• sport.spa.style.week

    at Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming

    Train with Austrias sport-stars from 16th till 21st June 2019 in Schladming. Detailled information about the programm you get here: https://www.falkensteiner.com/de/hotel/schladming/angebote/2.Sport.Spa.Style.Woche_o_28236

    Externals can also take part! check out the details.

    13. May 2019
  • motivation seminar

    "Your Goal, your way, your success" - motivation seminar with Nicole Trimmel and Jiu Jitus Twins Becirovic at BioTechUSA shop in Vösendorf/SCS

    You want to join? Places are free of charge but limited space. Please register here: http://bit.ly/2Dl2uDQ  

    9. May 2019
  • Guest at Mahlzeit Burgenland

    On the 7th October 2017 Nicole Trimmel finished her kickboxing carriere with her 'ONE LAST FIGHT' in Oslip. Nearly one year later on the 5th of October 2018 she talks about her retirment at Radio Burgenland 'Mahlzeit Burgenland'.

    5. October 2018

    The highly intensive training program based on the success concept of tsar® - These 10 days will change you, make you stronger, make you proud and bring you closer to your dream body in big-steps. The results are impressive: in 10 days lose up to 10 cm in abdominal girth. After the boot camp you will be motivated to integrate a regular Training to your daily life.

    The Boot Camp is led by Sonja Ruprah-Weihs, the developer of tsar®, who, together with top female athletes and coaches, gets the most out of you.

    Nicole Trimmel, Kickboxing World Champion
    Heidi Neururer, snowboard world champion
    Stefanie Schwaiger, Beach Volleyball European Champion
    Marion Reiff, 2-time Olympic diver
    Sonja Ruprah-Weihs, developer of tsar®

    Date: 3.06.2018 bis 12.06.2018

    Here you get full details of the offer at the Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach:


    6. April 2018

    Workshop with manifold World- and European Champion in Kickboxing

    Take your chance to train and lern from Nicole Trimmel. She is one of the most succesfull kickboxing athletes in the world and has a total of 408 fights.

    This seminar is for both beginners and advanced fighters. 

    ATTENTION: limited participants!

    Info and Registration: http://www.fast-academy.at/events/kickboxworkshop-mit-nicole-trimmel/

    1. February 2018
  • A final at home

    A big ONE LAST FIGHT for 8 times World Champion in kickboxing, Nicole Trimmel, at home in Oslip.

    "My biggest dream became reality!"


    After 408 fights, 8 times World Champion, 5 times European Champion, 19 times Austrian Champion and 1 Austrian Champion in olympic boxing, kickboxer Nicole Trimmel decided to stop her active carrier. 35 year old Nicole Trimmel had a fulminant  farewell party and won her last fight in front of more than 1.000 spectators. Sport Minister Hans Peter Doskozil, governor Hans Niessl, star-wingrover Leo Hillinger, Snowboard-Olympian Goldmedalist Julia Dujmovits, rowing-athlete Bernhard Sieber und lots of other people came to join Nicoles last fight.

     "A powerfull goodbye" was the slogan for Nicoles last fight in the ring, her 408th one. She was fighting against russian Ksenia Miroshnichenko. The Champion finished her fight with 3:0 against Ksenia. "A big dream became reality for me" says Nicole after her fight and she also gave a big thank you to all the volunteers helping her fullfilling her dream. "So many people supported me through all these years of my carierre - family, friends, my coaches, my sponsors and lots of others. I want to thank every single person going side by side with me on my path - THANK YOU!"

    Here is the official event-video of ONE LAST FIGHT: https://youtu.be/ss_CbVkxwBo

    8. October 2017
  • Mercedes-Benz Erlmer

    Mercedes-Benz stands for the best or nothing - a notion also shared by kickbox World Champion Nicole Trimmel. Recently she signed a new partnership with care dealer Ing. Erich Ermler in Neusiedl am See. "A champion like Nicole needs a similar car to reflect her power, her success and her sporty lifestyle. We took enough time to find the perfect Mercedes-Benz for her: a CLA Shooting brake with AMG equipment. In our oppinion this was the perfect decision for such a ambitious woman. With the CLA Shooting brake Nicole can drive to her trainings and appointments in a very comfortable car. We are very proud of supporting such a personality like Nicole is and we are looking forward to a lot of project, says Erich Ermler about the new partnership with Nicole Trimmel.

    Obere Hauptstraße 92
    7121 Neusiedl/See-Weiden

    14. August 2017
  • FIT into the spring

    A sport and lifestyleweekend with a special motivation at Vila Vita Pannonia. A weekend just for yourself and your personalfitness. Take your bestfriend and bring them along for a special weekend at the Seewinkel. You can also come without joining the training.

    Fitness-fans can book an exclusive training with a real Pro:

    Kickbox World- and European Champion Nicole Trimmel is responsible for the programm.

    Date: 7th - 9th April 2017

    More information and bookings can be found directly on www.vilavitapannonia.at

    17. March 2017

    It is no secret any more - Nicole Trimmel presented her new KICKBOXCALENDER 2017 on the 1st of december 2016. Foto-artist Wolfgang Prummer took very exclusive and sexy pics from the manifold champion everything in black and white.

    Moderator Christian Hoffmann talked with Nicole about her latest title at the European Championship in Greece before they showed the 12 pics of the new calender. After that the party was unstoppable at Gut Purbach.

    You can order the new KICKBOXCALENDER 2017 directly here on the Website in two sizes: A3 (25 Euro) or A2 (45 Euro) excluding shipping.

    Pics from the Event: http://www.bvz.at/eisenstadt/nicole-trimmel-osliper-europameisterin-auf-heissen-bildern/31.332.612

    Krone.at: http://www.krone.at/videos/sportvideos/heiss-sexy-kickbox-champ-laesst-die-huellen-fallen-nicole-trimmel-video-542280

    2. December 2016

    Before Nicole Trimmel gets back to the ring for the European Championships in fullcontact kickboxing end of November, she gives a first look into her 5th calender project. Wolfgang Prummer shooted the eight-time World Champion in black and white.

    The limited calender edition will be available in 100 pieces A2 and 100 pieces A3 only beginning of december.


    27. October 2016
  • Alpe Adria Trail

    Summer means hard training to prepair for the tournaments in autum. But why not spending this time outside in the nature? Therefore the World- and European Champion took the bike together with her colleague and cycled the Alpe Adria Bicycle Trail from Klagenfurt to Udine. After this trip they situated their training base arround Klagenfurt to visit the beachvolleyball major.

    4. August 2016
  • runtastic fitness channel

    Nicole is back on the Runtastic fitness channel. Together with her friend Lunden Souza she shows nice workouts and has a talk:

    Do you have a skateboard? Than check out this video for your next workout Routine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Rehcs-wc7o

    Why is STRONGER better than SKINNY? Have a look inside the talk with Lunden and Nicole: https://youtu.be/4ERS-JTHK5o

    7. July 2016
  • Worldcup Rimini

    After a big comeback at the hungarian Worldcup in Budapest it was the next step for the Champion: Bestfighter Worldcup in Rimini/Italy

    In the category female Fullcontact -65kg 10 very strong fighters competed. As European Champion in this class Nicole entered at the quaterfinal and had to fight manifold World- and European Champion Thea Therese Naess who is normaly in the -60kg class. 'A great fight and a great experience too as we normaly do not fight against each other. It is a great pleasure to fight against top fighters, ' says Nicole after winning this fight with 2:1.

    In semifinal she met polish Emilia Czerwinska again and had to face finnish Puurunen Jenna. She was leading in the final until the last few seconds. At the end of the fight it was a split decision and in this case the Computer decided. Nicole lost the final. "Sport is not always fair, but that's life. I know what I can and after my long break because of my bad injury I can be very satisfied. I had three strong fights and I am very happy with the result at the end," says Nicole who will participate at the Austrian Championsships from 10th till 12th June in Schielleiten.

    7. June 2016
  • FELIX Austria

    Stegersbach - Managementmeeting of FELIX Austria.

    As brand ambassador of Felix Austria Nicole had the chance to talk again in front of the audience of her sponsor in Stegersbach. What does it mean to be succesfull and how do you react if you get stroked back or injured? The champion talked about how she got through these experiences and what does it mean to 'come back stronger'.

    'Nicole was already part of our last teammeeting. Economy and Sport have a lot of things in common. Our employees have the chance to hear stories from a professional athlete and they have also the chance to talk to her personaly and ask questions, " says CEO Mag. Peter Buchauer.

    21. March 2016
  • training in Thailand

    Sun, white beach and blue water - sounds like holidays but it is the gym of Nicole Trimmel. Together with some friends she travelled and trained in Thailand. "The great thing when doing kickboxing is, that you do not need a lot for your training. Just a bit space where you can do your workouts, " says the World Champion. Nicole has been training in Thailand now already for the theird time and realy loves the way of live there.

    After her knee surgery last year she works on her comeback. In March the next training camp in Mallorca is on plan.

    5. February 2016

    It is not a secret any more. We could not find a better title for the new calendar. Back in March Nicole took a bad knee injury and went through a hard time of rehabilitation. Her year is marked from one

    Das Geheimnis ist gelüftet! Einen passenderen Titel hätte man für den neuen Kalender nicht finden können. Nach einem Kreuzband- und Meniskusriss im März 2015 kämpft sich die Welt- und Europameisterin schön langsam zurück. Ihr Sportjahr ist geprägt von wertvollen Erfahrungen. Den Kopf deswegen hängen lassen? Sicher nicht - stärker zurück kommen als zuvor lautet die Ansage: COME BACK STRONGER 

    Gemeinsam mit Sportfotograf Christopher Kelemen präsentiert Nicole in der Cselley Mühle Oslip vor geladenen Gästen ihren neuen Kalender und zeigt Einblicke in das Shooting.

    Ab sofort kann man den Kalender online bestellen zum Preis von 25€ exclusive Versand.

    20. November 2015
  • FELIX Austria is big player

    Austria's Leading Company Award: Love for Food makes Felix Austria the big player in Burgenland. Being active is the main thing for their success says Peter Buchauer, CEO of Felix. Nicole Trimmel is active too in her sport and also for Felix Austria. She acts as brand ambassador for the big player and took over the award together with Salesmanager Ernest Widek. "Congratulations to Felix Austria for winning this award. I am very proud of being sponsored by this successful company," says Nicole Trimmel.

    18. November 2015
  • Endurancetraining in Mallorca

    Nicole took her first training camp after her knee surgery with an endurance focus. She spend one week on Mallorca together with a training group. Lots of kilometers on the bike. In the North of Mallorca in Muro/Allcudia she found a training paradise. Genius biking paths, high mountains and an excellent gym - what more do you want as an athlete?

