it yet.” In the moment of triumph she also puts her environment into foreground. “I have a great team and we showed that tonight.”

    High intensity and pace dominated the fight from the beginning. Trimmel put the actions. But Katas showed that 20years of experience in this business are not countless and was always good for dangerous counterattacks. The clear punches of the World Champion showed reaction on the left eye of the opponent. At the end Nicole was succesfull also because of her excellent fitness.
    For a decade Trimmel characterizes the Austrian martial arts scene. Defending her title is another landmark in her successful carrier.
    18. August 2013
  • Workshop at Magic Life Club

    'Woman only' was the keyword at Magic Life Club Marmai Palace Imperial at Kos last week. Kickbox World Champion Nicole Trimmel and Martina Nikolic showed the perfect kick at a selfdefence workshop. Within a week the participants learned effective and simple techniques and behaviour in case of emergency. "A wonderful location directly at the beach! A big thanks to everybody who joined our course - you have been great!" says Nicole, who was not only laying in the greek sun. As she has to defend her Pro-Worldtitle on the 17th of August she had to do her normal trainings.

    Fotographer Flo Albert did some very nice shots from the workshop. You can find them on the Magic Life Website.

    6. August 2013
  • With the right sound, Oslip

    ...training gets easier! The new headphones of the World Champion.

    Nicole Trimmel was just at her trainingcamp at sport-center Schielleiten when her new SMS Audio headphones arrived - what a pleasure! "A big thanks to Play Art Multimedia! Now training is much more fun!" says the sportwoman, who will defend her WAKO PRO World title in no longer than one month on the 17th of August 2013.
    22. July 2013
  • Summer Splash, Turkey

    The Krone Worldclass Challenge at Summer Splash, the biggest event for school graduates!

    A hot game at the biggest school graduation event. At 35 degrees the Summer Splash Worldclass Battle took place on the 27th June 2013. After exciting and exhausting games at the sand-court the school class from HAK Mistelbach could win the game against the VIPs. Although the super-VIPs like ski jumper Andi Goldberger, Soccer coach & TV expert Frenkie Schinekls, goalkeeper legend Michael Konsel, Sportmoderator & Ö3 Sportboss Adi Niederkorn, Ex-Rapid player Franz Weber, swimm star Fabienne Nadarajah and manifold World- and European Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel gave everything in the battle.

    "Worldclass" donates  20.000,- Euro for a good cause. The price money was spend for charity projects: EUR 10.000,- go to Wings for Life and the rest goes to the actual flood victims in Austria.

    "It was an exciting afternoon here at Summer Splash. At the end the HAK Mistelbach won and spend the money for charity. Nice to see, that the graduants have social engagement and want to help others", so Splashline managing director Didi Tunkel, who hosts 11.000 school graduates in 2013 at Summer Splash.
    2. July 2013
  • BLOBBING KICK OFF, Pusztasee Andau

    presented by Nestlé Schöller, Ö3 and Paar aufs Maul with special guest Nicole Trimmel

    On Sunday, 23rd June 2013, BLOB Austria organised the BLOB KICK OFF at lake Puszta in Andau, Burgenland.
    What was it about? Spectaculas show-jumpgs and the possibility to try the BLOB for free. Special guest Kickbox World Champion Nicole Trimmel got blobbed for her first time. "A genious experience - very funny! You feel like a rocket when you get blobbed!" Nicole smiles. Of course she used the chance to try the BLOB on her own. 
    BLOBBING is a new trend in action- and fun sport! It sounds harmless, but BLOBBING is a big thrill, which can be experienced in and over the water. Everything you need for BLOBBING, is a BLOB, a 10m long rubber hose filled with air and a BLOB-Team consisting of 1-2 jumpers and a Blobber. The jumper jumps on the end of the BLOB whereas the Blobber itself is sitting on the other end and gets catapullted in the air!
    24. June 2013
  • Lucky pig Rosi, Krobotek

    World Champion visited organic yard Koller in Krobotek (South of Burgenland).
    In May 2012, one day before take-off to the Box WM in China, Nicole got a call from organic yard Koller. Farmer Rupert Koller, an enthusiastic sport fan, read about Nicole's project in the newspaper and decided to give her a present. But it was a special lucky charm what Nicole got: a small pig, which lives completly free outside at the farm. One year later Nicole visited her lucky pig on the way back from Rimini, where she just won the Worldcup.

    "I was very happy about this special gift Rupert gave to me. I named my lucky pig 'Rosi' and I love the philosophy of the farm. They do everything on there own and it is realy organic! Rosi got a paradise here!" says Nicole, who enjoyed the afternoon at the farm together with Rupert and his daugther.

    Find more information here: www.biohof-koller.at 
    13. June 2013
  • Worldcup win, Szeged

    Win of the tournament in Szeged (HUN)! Next international fight will be in Rimini (ITA).
    Austrian Nicole Trimmel won the Worldcup in Szeged in fullcontact -65kg. The manifold World Champion had a good performance and is already looking forward to the next Worldcup Stop in Rimini. After a 3:0-win by points against Lucia Cmarova (SVK) in Semifinal on Friday she fought against Veronika Cmarova (SVK) in final on Sunday. Again a 3:0 win by points.