    "My knee was pretty happy with the high training level and got better every day. The long and partly intensive routes with mountains challenged me a lot. Within my training group I found the optimum level. We started already to plan our next trip to Mallorca next year!" says Nicole, who found a new training domicile for her preparation. This trainigcamp was sponsored by Team Rot Weiss Rot a project from Austrian Sport government. 
    4. November 2015
  • Special autograph

    At the 40th Youth Figherfighter competition the kids had the possibility to train with Kickbox World Champion Nicole Trimmel. But not enough they also received a very Special present. Everybody got a signed FELIX ketchup tube with an autograph from the champion.

    Pictures by Christina Karagiannis & Günter Prünner - all pictures you can see in the galery

    10. July 2015
  • #Crutches away

    The first part of the comeback is done. Nicole is allowed to walk without crutches. "A great feeling if you can take a glas from A to B without a problem. In such phases you learn again to feel happy about the small things in life", says Nicole. 

    With her rehabiliation Dr. Resinger and Physiotherapist Stefan Podar are quiet satisfied. "The steps are small but I am happy for each step I can make now", so the Champion who is already dreaming of her first bike ride around lake Neusiedl. She has to be calm till this is possible.  
    5. May 2015
  • Nicole on screen

    Two artists come together: fotographer Christina Karagiannis took the picture with her camera and fotorealist Wilfried Ploderer now painted the picture with a special chalk - a picture of the World- and European Champion Nicole Trimmel. The art work is not finished yet, but Nicole gave Wilfried Ploderer a visit in his atelier to stune about the huge picture. 

    "I love the picture and even more I love the painting now from Wilfried, because he put his personal note on the picture. It's a big pleasure for me to work together with such two big artists," says Nicole.

    5. March 2015
  • Thailand

    Double European Champion Nicole Trimmel is back from Thailand - the kingdom of Thai- and Kickboxing sport.

    Nicole came to train and refill her energy. "Since last year I have been falling in love with Thailand. In the past I trained in Lanzarote during the winter season. But right and left there is only vulcan-earth and nothing else to see. Thailand is different. It is coulourful, it is loud, it is versatile and at every corner there is a kickboxring. Beside the daily training you can explore the country and get into to culture of the thais. That is the reason why it is special", says Nicole. The thai-lifestyle is a very simple one and thais connect everything with fun. From this attitude towards life we should take something home. 

    As in the previous year Nicole travelled and trained together with her squad colleague Nadja Reinegger (-60kg, Styria). Two very fit and taff girls with no amxiety. After an early morning training they started to explore the environment and were looking for adventure. They climbed up hills or explored caves and went for a hike through the joungle. Nothing kept unexplored for them. 

    Let's have a look inside the trainingcamp HERE.

    Shortly Nicole is going for a performance test to get actual training values. They are the basis of this years preparations. Nicole will focus on full-contact this year.

    29. January 2015
  • Natural Born Fighter

    The new Must-Have for 2015 - The Nicole Trimmel calender 'Natural Born Fighter'. Place your order now on the website here.

    Natural, simple and strong.
    Fotographer Christina Karagiannis took Nicole out into natur of her hometown Oslip. Also stylist Alexandra Karakopoulous-Zisser made a natural style. 
    Here you get some impressions of the Making-Off

    On the 27th November 'Natural Born Fighter' was presented at Gut Purbach. 

    28. November 2014
  • LIVE feeds EM


    Any questions? Nicole Trimmel takes the European Championshipstitle in Full Contact minus 65kg. She had to go throught the qualification and had four strong fights at this Championships in Bilbao, Spain. 

    Pinsson Roxana (FRA) 1:2
    Kedzierska Monika (POL) 0:3
    Konya Katalin (HUN) 0:3
    Kseniia Miroshnichenko (RUS) 1:2

    At the final she beats the Russian fighter and could complete here title collection!

    27. October 2014
  • Exclusive Workshop

    Attention ladies! Get a weekend just for HER! Exclusive training with World and European Champion and Austrian kickbox coach Nicole Trimmel at the 4-star Parkhotel in Pörtschach directly at lake Wörthersee. At her workshop "self-defence for women" you get basic knowledge. But also mobilisations, flexibility and strenght are part of the workshop. And of course the design-hotel in the 60-years style offers a lot of other opportunities to relax and chill. Information and bookings here.

    1. October 2014
  • 15th anniversary

    A very special event at Gut Purbach. Chef Max Stiegl meets Kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel. 

    What's the out-put if two pro's come together? A very special event of course! 1999 Nicole Trimmel started her kickboxing career. 15 years later she is still on top of the world. For this reason Max Stiegl, chef the cuisin at Gut Purbach, gives his best. Governor of Burgenland, Hans Niessl, takes over patronage of the event. Let's celebrate together! Be part of it and join us!    

    SAVE THE DATE: 23rd July 2014 @ 19hrs at Gut Purbach
    costs: 45,- € (incl. meal and drinks)

    We ask for reservation:
    Gut Purbach
    Hauptgasse 64
    7083 Purbach
    Tel/Fax: +43 2683 56086
    Email: gutpurbach@aon.at

    28. June 2014
  • Battle for the crown

    At the Bestfighter Worldcup in Lignano (ITA) Nicole underpins her position of number one of the world. 

    On the weekend she beats two of her long-time competitors. "What a sensationel fight. Now the ranking is clear again", says a happy Nicole Trimmel after her triumph at the fullcontact Worldcup in Lignano. 

    In category -65kg she fought Norwegian Catherine Fonnes and Russian Xenia Miroschnitschenko. Nicole prepaired very hard for the high class tournament and was looking for the chance to fight both - her dream became true. She was succesful and performed nearly without mistake.
    10. June 2014
  • Nicole on WHATCHADO

    Whatchado helps people to find their passion. In order to maximise your job orientation you can watch video-interviews of people doing differnt jobs and talking about their career. Kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel is part of whatchado and wants to inspire young people and escepially women to make their dreams come true. "If you can dream it - you can do it."

    Whatch the video here: http://www.whatchado.com/de/nicole-trimmel

    22. May 2014
  • Worldcupsieg zum Saisonauftakt

    After a longer break World Champion Nicole Trimmel is again on top. She wins the Worldcup in Innsbruck in fullcontact. In final she beats German Jessica Schütte.

    Because of an injury of the right foot during the final she cancelled her start in light-contact on sunday.

    "I had great fights on the weekend and I am satisfied with the performance. I did not want to take the risk to make the injury worser as the season has just started," says Nicole who fought with her new helmet in Innsbruck.
    14. April 2014
  • New strong partner: FELIX Austria

    With food producer FELIX Austria Nicole get's a strong partner.

    "I am very happy to present FELIX Austria as my new sponsor" says Kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel to the new co-operation with the food producer located in Mattersburg. "It is great that I found a regional partner. FELIX products are of high quality, it is a strong brand and they employ arround 200 people in the region" says Nicole. "Since more than 50 years FELIX has been representing quality, continuity and innovation. We fit well together" says the power woman.


    6. April 2014
  • Certified NLP Mentalcoach

    WIFI Eisenstadt – Because you learn for your life. Nicole could complete her mental talent with additional skills. Many thanks to Sporthilfe and KADA (an institution who looks after the education programs of athletes) for the support. After two years of training Nicole proudly received her diploma. In future she wants to inspire others in lectures. “A big hug to the speakers Toni Harrer, Marion Scheiterer and Alexander Grünwald who gave their best in order to make us better,” says Nicole.

    12. March 2014
  • The travel marathon

    The seasonal break is over and training has already started again for big fights in 2014. On the weekend Nicole does her first marathon for this year. Together with sponsor gitgo GmbH she rocks the legendary Hahnenkamm Race and visits a lot of society events. After she returns she change the glamour outfit with her training suit again and collects airline miles – destination: trainingcamp in Thailand. There she spends two weeks together with her national team mate to train there and get inspired by land and people.
    22. January 2014
  • The Royal Kick

    At restaurant "Das Heinz" Nicole Trimmel presented her new calender for 2014 "The Royal Kick".

    The event was moderated by Harald Katzenschläger, founder of Dream Academia, whos vision is a society where everybody does excactly what he loves. A vision Nicole Trimmel shares too. 

    2012 she produced her first limited calender under the title of "dirty girl - 13 pics - limited". Fotographer Christina Karagiannis made brilliant pics at the Ottakringer brewery. Nicole loves the work of Christina, an artist from Greece. Her portfolia is huge: journalism, architecture, art, portraits and much more. Very soon it was clear that Nicole and Christina will also do future projects. This year they shooted at Palais Auersperg. The history and the royal scenary of this place influenced the new calender. "Nicole has a very powerfull sport and that's why I wanted to put her into something completly different again.", says the artist. With the calender Nicole wants to show a different side of her and not only the sportive one.

    Those who want to have a World Champion under the Christmas tree should order "The Royal Kick" immediatley on the website: 27 € including shipping in Austria (20 € pick up)

    "The Royal Kick" : photos by Christina Karagiannis, styling by Alexandra Karakopoulou-Zisser, layout by gitgo

    13. December 2013
  • Calendershooting 2014

    2012 Nicole produced in cooperation with sponsor gitgo GmbH her first limited calender edition. Fotographer Christina Karagiannis made wonderful pics at Ottakringer Brauerei in Vienna. Nicole loves the work of the greek artist. Her portfolio includes many areas as art, journalism, architecture, portraits, product-campaigns and events. Very soon it was clear, that Nicole and Christina will also work together for future projects.

    The next limited edition for 2014 is in process right now and will be presented middle of december. This time Christina put Nicole into Palais Auersperg for the shooting. "This time it was completely different to the last shooting. It will be interesting I guess," says the World Champion. Before the presentation of the new calender she will fight at the World Championships in light contact kickboxing in Turkey in the first week of December.

    A view into the shooting you can take already under media. Pics by Christina Karagiannis, styling by Alexandra Karakopoulou-Zisser.

    Nicole wants to show a different view of her sport and get in touch with a wider audience. You can order the calender middle of December on the website. 
    19. November 2013
  • Studioguest at SCHAU TV

    Kickbox Worldchampion visited Jesse Schwarz at the SCHAU TV studio and had a funny talk about Nicole's latest World title fight and a project called 'peacekeeper'. This project is a cooperation of the city Bayreuth (Germany) and Burgenland. Kids get an overview of different kinds of martial arts in order to prevent violence. Nicole is a supporter of this project and joined a class of students from HAK Eisenstadt to Bayreuth in June. Don't miss the interview on SCHAU TV on the 10th of October 2013 at 18:48h.
    9. October 2013
  • The dance with wolves

    Recently Nicole received an adventurous gift from Gerald and Regina Schinzel. They are husky breeders and participate on championships with there dogs. The World Champion got a special drive with the sled.

    "Wow that was funny", says Nicole after her return. Eight of the eighteen huskys where running the sled through the wood. "I was very impressed by the power of the dogs and of the sport itself and I had a lot of questions. And puppie 'Grisu' is more than sweet", says Nicole.

    You can book Gerald Schinzel also for sledde dog drives. Just check out his website for more information:  http://www.hundesport.at/hundesport/schinzel/news.php

    29. August 2013
  • The Worlds greatest!

    In the middle of Tirol’s mountains kickboxer and World Champion Nicole Trimmel did another carrier step and defended her Pro-World title against Finnish Anne Katas.

    At 11.30pm local time on Saturday evening successful Nicole Trimmel could raise her hands into the sky: Austria’s best kickboxing woman defended her title in professional kickboxing. In a fight over 10x2minutes the 30 year old Austrian woman won with a 2:1 decision against Anne Katas (39) from Finnland. Thus the WAKO PRO World title belt in 65kg stays in Austria. After the fight Nicole Trimmel was very happy: “An amazing feeling – I haven’t realized it yet.” In the moment of triumph she also puts her environment into foreground. “I have a great team and we showed that tonight.”

    High intensity and pace dominated the fight from the beginning. Trimmel put the actions. But Katas showed that 20years of experience in this business are not countless and was always good for dangerous counterattacks. The clear punches of the World Champion showed reaction on the left eye of the opponent. At the end Nicole was succesfull also because of her excellent fitness.
    For a decade Trimmel characterizes the Austrian martial arts scene. Defending her title is another landmark in her successful carrier.
    18. August 2013
  • Workshop at Magic Life Club

    'Woman only' was the keyword at Magic Life Club Marmai Palace Imperial at Kos last week. Kickbox World Champion Nicole Trimmel and Martina Nikolic showed the perfect kick at a selfdefence workshop. Within a week the participants learned effective and simple techniques and behaviour in case of emergency. "A wonderful location directly at the beach! A big thanks to everybody who joined our course - you have been great!" says Nicole, who was not only laying in the greek sun. As she has to defend her Pro-Worldtitle on the 17th of August she had to do her normal trainings.

    Fotographer Flo Albert did some very nice shots from the workshop. You can find them on the Magic Life Website.

    6. August 2013
  • With the right sound, Oslip

    ...training gets easier! The new headphones of the World Champion.

    Nicole Trimmel was just at her trainingcamp at sport-center Schielleiten when her new SMS Audio headphones arrived - what a pleasure! "A big thanks to Play Art Multimedia! Now training is much more fun!" says the sportwoman, who will defend her WAKO PRO World title in no longer than one month on the 17th of August 2013.
    22. July 2013
  • Summer Splash, Turkey

    The Krone Worldclass Challenge at Summer Splash, the biggest event for school graduates!

    A hot game at the biggest school graduation event. At 35 degrees the Summer Splash Worldclass Battle took place on the 27th June 2013. After exciting and exhausting games at the sand-court the school class from HAK Mistelbach could win the game against the VIPs. Although the super-VIPs like ski jumper Andi Goldberger, Soccer coach & TV expert Frenkie Schinekls, goalkeeper legend Michael Konsel, Sportmoderator & Ö3 Sportboss Adi Niederkorn, Ex-Rapid player Franz Weber, swimm star Fabienne Nadarajah and manifold World- and European Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel gave everything in the battle.

    "Worldclass" donates  20.000,- Euro for a good cause. The price money was spend for charity projects: EUR 10.000,- go to Wings for Life and the rest goes to the actual flood victims in Austria.

    "It was an exciting afternoon here at Summer Splash. At the end the HAK Mistelbach won and spend the money for charity. Nice to see, that the graduants have social engagement and want to help others", so Splashline managing director Didi Tunkel, who hosts 11.000 school graduates in 2013 at Summer Splash.
    2. July 2013
  • BLOBBING KICK OFF, Pusztasee Andau

    presented by Nestlé Schöller, Ö3 and Paar aufs Maul with special guest Nicole Trimmel

    On Sunday, 23rd June 2013, BLOB Austria organised the BLOB KICK OFF at lake Puszta in Andau, Burgenland.
    What was it about? Spectaculas show-jumpgs and the possibility to try the BLOB for free. Special guest Kickbox World Champion Nicole Trimmel got blobbed for her first time. "A genious experience - very funny! You feel like a rocket when you get blobbed!" Nicole smiles. Of course she used the chance to try the BLOB on her own. 
    BLOBBING is a new trend in action- and fun sport! It sounds harmless, but BLOBBING is a big thrill, which can be experienced in and over the water. Everything you need for BLOBBING, is a BLOB, a 10m long rubber hose filled with air and a BLOB-Team consisting of 1-2 jumpers and a Blobber. The jumper jumps on the end of the BLOB whereas the Blobber itself is sitting on the other end and gets catapullted in the air!
    24. June 2013
  • Lucky pig Rosi, Krobotek

    World Champion visited organic yard Koller in Krobotek (South of Burgenland).
    In May 2012, one day before take-off to the Box WM in China, Nicole got a call from organic yard Koller. Farmer Rupert Koller, an enthusiastic sport fan, read about Nicole's project in the newspaper and decided to give her a present. But it was a special lucky charm what Nicole got: a small pig, which lives completly free outside at the farm. One year later Nicole visited her lucky pig on the way back from Rimini, where she just won the Worldcup.

    "I was very happy about this special gift Rupert gave to me. I named my lucky pig 'Rosi' and I love the philosophy of the farm. They do everything on there own and it is realy organic! Rosi got a paradise here!" says Nicole, who enjoyed the afternoon at the farm together with Rupert and his daugther.

    Find more information here: www.biohof-koller.at 
    13. June 2013
  • Worldcup win, Szeged

    Win of the tournament in Szeged (HUN)! Next international fight will be in Rimini (ITA).
    Austrian Nicole Trimmel won the Worldcup in Szeged in fullcontact -65kg. The manifold World Champion had a good performance and is already looking forward to the next Worldcup Stop in Rimini. After a 3:0-win by points against Lucia Cmarova (SVK) in Semifinal on Friday she fought against Veronika Cmarova (SVK) in final on Sunday. Again a 3:0 win by points.

    Next Worldcup in Rimini, Italien, from 31st May till 2nd June 2013.
    20. May 2013
  • Game, Oslip

    The nutrition of a World Champion! Win 10 "KeimKraft" packages on my fanpage!
    With the support of KeimKraft (an Austrian company specialised on grains) you can win 10 KeimKraft packages now. What's special with KeimKraft? The products are made of 10 different sprouted grains. Due to the germination process the grain consists of more vitality, more vitamins and more trace elements than any normal grain.  
    Just take your chance and get to Nicole's Fanpage and answer the question! One KeimKraft package includes 1kg KeimKraft flour, 1 tin sprouted and broken linseed and 1 package sprouted buckwheat!

    With such a nutrition you can alos get a World Champion!
    14. May 2013
  • Double Worldcup-triumph, Innsbruck

    A fulminant start into a exciting Worldcup season!
    Once again Nicole Trimmel showed in Tyrol that she is the clear leader and ambassador of the Austrian kickboxing sport. At the Worldcup Austrian Classics in Innsbruck the 30th year old women won the lightcontact and the fullcontact competition in the weight class -65kg.

    Next Worldcup stop: Szeged, Hungary from 16th-19th May 2013
    7. May 2013
  • ORF campagne for more sport, Eisenstadt

    "We make Burgenland fit" - is the title of the campagne, which includes daily short TV clips on ORF 2 shortly before the Burgenland news.
    Already for the second time ORF Burgenland and Burgenland itself starts the campage "We make Burgenland fit" for more sport and healthy nutrition. Soccer player Andreas Ivanschitz, snowboarder Julia Dujmovits and Kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel support the campaign and give essential tips in their TV clips.
    You can watch the spots till 5th May 2013 on ORF2 shortly before the news. Nicole Trimmel focuses on kids in her clips and gives special tips for them for a healthier nutrition and more sport. On her Facebook account you will find a couple of recepies.
    25. April 2013
  • "Dirty girl" wieder im Eins...

    Austrian Championships tatami and full contact from 6th till 7th April 2013.
    After a long time of preparation Nicole Trimmel gets ready to fight again. The calender model changes her outfit, jumps into to fighting suit and celebrates the seasonal opening of her competitions! 

    The Austrian Championships in kickboxing will take place on the weekend in Schwanenstadt/Upper Austria.

    In total the World and European Champion has already collected a lot of gold: 13 Austrian Championtitles in kickboxing plus 1 Austrian Championtitle in olympic boxing makes a number of 14 in total! An amazing number! Nicole will start in light and full contact. Keep fingers crossed!
    4. April 2013
  • Sportmagazin Bikingala 2013, Vienna

    Presentation of the sportmagazin Bikingcalender at MQ Vienna.
    A fantastic night: Bikinigala 2013 at MQ 
    Between lots of sport starts Thaibox Champ Fadi Merza and World Champion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel.
    22. March 2013
  • Cross-country skiing weekend, St. Jakob

    On the weekend Nicole rocked the cross-country trail in St. Jakob im Walde!
    During the winter Nicole found a new sport: cross-country skiing! In the meantime cross-country skiing is already a fixed part of her conditional training. "Skating is a perfect form of a workout for me as the upper body is also involved. It is also a perfect change to my training routine and by the way I love it already to train outside in the nature!" says manifold World Champion in Kickboxing. She spent the weekend together with her training partner Heidi Kindermann in St. Jakob im Walde. Beginning of April the first competitions in kickboxing will start.
    4. March 2013
  • GAME OVER, Oslip

    Nicole Trimmel stops boxing!
    New AIBA regulation forced Nicole Trimmel to make a decision which was already overdue long time ago. Her boxing pass was not prolonged dispite she quits kickboxing.

    “Sport is my profession but kickboxing my passion! So for me it was an easy decision – I decided for kickboxing! I want to thank the Austrian Boxing Organisation (ÖBV), national team coach Adolf Angrick and my boxing club BACE for all the support and experiences I could get. Without them this project would not have worked at all. They all were important for my personal development and I was able to get things shown from a different point of angle! Thanks for that!† says Nicole Trimmel, who gets her focus back on kickboxing.
    2012 the World and European Champion in Kickboxing started an ambitious project. She kept the legs on the bottom, put 6kg down and changed to a new sport: Olympic boxing. Her aim was the participation at the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championship in China, the only qualification for Olympia. It was a long way till there but after some successful boxing tournaments she got her ticket for China, where she lost. Nevertheless it was great success to start this project within this short period of time. Beginning of October 2012 she took her first Austrian Champion title in Olympic boxing (-60kg). End of October she defeated her European title in kickboxing successfully. 
    6. February 2013
  • Start of the new season, Oslip

    Training has become serious again.