    Next Worldcup in Rimini, Italien, from 31st May till 2nd June 2013.
    20. May 2013
  • Game, Oslip

    The nutrition of a World Champion! Win 10 "KeimKraft" packages on my fanpage!
    With the support of KeimKraft (an Austrian company specialised on grains) you can win 10 KeimKraft packages now. What's special with KeimKraft? The products are made of 10 different sprouted grains. Due to the germination process the grain consists of more vitality, more vitamins and more trace elements than any normal grain.  
    Just take your chance and get to Nicole's Fanpage and answer the question! One KeimKraft package includes 1kg KeimKraft flour, 1 tin sprouted and broken linseed and 1 package sprouted buckwheat!

    With such a nutrition you can alos get a World Champion!
    14. May 2013
  • Double Worldcup-triumph, Innsbruck

    A fulminant start into a exciting Worldcup season!
    Once again Nicole Trimmel showed in Tyrol that she is the clear leader and ambassador of the Austrian kickboxing sport. At the Worldcup Austrian Classics in Innsbruck the 30th year old women won the lightcontact and the fullcontact competition in the weight class -65kg.

    Next Worldcup stop: Szeged, Hungary from 16th-19th May 2013
    7. May 2013
  • ORF campagne for more sport, Eisenstadt

    "We make Burgenland fit" - is the title of the campagne, which includes daily short TV clips on ORF 2 shortly before the Burgenland news.
    Already for the second time ORF Burgenland and Burgenland itself starts the campage "We make Burgenland fit" for more sport and healthy nutrition. Soccer player Andreas Ivanschitz, snowboarder Julia Dujmovits and Kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel support the campaign and give essential tips in their TV clips.
    You can watch the spots till 5th May 2013 on ORF2 shortly before the news. Nicole Trimmel focuses on kids in her clips and gives special tips for them for a healthier nutrition and more sport. On her Facebook account you will find a couple of recepies.
    25. April 2013
  • "Dirty girl" wieder im Eins...

    Austrian Championships tatami and full contact from 6th till 7th April 2013.
    After a long time of preparation Nicole Trimmel gets ready to fight again. The calender model changes her outfit, jumps into to fighting suit and celebrates the seasonal opening of her competitions! 

    The Austrian Championships in kickboxing will take place on the weekend in Schwanenstadt/Upper Austria.

    In total the World and European Champion has already collected a lot of gold: 13 Austrian Championtitles in kickboxing plus 1 Austrian Championtitle in olympic boxing makes a number of 14 in total! An amazing number! Nicole will start in light and full contact. Keep fingers crossed!
    4. April 2013
  • Sportmagazin Bikingala 2013, Vienna

    Presentation of the sportmagazin Bikingcalender at MQ Vienna.
    A fantastic night: Bikinigala 2013 at MQ 
    Between lots of sport starts Thaibox Champ Fadi Merza and World Champion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel.
    22. March 2013
  • Cross-country skiing weekend, St. Jakob

    On the weekend Nicole rocked the cross-country trail in St. Jakob im Walde!
    During the winter Nicole found a new sport: cross-country skiing! In the meantime cross-country skiing is already a fixed part of her conditional training. "Skating is a perfect form of a workout for me as the upper body is also involved. It is also a perfect change to my training routine and by the way I love it already to train outside in the nature!" says manifold World Champion in Kickboxing. She spent the weekend together with her training partner Heidi Kindermann in St. Jakob im Walde. Beginning of April the first competitions in kickboxing will start.
    4. March 2013
  • GAME OVER, Oslip

    Nicole Trimmel stops boxing!
    New AIBA regulation forced Nicole Trimmel to make a decision which was already overdue long time ago. Her boxing pass was not prolonged dispite she quits kickboxing.

    “Sport is my profession but kickboxing my passion! So for me it was an easy decision – I decided for kickboxing! I want to thank the Austrian Boxing Organisation (ÖBV), national team coach Adolf Angrick and my boxing club BACE for all the support and experiences I could get. Without them this project would not have worked at all. They all were important for my personal development and I was able to get things shown from a different point of angle! Thanks for that!† says Nicole Trimmel, who gets her focus back on kickboxing.
    2012 the World and European Champion in Kickboxing started an ambitious project. She kept the legs on the bottom, put 6kg down and changed to a new sport: Olympic boxing. Her aim was the participation at the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championship in China, the only qualification for Olympia. It was a long way till there but after some successful boxing tournaments she got her ticket for China, where she lost. Nevertheless it was great success to start this project within this short period of time. Beginning of October 2012 she took her first Austrian Champion title in Olympic boxing (-60kg). End of October she defeated her European title in kickboxing successfully. 
    6. February 2013
  • Start of the new season, Oslip

    Training has become serious again.

    After her seasonal brake Nicole started her training again. In the first place she did a performance test to check her actual fitness. Together with coach Mag. Andreas Vock she planned her season for 2013. “A lot of new aims have to be reached and it will not get boring! “promises the World and European Champion in Kickboxing. Her first fights she plans for March.
    14. January 2013