    After her seasonal brake Nicole started her training again. In the first place she did a performance test to check her actual fitness. Together with coach Mag. Andreas Vock she planned her season for 2013. “A lot of new aims have to be reached and it will not get boring! “promises the World and European Champion in Kickboxing. Her first fights she plans for March.
    14. January 2013
  • calender "dirty girl - 13 pics -...

    There are only 200 pieces! Grab your own exemplar with an autograph now!
    She is the top athlete in European kickboxing - but she is not only succesfull in the ring. Besides her sport Nicole is doing manifold things and now she show a complete different view of her. She created the "dirty girl" calender. The calender is available in a limited edition of 200 pieces.  Orders can be placed online here:  calender 2013

    So hurry up and get your own signed exemplar today!
    6. December 2012
  • pressconferenc "dirty girl - 13 ...

    Nicole Trimmel presents her calender at Ottakringer brewery in Vienna.
    Nicole had her calender presentation today at Ottakringer brewery in Vienna and showed her new look exclusiv to the press and her guests.
    At a foto shooting at Ottakringer brewery Nicole defined her new look. She cleans up with the dirty image of her sport and shows sexy pictures.  Fotographer Christina Karagiannis took wonderful pictures of her. „She is a very talented fotographer and made very special pictures from a different angle.“, says Nicole Trimmel about the greek artist.
    The idea to make a calender out of these pictures came up at a meeting at Nicole's PR agency and sponsor gitgo. "We did not have to think about it, the resultat of the shooting was an ideal basic for the calender. We set up the layout and now we are going to make the marketing," says gitgo managing director DI (FH)Hannes Schmid. The calender 'Nicole Trimmel 2013' was produced in a limited edition of 200 pieces.
    From today onwards you can order the calender online on the website for Euro 20,- (excluding Euro 7,- for shipping).
    3. December 2012
  • Arrival, Bucharest

    The Austrian team arrived at Bucharest with 12 athletes.
    On Sunday evening 12 Austrians registered for the European Championships in Semi and Full Contact at the Interconitental Hotel. In the mean time also the drawing is finished. Nicole is free for the 1/8 final and will meet Veronika Cmarova from Slovakia in 1/4 finale. Her first fight she will have on Wednesday.
    26. November 2012
  • Ankündigung zur EM im Vollkontakt Kic...

    Europameisterschaft im Semi- und Vollkontakt Kickboxen in Bukarest von 27.11.-1.12.2012.

    Sie ist ein wahres „Golden Girl“ und präsentiert bald ihren eigenen sexy Kalender – Mit 30 Jahren hat Nicole Trimmel schon zahlreiche Titel eingehamstert (7xWM, 2xEM) und hat noch lange nicht genug. Vor gut einem Monat erst hat sie ihren Europameistertitel auf der Matte im Leichtkontakt Kickboxen in Ankara erfolgreich verteidigt. Leichtfüßig und graziös hatte sie sich auf der Matte bewegt und ihre Gegnerinnen in Schach gehalten. Nun erfolgt die nächste Umstellung – von der Matte geht es ab in den Ring wo der Vollkontaktbewerb ausgetragen wird.  „Im Ring musst du wieder anders agieren. Dort kannst du einen Gegner in die Ecke bringen oder kommst selbst rein. Du kannst nicht raußsteigen, wenn der Druck zu groß wird, wie auf der Matte!“ meint Nicole, für die Umstellungen das daily Business sind. Diese Fähigkeit erfordert schon ein hohes Maß an Können und sehr viel Feingefühl – im Vollkontakt dürfen Schläge und Kicks mit voller Power geschlagen werden. Im Leichtkontakt kann das zur Disqualifikation führen.
    Bei einem mehrtägigen Vorbereitungstrainingslager im Bundessportzentrum Schielleiten hat sich die kampferfahrene Burgenländerin wieder auf die EM vorbereitet. Dabei standen ihr neben einer Dame auch zwei Herren zur Verfügung. Einer davon war Teamkollege Patrick Grabner, der in Bukarest ebenfalls im Vollkontakt am Start ist. Mit dem um ca. 20kg schwereren „Brocken“ absolvierte Nicole noch einige Sparringrunden. Jetzt ist sie gewappnet für ihre große Aufgabe nächste Woche: „Ich möchte die geilsten Kämpfe meiner Karriere bestreiten!“, so das Ziel von Nicole Trimmel. Das Starterfeld ist in Bukarest wieder ein ganz anderes als im Leichtkontakt. Mit einer einzigen Ausnahme: die Russin Ksenia Miroshnichenko, die sich trotz ihres rasanten Kampfstils bis dato gegen Nicole immer mit Silber begnügen musste.

    In der Klasse bis 65kg sind aktuell 10 Kämpferinnen vorregistriert. Davon sind nur die Norwegerin Cathrine Fonnes und die Finnin Anna Katas alte Bekannte. Insgesamt sind 12 Österreicher in Bukarest im Einsatz. Nur zwei davon sind im Vollkontakt am Start: Patrick Grabner (Stmk) und Österreichs „Million Dollar Baby“ Nicole Trimmel (Bgld). Die restlichen Teammitglieder starten im Semikontaktbewerb.

    Sonntag, 25.12.: Anreise und Registrierung
    Montag, 26.12.: Auslosung
    Dienstag – Donnerstag: Ausscheidungskämpfe
    Freitag – Samstag: Finalkämpfe

    Weitere Infos, Fotos und auch Filmmaterial wird direkt aus Bukarest zur Verfügung gestellt!
    22. November 2012
  • European Champion, Ankara

    Nicole is again WAKO European Champion!
    In a sensationel final with 3:0 Nicole won against russian Ksenia Miroschnishenko. "I was very cool today!" says the new European Champion. In total Austria won 2x Gold, 2x Silver and 1 x Bronce medaille.
    3. November 2012
  • WAKO EM Light Contact, Ankara

    Let's go!!!
    The Austrian team had a good trip to Ankara and everbody is well. The first Austrians started already today and did a great job. Tomorrow, thursday, the rest of the team members will do their first fights. Nicole Trimmel was free today and could watch her competitors. She will fight in quarter final against British Karen Bailey. On the same day also the half finals will take place. Tomorrow Nicole will enter the tatami as actual World- and European Champion. She is already looking forward to her first match. Keep fingers crossed for her!
    31. October 2012
  • Last preparations for EM, Schielleiten

    Nicole spent 4 days at BSFZ Schielleiten.

    The European Championships in Lightcontact Kickboxing come closer. As final preparation Nicole spent some days in Schielleiten focusing on specific training and sparring sessions with some partners in order to get fit for Ankara (Turkey). „It was vital to get a good feeling for the tatami again. After investing so much time in boxing this year, the change was heavier than I expected. But at the end of the camp it went better and better!“ says the actual World- and Europeanchampion. Nicole wants to defend her title in Ankara. On Sunday the Austrian squad will leave for Ankara. 
    23. October 2012
  • New Austrian Champion, Vienna

    Nicole Trimmel ist the new Austrian Champion in light-weight!
    It was the last fight of the evening. In the red corner the actual Austrian Champion, Nicole Wesner (W), against the blue corner Nicole Trimmel (Box Athletic Club Eisenstadt). A couple of fans supported the World Champion in kickboxing. Nicole did a good job and made a good fight with no risks. She won her 14th Austrian Champion Title yesterday – but it was her first title in Olympic boxing which makes her very proud. “I am very happy about this title. And I am even happier as I could win the very first title for my club BACE!† says the new Austrian Champion.

    Michael Schey (-57kg) and Thomas Staudigl (-60kg) both from BACE are also participating and still in the race for gold in their categories.
    5. October 2012
  • Austrian Boxing Championships, Vienna

    „Let’s get ready to rumble!“ – on the 4th till 7th of October 2012 at Paho hall in Vienna.

    Her last boxing match was at the AIBA World Championships in Qinhuangdao, China. Now Nicole gets back to the ring and will fight for the Austrian Boxing Championships (class -60kg) for the first time. She will fight titleholder Nicole Wesner from Vienna may be on the 4th (after 7pm) or on the 6th (after 6pm) – it’s the decision of the organizer.

    Eventhall: Paho Rundhalle, Jura-Soyfer-Gasse 3, 1100 Wien

    Thursday, 4th October 2012: from 7pm
    Friday, 5th October 2012: from 6pm
    Saturday, 6th October 2012: from 6pm
    28. September 2012
  • Ehre wem Ehre gebührt

    Die Sporthelden am Wiener Heldenplatz.

    Bald steigt auf dem Wiener Heldenplatz die bereits 12. Auflage des TAG DES SPORTS. Und Österreichs Sportevent des Jahres präsentiert sich auch heuer ab 10 Uhr wieder mit einer einzigartigen Mischung. Um 16:30h wird Kickbox Weltmeisterin Nicole Trimmel auf die Hauptbühne gerufen. Die Osliperin feierte 2011 ein fulminantes Comeback. Nach einer Knie OP holte sie sowohl im Leicht- als auch im Vollkontakt Kickboxen den WAKO* WM Titel. Als Belohnung bekommt sie am Heldenplatz das goldene Verdienstkreuz der Republik Österreich verliehen.

    Schon bald heißt es für die 29jährige „let†˜s get ready to rumble!“. Anfang Oktober werden in Wien die Staatsmeisterschaften im Boxen ausgetragen. Dafür muss die Burgenländerin wieder abspecken und in die olympische Gewichtsklasse bis 60kg wechseln. Ende Oktober fliegen dann nicht nur die Fäuste sondern auch die Füße. In Ankara/Türkei steht die EM Titelverteidigung im Leichtkontakt Kickboxen am Programm. Einen Strich durch die Rechnung hat ihr der internationale Weltverband der WAKO* für die Vollkontakt Europameisterschaft gemacht. Eigentlich wollte sich Nicole für die Sport Accord Combat Games im Vollkontakt qualifizieren und ebenfalls wie im Boxen in der 60kg Klasse starten. Nun hat die WAKO* aber die Gewichtsklassen für die Combat Games geändert und auf -56kg herab gesetzt. „Die Änderung so kurz vor der Qualifikation ist natürlich ärgerlich. Die 56er Klasse ist für mich nicht möglich und somit sind die Combat Games für mich Geschichte!“ meint Nicole Trimmel.

    Staatsmeisterschaften im olympischen Boxen 4.-7.10.2012
    10.Bez. Kurt-Kucera-Halle 10., Jura-Soyfer-Gasse 3
    24. September 2012
  • Boxing shoes vs trekking shoes, Oslip

    100km by foot to Mariazell.
    Worldchampion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel did a special training last week. She changed her boxing shoes against trekking shoes and made a pilgrimage to Mariazell. Last year she promised to a friend to do so. Now it was time to realise it. “For me it was a very good training in the nature! I loved it and would do it again immediately!† says Nicole, who will go to Schielleiten end of the week for a special training bloc.
    27. August 2012
  • Self-defense workshop for women, Kos

    “Persönlichkeiten hautnah† with Nicole Trimmel at Magic Life Club Kos.

    Women only was the slogan at Magic Life Club Kos. Kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel showed in her workshops how to defend yourself. There is no better trainer for this than a manifold World- and European Champion. A couple of guests used the daily offer to get professional support for emergency. “Especially for women self-defence is getting a more and more important topic. Many thanks to all participants – you were great!† says Nicole Trimmel. The Magic Life event week also included a breakfast, a café-talk and a “sundowner† as a final of the workshop. There guests had the opportunity to talk beside the workshop and get to know each other.

    Pictures here: Medien ,  Magic Life
    14. August 2012
  • Es geht weiter

    Der Urlaub ist vorbei - Nicole Trimmel hat nach der AIBA Box WM in China wieder Energie getankt und ist bereit für neue Taten. Mit Olympia hatte es leider nicht geklappt. Die olympischen Boxbewerbe der Damen, die aktuell in London zum ersten Mal ausgetragen werden, verfolgt die Burgenländerin im TV gespannt mit. Nachdem die ambitionierte Sportlerin im ersten Halbjahr komplett auf ihre Sportart Kickboxen verzichtet hatte und alles auf eine Karte gesetzt hatte, steht im zweiten Halbjahr Kickboxen wieder an erster Stelle. Doch wie bereits im Vorfeld angekündigt wird sie das Boxen nicht an den Nagel hängen!

    Ende Oktober wird die WAKO Europameisterschaft im Leichtkontakt Kickboxen ausgetragen, gefolgt vom Vollkontaktbewerb Ende November in Bukarest. Im Leichtkontakt ist die 29-jährige Titelverteidigerin. 2010 konnte sie in Baku ihren ersten WAKO Titel erkämpfen. Im Vollkontakt wird sie dieses Jahr so wie im Boxen in die untere Gewichtklasse bis 60kg wechseln um sich für die Sport Accord Combat Games 2013 zu qualifizieren.

    Ein Highlight auf heimischem Boden wird sicherlich die Boxstaatsmeisterschaft in Wien von 4.-7. Oktober werden. Dort wird Nicole Trimmel um ihren ersten Staatsmeisterschaftstitel im Boxen kämpfen und hoffentlich einen Titel ins Burgenland holen.

    „Die Priorität liegt jetzt ganz klar auf Kickboxen. Das Boxen betreibe ich natürlich weiterhin. Durch das reine Boxen habe ich allerdings meine Kicks vernachlässigt und hab jetzt einiges zu tun um für die EM gerüstet zu sein!“ meint Nicole Trimmel, für die es vom 6.-13. August in den Magic Life Club nach Kos geht, wo sie einen Selbstverteidigungskurs für Frauen abhält. Den Aufenthalt auf Kos wird Nicole gleich für ein Trainingslager nutzen. Da bleibt nicht viel Zeit um in der Sonne zu liegen.
    2. August 2012
  • Alps Adriatic Games 2012, Burgenland

    Burgenland and Styria hosted the Alps Adriatic Summer Games. Nicole Trimmel war in organization team.
    Over 700 athletes from 11 regions participated at the Alps Adriatic Games from 25th till 26th June in 6 different sports on 6 different venues. For the first time of the Alps Adriatic history the games where organized by two regions: Burgenland and Styria. Kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel was member of the organization team in Burgenland. “I have already worked in the organization for many big sports event like for the UEFA Euro 2008. It is always very exciting and I love it!† says Nicole, who will put the focus on her training soon.
    The delegation from Burgenland was very succesfull at the Games: 1 x gold, 1 x silver and 2 x bronze.
    29. June 2012
  • "Better Off Without You" ON...

    Watch it - Like it - Share it! Find the video on Youtube!
    The new rock song "Better Off Without You" from Georg Prenner is now on Youtube available!

    Georg Prenner about the music video:
    "Tatjana Berlakovich (editor) and I searched for a possibilty getting speed and punch of Better Off Without You in pictures. Tatjana had the idea of a box fight and immeditaly both of us know that our woman in the ring can only be Nicole Trimmel."

    "Better Off Without You"
    10. June 2012
  • Regeneration, Oslip

    Take a training brake.
    After the AIBA Woman’s Boxing Championships in Qinhuangdao Nicole takes a break. This year she passed through very intensive months. “I need to recover and refill my energy. I had an ambitious year with lots of travels!† says Nicole, who will catch up with Coach Mag. Vock and the rest of her team in order to plan the next events. But right now she still enjoys her break!
    29. May 2012
  • Train to Olympia is gone, Qinhuangdao

    Nicole Trimmel kicked out in the first round.<br />

    At 10.05pm local time Nicole Trimmel (AUT) had the last match of the day against Romina Marenda (ITA). “To loose is one thing but to loose with such a high result another thing! It looks like an execution but it was not!† says a disappointed Nicole Trimmel. Final result: 26:12 for Italy. National coach Adolf Angrick said: “Nicole fought very taff. It took too much time in the first round to find into the fight. In the course of the fight she improved a lot and made clear points which where not rewarded by the judges.†

    It was a short-term decision from Nicole to try the Olympic project and to get into boxing. A project with lots of risks and question marks– but who do not risk something, can’t win something! Nicole Trimmel made the jump into the cold water!
    13. May 2012
  • Arrival in Qinhuangdao, China

    The Austrian delegation arrived at the final destination.
    After a long journey the Austrian Team made it to Qinhuangdao. During take off and landing Nicole was allowed to sit in the cockpit - how nice? After the flight the transport by bus started to Qinhuangdao where Nicole did her first training. Tomorrow morning its time for the weigh-in and registration. In the afternoon the drawing will take place and at 8pm the first preliminations starts.
    10. May 2012
  • Auf der Jagd nach einem Olympiaticket

    Der österreichische Boxverband setzt auf Frauenpower.
    In wenigen Tagen beginnt die Reise nach China. Qinhuangdao ist Austragungsort der AIBA Box WM der Damen, der einzigen Olympiaqualifikation für London 2012. Eine Österreicherin will sich in China von ihrer stärksten Seite präsentieren – die Burgenländerin Nicole Trimmel.
    Die erfolgreiche Kickboxerin hat Anfang des Jahres das Metier gewechselt und sich entschlossen die Beine am Boden zu lassen. Sie will für den Österreichischen Boxverband nur die Fäuste sprechen lassen. Erst im Jänner ist sie in das Boxlager gewechselt. Eine mutige Entscheidung mit vielen Herausforderungen, doch das Ziel ist es wert dafür zu kämpfen. Immerhin geht es um Olympia.
    Letzte Woche wurde noch ein Vorbereitungslehrgang in Wien und Schielleiten absolviert mit unterschiedlichen Sparringpartnerinnen. Bundestrainer Angrick lobt die Leistungsbereitschaft und den hervorragenden Trainingszustand von Nicole und traut ihr einiges zu. In den letzten noch verbleibenden Tagen sind noch gemeinsame lockere Technikeinheiten geplant. Das gute Gefühl soll noch verstärkt werden. In China liegen noch einige Olympiatickets für Europa bereit – eines möchte sich Nicole Trimmel schnappen. „Ich fühle mich gut. Wir ziehen alle an einem Strang. Ich hab eine Außenseiterrolle und kann nur gewinnen! In meiner sportlichen Laufbahn im Kickboxen habe ich schon viel erlebt. Die Wettkampferfahrung kommt mir sicherlich zu Gute! So schnell bringt mich nichts aus der Ruhe!“ meint die mehrfache Kickboxweltmeisterin.
    Am 9. Mai geht es für ein vierköpfiges Team auf eine lange Flugreise nach Peking wo es per Bus weiter nach Qinhuangdao geht. Es gilt die Anreise und die sechsstündige Zeitumstellung gut zu verkraften um für den Wettkampf optimal gerüstet zu sein. Ein bisschen Losglück für die Auslosung kann für die Olympiaquali auch nicht schaden.

    Delegation WM China:
    • Starterin Nicole Trimmel
    • Bundestrainer Adolf Angrick
    • Sportdirektor Marius Korner
    • Box Athletic Trainer Wolfgang Reiterer
    Trainerteam Nicole Trimmel:

    Konditionstrainer Mag. Andreas Vock (Bundessportakademie)
    Techniktrainer Boxen und Kickboxen Ing. Ernst Dörr (Technischer Direktor Österreichischer Bundesfachverband für Kick- und Thaiboxen)
    Techniktrainer Boxen Wolfgang Reiterer (Box Athletic Club Eisenstadt)

    Ablauf der Box WM siehe beigefügte Ausschreibung
    Wir werden uns bemühen sie mit aktuellen Infos aus China am Laufenden zu halten.
    6. May 2012
  • Fan T-SHIRTs, Eisenstadt

    Go and get your fan t-shirt!<br />

    Buy a Nicole Trimmel fan t-shirt now and support the kickboxing academy. You can get your t-shirt at Athletic’s Reiterer, Mattersburgerstrasse 37A in Eisenstadt for 25Euros.
    6. May 2012
  • International sparrings, Eisenstadt

    Training with Hungarian Box Club FITT BOKSZ Köszeg at Box Athletic Club.<br />

    On Wednesday the gym of the Box Athletic Club was crowded with curious spectators and sweating athletes. Box Club FITT BOKSZ Köszeg visited for a sparring session with the best fighters. Nicole and her box-team had a good training.

    On the weekend Nicole Trimmel is on training camp in Vienna. From there she will directly go to Bundessportzentrum Schielleiten for another training camp. On the 9th May the journey to China starts.
    26. April 2012
  • Box WM, Qinhuangdao

    Participation at AIBA Box World Championship in China fixed.
    “There is a chance and it’s worth fighting for it!† says Nicole Trimmel, manifold World and European Champion in kickboxing about her start at the Box World Championships in China.

    In December she had her first meeting with the Austrian Boxing organisation. In January she and her team changed temporarily to boxing and decided to keep the legs on the bottom. Some months later she reached her goal: she will represent Austria and the Box Athletic Club Eisenstadt at the AIBA Box World Championships in Qinhuangdao/China from 9th till 20th May. That’s the only qualification to the Olympic Games in London 2012. So Nicole could make the impossible possible and will fight for an Olympic qualification. The last Austrian boxer at Olympic Games was Biko Botowamungo in 1988.
    16. April 2012
  • Night of Sports, Pamhagen

    Burgenlands Sport-VIPs came together.
    At the annual “Night of Sports† presented by Sportpool Burgenland the athlete, coach and team of the year 2011 were awarded. Nicole gave up her title to Julia Dujmovits (snowboard). The big winners with coach and team of the year are the Oberwart Gunners (basketball). Among the prominent guests was team boss Marcel Koller and ski jumper Andreas Kofler.
    13. April 2012
  • BVZ election, Bad Tatzmannsdorf

    Nicole is most popular athlete in the district Mattersburg.

    For the fifth time Kickbox World Champion Nicole Trimmel was honoured by the BVZ (newspaper) and voted by the readers to the most popular athlete of the district Mattersburg. In the hotel AVITA the BVZ had an additional surprise for Nicole: a huge trophy – as she got the most votes in Burgenland!

    “Many thanks to everyone who voted for me! I am very happy about the huge trophy!† says Nicole.
    30. March 2012
  • Aus in Runde Eins

    Unentschieden gegen die Vizeeuropameisterin aus der Schweiz.

    Nicole Trimmel hatte in Usti/CZE nicht gerade Losglück. Mit 13 Startern in der Gewichtsklasse ist das Turnier sehr gut besetzt. Beim Box-Grand-Prix trifft die Burgenländerin gleich in der ersten Runde auf die Schweizerin Sandra Brügger. Doch Nicole Trimmel hat ein großes Kämpferherz und hat gegen die Vizeeuropameisterin brilliert, ihr das Leben schwer gemacht und sich nicht beeindrucken lassen. In den ersten Runden lagen die beiden Damen Kopf an Kopf. In Runde drei lässt Nicole dann die Schweizerin zu sehr in die Halbdistanz. Obwohl die meisten Treffer in die Deckung der Burgenländerin gehen, sieht die Schweizerin in dieser Runde besser aus. In der vierten Runde dreht die Boxnewcomerin wieder auf und schlägt zurück. Der Kampf endet 12:12 – ein Unentschieden. Da die Ringrichter dennoch einen Sieger ermitteln müssen, entscheiden sie sich für die routiniertere Schweizerin. Nicole Trimmel ist somit aus dem Turnier ausgeschieden.
    „Ich bin mit dem Kampf nicht sehr zufrieden. Natürlich ist es eine Top Leistung, wenn man bedenkt, dass das erst mein 5 Boxkampf war. Aber ich hätte einfach mehr rausholen müssen und war etwas blockiert! Die Kampfrichterentscheidung finde ich durchaus gerecht!“ meint eine enttäuschte Sportlerin zum heutigen Tag.
    Da Nicole noch bis zum Ende des Turniers in Usti verweilt, wird Bundestrainer Adolf Angrick noch das eine oder andere Sparring vereinbaren damit Nicole weiterhin im Training bleibt.
    Die Teilnahme an der Box WM in China ist somit noch nicht entschieden.
    Nicole Trimmel
    23. March 2012
  • Another win, Vienna

    Second win at a boxing tournament.

    This weekend Vienna was the platform of the International Olympic boxing. Only rarely there is the opportunity to see boxing matches on such a high athletic level in Vienna. National teams from Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Cyprus and Israel competed against each other.

    Kickox World Champion Nicole Trimmel (-60kg) from Box Athletic Club Eisenstadt competed for the Autrian Team and made a good figure in the ring. When Nicole was called to her corner the fans made a lot of noise. On Friday she fought Adel Khuri from Israel and won with 20:5 points.

    At final she met German Nina Meinke from Berlin. Nina won the Semi final against Austrian Melanie Fraunschiel. At the end of the fourth round Nicole could made strong punches against Meinke. Consequently the ring doctor stopped the contest. Winner: Nicole Trimmel.
    Next week Nicole will participate at the Grand Prix in Usti, an important tournament for her boxing future.
    13. March 2012
  • Winner of the 4th Box Cup, Hamburg

    Box premier went very well.

    Austrian Boxing Association sent two athletes and two coaches to the 4th Girls-Box-Cup to Hamburg. Kickbox World Champion Nicole Trimmel did her first international boxing match on the weekend. In half-final she fought Tina Asmussen from Switzerland. Nicole and coach Wolfgang Reiterer found a good concept for her. In final she met her Austrian team colleague and Austrian Champion Melanie Fraunschiel from Vienna. From the very beginning Nicole made everything clear and tried to convert the coaching keys. Gold went to the blue corner – Nicole Trimmel from Box Athletic Club Eisenstadt.

    “I want to say thank you to the Austrian Boxing Association for the opportunity to prove myself in this sport. I felt quite good in the ring without my kicks. We learned a lot on the weekend and step by step we will continue training! “says Nicole Trimmel. Her next fights:  Vienna intern. Box Cup on the 9th and 10th March in Vienna.
    5. March 2012
  • Sonne ist Energie

    Zweiwöchige intensive Vorbereitung auf das Boxprojekt „Million Dollar Baby".

    Während zu Hause der Schnee liegt trainiert Kickbox Weltmeisterin Nicole Trimmel unter der kanarischen Sonne um sich auf ihr neues Projekt vorzubereiten. Bei einem zweiwöchigen Trainingslager im Club La Santa auf Lanzarote wurden unterschiedliche Schwerpunkte gesetzt.

    In der ersten Woche standen spezifische Boxeinheiten gemeinsam mit dem mit angereisten Box Athletic Team Eisenstadt am Programm. Nicole absolvierte mit Thomas Staudigl und Michael Schey unter der Leitung von Wolfgang Reiterer die täglichen Boxeinheiten. „Wir haben sehr viel an der Umsetzung gearbeitet und Videoanalysen gemacht. Dadurch konnten wir sehr gute Fortschritte erzielen!" meinte Nicole Trimmel, die schon am ersten Märzwochenende in Hamburg boxt. Sobald sie aus Lanzarote zurück kehrt werden Sparringeinheiten im Boxen im Vordergrund stehen um sich für Hamburg optimal vorzubereiten.

    In der zweiten Woche standen die allgemeinen Inhalte im Vordergrund. Mit ihrer Trainingsgruppe rund um Trainingspartnerin Heidi Kindermann und Jennifer Wenth machte das Training ordentlich Spaß. „Orts- und Temperaturwechsel sind für mich immer sehr wichtig. Hier kann man sich wirklich auf das Training konzentrieren und man trifft auf sehr viele Top-Athleten aus den unterschiedlichsten Sportarten, " meint Nicole Trimmel, die durch die Trainingsplanung von Mag. Andreas Vock (BSPA) wieder in einem Top Leistungszustand ist.
    17. February 2012
  • Club La Santa I, Lanzarote

    Nicole Trimmel currently on a two weeks training camp in Lanzarote.
    After the arrival the camp immediately started with a moderate training in Club La Santa in Lanzarote. It is now already the fourth time that Nicole comes here for a training camp. This time the World Champion in kickboxing will stay here for two weeks in order to prepair for her new challenge in boxing. Therefore the Box Athletic Team Eisenstadt is also joining the camp. It's nice to train here as the tempreature is arround 20degrees plus.
    First pics from the camp can be found under media already.
    7. February 2012
  • Projekt „Million Dollar Baby"

    Kickboxweltmeisterin beschreitet neues Terrain und lüftet ein Geheimnis über ihre Zukunftspläne.

    Der Herbst 2011 war mit zwei WM Titeln ein sehr erfolgreicher Jahresabschluss für die 29ig jährige Osliperin. Der Dezember wurde dazu genutzt um sich über die Zukunftspläne im Klaren zu werden und um neue Ziele zu setzen.

    Jetzt lüftet Nicole ihr Geheimnis:
    2012 will sie ihren ersten Boxkampf bestreiten. Dem Kickboxen bleibt sie aber natürlich treu, stellt es Anfang des Jahres nur etwas in den Hintergrund um im Boxen Fuß zu fassen und um hier einen Schwerpunkt zu setzen. Im Herbst will sich die Ausnahmekönnerin dann bei der diesjährigen Kickbox Europa-meisterschaft für die SportAccord World Combat Games 2013 in St. Petersburg empfehlen. Dort sind die Gewichtsklassen jedoch limitiert und Nicole muss abspecken und eine Klasse nach unten in die bis 60kg. Auch alle Quali-Turniere werden bereits in dieser Klasse absolviert werden. Sprich die nächste Herausforderung.

    Projekt „Million Dollar Baby“
    Im Box Athletic Club Eisenstadt hat die Welt- und Europameisterin ein neues Trainingszentrum gefunden und fühlt sich im Team auch sehr wohl und gut aufgenommen. Seit Anfang des Jahres absolviert Nicole bereits dort regelmäßige Trainingseinheiten. Boxtrainer Wolfgang Reiterer, selbst ehemaliger Leistungssportler, ist somit neben Gesamtkoordinator Mag. Andreas Vock und Techniktrainer Ing. Ernst Dörr neues Mitglied im „Team Nicole Trimmel“. Junge ambitionierte Athleten fungieren als Trainingspartner. Es wird vor allem an der Umsetzung am Partner gearbeitet. Am 4. Feber geht es für ein zweiwöchiges Trainingslager nach Lanzarote. In der ersten Woche wird ein Boxschwerpunkt gesetzt, denn Wolfgang Reiterer, mit seinen Athleten Thomas Staudigl und Michael Schey sind mit von der Partie. In der zweiten Wochen liegt der Schwerpunkt auf der allgemeinen Athletik und Kondiguru Mag. Vock reist an.

    „Wir wissen was wir können und wo wir Schwächen haben. Tischtennis ist ja auch nicht gleich Tennis. Boxen und Kickboxen sind zwei unterschiedliche Sportarten. Ich begebe mich hier auf fremdes Terrain und opfere meine starken Kicks um mich im Boxen weiter zu entwickeln und ich hab auch schon einiges abbekommen im Zuge des Trainings. Aber so schnell lass ich mich nicht unterkriegen. Mein Herz schlägt dennoch für das Kickboxen, “ sagt Nicole Trimmel, die Anfang März in Hamburg zum ersten Mal im Ring NUR ihre Fäuste fliegen lässt und gleich bei einem internationalen Turnier an den Start geht. Eine Woche später steht dann gleich beim Vienna Boxcup ein Auftritt in der Heimat am Plan. Bis dahin muss sie bereits auf die 60kg runter. Auf nationaler Ebene gibt es nur eine Konkurrentin in Österreich. Schneidet Nicole bei den zwei Turnieren besser ab, ist sogar eine Teilnahme bei der Box-WM in China eine Option.
    2. February 2012
  • Olympic fire, Eisenstadt

    Nicole as torchbearer for the Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck.

    For the first time the Winter Youth Olympic Games will be held in Innsbruck from 13th till 22nd January 2012. Tirol’s capital will get “olympic† for the third time after 1964 and 1976. Shortly before the games start the Youth Olympic Torch Relay wants to draw attention to this amazing event. In Eisenstadt Nicole Trimmel was one of the torchbearer. “It’s a very special feeling when having the torch in your hand!† says the kickboxer. Nicole started her training again for the 2012 season.
    4. January 2012
  • A stroll through two World Championsh...

    Under this title the double World Champion invited to a WM party.

    A Christmas tree with special ornaments stood on the podium: 12 Austrian Championship medals in gold shone on the tree and beamed into the audience. Under the tree two special presents: 2 World Champion titles.

    At Dreamicon Valley, where dreams come true, Nicole Trimmel together with Dream Academia talked about her genius success at the last World Championships in kickboxing, about her sport, her dreams and visions. The guest listened carefully and besides visual impressions they could follow a video of the final fight in full contact. People were able to convince them of the dynamic and action of this sport and were deeply impressed. The community Oslip, with Mayor Schumich and Vice Mayor Waltzer, presented a gift as a token of appreciation for Nicole's performance.

    A successful event sponsored by: Golser Beer, Getränkehandel Stubenvoll, Coca Cola Beverages, Robitza Wine, Dream Academia and Restaurant Wirtuose.
    16. December 2011
  • 2nd day WM Full contact, Dublin

    3:0 win against Norway!
    Cathrine Fonnes (NOR) and Nicole Trimmel (AUT) made a very exciting and high quality semi-final today. Nicole Trimmel had her problems with taller norwegian in the first two rounds. But a real champ fights till the end. Nicole Trimmel focused on the infight in round three and could gain clear points.

    "Respect to Cathrine. She was a very good and strong opponent. I had my problems with her stile. But my will to win and the support of the Austrian team helped me to win this fight!" says tomorrows finalist Nicole Trimmel who will meet Russian Ksenia Mirochnisenko.
    25. November 2011
  • First fight Dublin

    Nicole Trimmel will fight her first oponent on Thursday.
    At approximately 3pm local time Nicole Trimmel will fight her first rounds at the World Championships in Fullcontact. She will meet Irish Gillian Duffy.
    23. November 2011
  • The next WM-countdown, Dublin

    WAKO World Championships in Semi and Full contact kickboxing in Dublin from 22nd till 26th November 2011.

    Less than one month ago, Nicole Trimmel has crowned her the new World Champion in Light contact kickboxing. After a short regeneration break she immediately started training again. Now it is time for the next and last highlight for this year’s season: the World Championships in full contact. “I can travel to Dublin without pressure. I have already one title. After this year’s injuries I had a fulminant comeback. In Dublin I want to have fun and make a good performance!† says a relaxed and well prepared Nicole Trimmel. Austria will have four participants in full contact – Nicole will start for the kickboxing academy in the class -65kg.
    18. November 2011
  • Lottery Gala „Night of Sports“, Vösen...

    Nicole Trimmel part of the athletes show block.
    Double world champion Elisabeth Görgl and Thomas Morgenstern are athletes of the year presented by the lottery "Gala Night of Sport" at the Austria Trend Hotel Pyramide in Vösendorf. Team of the year is the ÖSV ski jumping team.

    Athletes show

    For the first time in this year's show program active and former athletes were also involved. Trixi Schuba, Michael Hadschieff, Markus Prock, Bernhard Gruber, Roland Königshofer, Claudia Riegler, Clemens Doppler, Nicole Trimmel, Caroline Weber, Manuela Riegler, Mirna Jukic and Christoph Schmölzer rocked to songs from Tina Turner, YMCA, Spice Girls and Hubert von Goisern.
    11. November 2011
  • Night-tandem jump, Zeltweg

    In 3500 parachuted from the Hercules.
    "That was the reward for the hard-won World Champion title in Light Contact kickboxing," says Nicole Trimmel. Together with sportpool colleague Julia Dujmovits (snowboard), they were allowed to jump with the military command from the Hercules in Zeltweg. For the third time the two athletes have now been thrown together from a dizzy height. The special this time was the take-off at night! "The feeling is very intense when you jump off at night. It was a very impressive experience and we are very grateful that we could be here! " says the actual World and European champion.
    6. November 2011
  • World Champion, Skopje

    Nicole is World Champion!
    What a comeback! Nicole won the goldmedal on Saturday in Skopje. Now she is the actual World and European Champion in light contact kickboxing. In finale she made a very clear 3:0 against Russian Ksenia Miroshnichenko. Nicole showed from the very beginning whos the boss on the tatami.

    “It was a very challenging fight with an expected high tempo. I could make very clear points. Now I am more than happy with my performance under all this circumstances! “says Nicole Trimmel, who is recovering at home now.

    The other Austrian finalists lost their fights 0:3.
    30. October 2011
  • 2nd WM day, Skopje

    An infect and fever made the comeback difficult.
    Nicole Trimmel was thinking about her comeback definetly in an other way. One day before Nicole has to fight she was stroked down by an infect and fever. After medical treatment she was at least allowed to fight against Softeland from Norway. Nicole does not really find into the fight and legs behind two rounds. Only because of her two coaches who pushed her she starts to fight back in round three. In last few seconds Nicole could decide the fight with 2:1 for her. A very close decision.
    In half-final Nicole will now fight Berivan Ay from Turkey. Hopefully she gets back power and recovers.
    27. October 2011
  • The last training sessions, Oslip

    ...will be completed soon.
    The tension rise! The last training sessions with technical coach Ing. Ernst Dörr are completed - the last instructions given. Now Nicole can take a deep breath and gather strength until the World Championships in Skopje. Fitness coach Mag. Andreas Vock will join her in Macedonia.
    Current information about the course of the WM can be followed on the Facebook fanpage of Nicole Trimmel.
    21. October 2011
  • Kurz vor dem Comeback

    Doppelbelastungen sind für Nicolei Trimmel immer schon Alltag gewesen. Zeit ihrer aktiven Karriere war und ist sie immer berufstätig gewesen und betreibt ihren Sport nebenbei. Ein Spagat der nicht immer einfach ist, aber eine Herausforderung, die sie auch gerne annimmt.

    Kurz vor ihrem Comeback bei der Weltmeisterschaft im Leichtkontakt Kickboxen in Skopje, Mazedonien häuft sich nicht nur das Training sondern auch die Arbeit. Das Volksschulprojekt „URFIT - Ich mach dich fit!“, Nicole fungiert als Projektleiterin, startet am 17. Oktober in das neue Schuljahr. Also mussten neben täglichen Trainingseinheiten auch noch 41 Schulen und 52 Trainer koordiniert werden. Ganz nebenbei ist die Welt- und Europameisterin auch wieder ein Jahr älter geworden und hatte diese Woche Geburtstag. Feiern? – Dafür bleibt momentan leider wenig Zeit. Neben ihrem Job steht die WM Vorbereitung ganz im Vordergrund – da müssen Feierlichkeiten schon mal warten. „Momentan trainiere ich fast täglich in Wien um mein Techniktraining bzw Sparringeinheiten zu absolvieren. Komme erst spät abends heim und hab dicht gedrängtes Programm. Mein Tag ist genau durchgeplant, “ meint die Osliperin, die morgens meistens mit einigen Trainingstaschen das Haus verlässt. Mit ihrer momentanen physischen Verfassung ist die Sportlerin mehr als zufrieden. „Mein Knie hält allen Belastungen stand. Ein großes Lob an meine Physiotherapeutin und mein Trainerteam! Die WM kann kommen – ich bin bereit!“ meint eine selbstsichere Nicki Trimmel. Für Vereinskollege Patrick Gerdenitsch fällt die WM leider ins Wasser. Er muss sich nächste Woche einer Nasen OP unterziehen und fällt für die WM aus.

    Termine WM Skopje:
    Anreise, 23. 10. 2011
    Beginn Ausscheidungskämpfe: 26.-27.10.2011
    Finalkämpfe: 28.-29.10.2011
    15. October 2011
  • Call of the mountain, Schneeberg

    Nicki Trimmel fills up her energy for the upcoming World Championships during a tour on the Schneeberg together with trainingcolleague Heidi Kindermann.
    Currently specific trainingsessions are in the foreground. For a change Nicole spent one day on a tour on the Schneeberg. Summary of a wonderful day on the hill with beautiful weather: “Climbing is a good way to fill up energy. It’s also very exhausting but I love the nature and it’s something completely different to the other trainings.†
    2. October 2011
  • One month to go until WM, Oslip

    On the 23rd of October 2011 it’s off to Skopje.
    The clock is ticking – in one month the WAKO World Championships in kickboxing will take place in Skopje/Mazedonia. The final weeks leading up to the comeback can be made very specific. Boxing and Kickboxing is shifting more and more into the foreground. „The last few weeks will be tough. I need to test what is possible with the knee. And most importantly of course - I must have confidence in my knee! I'm not going to make myself nervous yet, if not everything works as it should. I see my injury as an opportunity! " said Nicki Trimmel, aware of the serious situation.
    From 23rd till 30th October 2011 the Austrian Squad will fight for titles in Mazedonias capital Skopje. Nicole Trimmel will participate fort her new club „kickboxing academy“ in light contact minus 65kg.
    20. September 2011
  • Die Kickboxfamilie bekommt Zuwachs

    Die „kickboxing academy“ stellt sich vor. Visionen, Ziele, neue Wege!

    Ein neu gegründeter Verein möchte sich vorstellen: Die „kickboxing academy“ mit Sitz in Eisenstadt wurde Mitte des Jahres ins Leben gerufen. Dahinter stehen keine geringeren als die mehrfachen Weltmeister im Kickboxen Nicole Trimmel, Rainer und Patrick Gerdenitsch. Die erfolgreichsten Kampfsportler des Landes haben sich zusammengeschlossen um in Zukunft einen Schwerpunkt auf das Vollkontakt Kickboxen zu setzen. Rainer Gerdenitsch, zurzeit noch beruflich in Moskau verankert, fungiert als Obmann, wobei Nicole Trimmel seine Vertretung innehat.

    Mit einem lachendem und einem weinendem Auge verlassen die drei Aushängesportler den Kickboxclub Rohrbach für den sie zahlreiche Titel erkämpft haben und einiges dazu beigetragen haben die Sportart Kickboxen Salon fähig zu machen.
    „Wir haben eine schöne Zeit gehabt und durften viele Momente gemeinsam durchleben. Aber jetzt wird es Zeit den Grundstein für etwas Neues zu legen! “ sind sich die drei Sportler einig, die aber natürlich auch in Zukunft eng mit dem KBC Rohrbach unter Obmann Christoph Braunrath und KBC Trainer Michael Gerdenitsch zusammen arbeiten.

    Patrick Gerdenitsch und Nicole Trimmel sind für die WM im Leichtkontakt Kickboxen nominiert und werden Ende Oktober in Skopje, Mazedonien antreten. Ende November wird die Osliperin Nicole Trimmel bei der Vollkontakt WM auf Titeljagd gehen. Dies könnten bereits die ersten Titel für die noch junge „kickboxing academy“ sein.

    Visionen und Pläne gibt es genug.
    Die drei Sportler möchten gerne 2012 gemeinsam in den Ring steigen und eine Darbietung ihres Könnens geben. Rainer und Patrick Gerdenitsch wollen um einen WAKO PRO Austria Titel im Vollkontakt kämpfen, wobei beim weiblichen Pendant der Truppe die WAKO PRO WM Titelverteidigung anstehen wird. Auf diesem Terrain wartet noch viel Arbeit, weiß Nicole Trimmel, die bereits 2009 gemeinsam mit KBC Obmann Braunrath für die Organisation „Der Nacht der Champions“ verantwortlich war.

    Kickboxing academy
    ZVR 412572227St. Antonistrasse 9
    7000 Eisenstadt
    Obmann: Rainer Gerdenitsch
    Obmann Stv.: Nicole Trimmel
    29. August 2011
  • Trainingcamp, Faak am See

    First trainingcamp after knee surgery at Bundessportcenter Faak am See in Carinthia.
    After her surgery Nicole is on the way back at full power. This week she spent together, with some motorsport athletes and training colleague Heidi Kindermann (triathlon) at the Faaker See. Erwin Reiterer, from Bundessportacademy, took care of the team and provided optimal training programs. The focus of course was the establishment of the right knee of manifold kickboxing world champion. In addition to numerous endurance exercises on the ergometer were increasingly set sensomotoric stimulations such as training sessions on the Slakeline. A climbing session was also part of the program where Nicole could test her power.
    31. July 2011
  • Successful workshop, egypt

    Nicole Trimmel guest at Magic Life Club Sharm el Sheikh Imperial and responsible for a kickbox workshop.

    One week guests of Magic Life Club Sharm el Sheikh Imperial had the possibility to try kickboxing under professional eyes of World- and European Champion Nicole Trimmel. During hot temperatures people kicked and boxed. “People had a lot of fun when putting on the gloves. We made very cool workouts!† says enthusiastic Nicole Trimmel.

    Besides daily workshop and training there was still enough time to have breakfast and a café talk at the Café Sissi together with the guests of Magic Life.

    Pictures of the workshop you find under media.
    12. July 2011
  • Workshops, Frauenkirchen

    Kickboxing workshops in Highschool Frauenkirchen and Eisenstadt with World Champion Nicole Trimmel.<br /><br />
    In the course of project days in the last week of school kickboxing world champion Nicole Trimmel led two workshops in kickboxing at Highschool in Frauenkirchen and Eisenstadt. Students should get an rath overview of kickboxing and an insight of the varied training of a professional athlete.
    2. July 2011
  • Small steps, Oslip

    Nicole recovers quickly from her surgery and step by step it is getting better.
    One week after the meniscus surgery Nicole is proud of her progress in therapy. The crutches will be her companion for few more days in order to relieve the knee. But there is still a long way back to the ring.
    16. June 2011
  • 139 Tage bis zum Comeback

    Meniskusoperation überstanden.
    Ende April passierte es – im Zuge der österreichischen Staatsmeisterschaften im Semi- und Leichtkontakt zog sich Nicole Trimmel einen Meniskuseinriss im rechten Knie zu.
    Gestern wurde die Kickbox Europameisterin im Krankenhaus Eisenstadt von Univ. Doz. Dr. Boszotta operiert. Leider hatte sich der Meniskus verklemmt und es musste mehr entfernt werden als angedacht. Auslöser dürfte eine vorangegangene Kreuzbandverletzung gewesen sein.
    Morgen beginnt das Training für das große Comeback. In 139 Tagen will Nicole Trimmel bei der WAKO Weltmeisterschaft im Leichtkontakt Kickboxen in Skopje, Mazedonien wieder nach Gold greifen. Ende November folgt dann in Dublin der Vollkontakt Bewerb. Das Ziel sind zwei Stockerlplätze!

    „Ich hab mit Mag. Andreas Vock und Mag. Erwin Reiterer (beide BSPA) die besten Trainer in meinem Team, die mich bis Herbst wieder fit machen werden. Gekoppelt mit einer guten Therapie werde ich stärker zurückkommen als je zuvor!“ ist sich Nicole Trimmel sicher. Die meisten Einschränkungen wird die Osliperin sicherlich Im Kickboxen hinnehmen müssen. Aufgrund der hohen Anforderung an das Kniegelenk wird es wohl noch ein wenig dauern, bis sie sich wieder in den Ring stellen darf. Aber Radfahren verlernt man ja auch nicht von heute auf morgen!
    9. June 2011
  • Day of sports, Mattersburg

    At 10am the amazing opening ceremony starts.

    The first day of sports in Burgenland opens tomorrow. Two skydivers from the armed forces will sail from the sky: in tandem with snowboarder Julia Dujmovits and kickboxing World Champion Nicole Trimmel.

    In addition to high-ranking guests like Defence Minister Norbert Darabos, Governor Hans Niessl and organizer Christian Illedits, 4.000 students will look up and track the flight of the two successful athletes. Throughout the day, sports associations and clubs do present their sports. Numerous interactive stations invite you to try.
    26. May 2011
  • Crack of the meniscus, Oslip

    Worlcup in Szeged is cancelled for Nicole.

    Unfortunately Nicole got confirmation of the first diagnose after the Austrian Championships in Krems. Her meniscus is cracked and it looks like an operation has to be done. †˜Of course I am not very happy with this injury as I wanted to start at the Worldcups in Szeged and Rimini. But my big aims are the World championships in light and full contact end of October and end of November. So I don’t want to take anymore risks and want to get it fixed as early as possible!† Nicole says.
    19. May 2011
  • Athlete of the Year 2010, Pamhagen

    Sports journalists awarded Nicole Trimmel for Athlete of the Year in 2010.
    During the night of sport in Pamhagen the secret of Burgenlands best Athletes, Coach and Team of the Year 2010 was disclosed. For the third time in her sporting career, Nicole was able to take this award handed over from ÖOC president Karl Stoss and Felix Austria executive director Bernd Berghofer. "There is always something special when receiving such a prize. You work hard all year long and then those moments are the reward for it, "says an overjoyed Sportpoolathlete. Nicole still finds motivation and fun for her training because of her coaches, her training group and lots of other persons in the background – many thanks to all of them!

    The winners in the other categories: Athlete of the Year is Bernd Wiesberger (golf), Team of the Year is the FC Southern Burgenland (soccer) and Coach of the Year is Mattersburg legend Didi Kühbauer (soccer).
    12. May 2011
  • Austrian Championships, Krems

    The Austrian Championships in semi- and lightcontact will take place in Krems this weekend.
    Nicole Trimmel wants to defend her title in both categories. Semicontact will take place on Saturday whereas lightcontact will be on Sunday.
    29. April 2011
  • Doppelter World Cup Sieg

    Triumph im Voll- und Leichtkontakt beim World Cup in Innsbruck.
    Mit einer Startmöglichkeit im Vollkontakt hätte Nicole Trimmel nicht mehr gerechnet. Gerade aus dem Auto in Innsbruck ausgestiegen kam die erfreuliche Nachricht – ein Doppelstart ist möglich da die beiden Bewerbe an unterschiedlichen Tagen ausgetragen werden.

    Voller Freude stieg die Burgenländerin kurz später gegen eine Kroatin in den Ring. Die Motivation war groß und Nicole landet am Ende der ersten Runde einen harten Kick am Körper der Kroatin und erzwingt damit eine vorzeitige Aufgabe. Am nächsten Tag trifft die Osliperin auf die alt bekannte Verena Huber aus Bayern. Ein taktisch und technisch sauberer Kampf sind das Resultat und ein klares 3:0 für die rote Ecke - Nicole Trimmel.

    Am Sonntag startete der Bewerb Leichtkontakt. Mit insgesamt 11 Teilnehmerinnen in der Klasse bis 65kg hatte sich ein starkes Starterfeld in Innsbruck eingefunden. Nicole Trimmel muss insgesamt viermal auf die Matte bevor sie ihren Titel vom letzten Jahr verteidigt hatte.

    „Ich bin mit meiner Leistung sehr zufrieden. Ich hatte starke Gegnerinnen, die mich auch gefordert haben und bin zuversichtlich für die kommenden Wettkämpfe!“ meint eine vergoldete Nicole Trimmel. Schon morgen geht es für ein paar Tage nach Schielleiten zum Training. Eine Zerrung am Bein muss bis dahin aber noch abgeklärt werden.
    18. April 2011
  • The final touch, Schielleiten

    In a multi-day training camp in National Sports Centre Schielleiten Nicole Trimmel gets the final touch for her first tournaments in April.
    After a hard preparation Nicole is looking forward to her competitions in April. "Well, it goes slowly towards competition. In April, I can test my form," says Nicki Trimmel. In mid-April the first international highlight will take place in the Olympia-hall in Innsbruck: the Austrian Classics World Cup.
    17. March 2011
  • BVZ election, Eisenstadt

    The voting starts! The BVZ (newspaper) is looking for the most popular sportsman and woman inside the individual districts. Nicole Trimmel could win this election already several times because of lots of votes from her fans. Until the 30th of March 2011 you can make your choice!
    15. March 2011
  • The new Website, Eisenstadt

    She's hot, she's cool, she is different - Welcome to the new Website of Nicole Trimmel presented by gitgo GmbH. <br /><br />
    In 2009 in the course of the WAKO PRO World title fight of Nicole gitgo GmbH Managing directors DI (FH) Hannes Schmid, Reinhard Lackner and Joe Wagner created a new look for Nicole Trimmel and redesign her logo.
    gitgo GmbH: "The new website provides the ideal setting for the  Nicole’s sports events.  New features, such as newsletters or social community area with Facebook, YouTube, Picasa makes the redesigned website a multimedia page. We are proud to support the kickboxing world champion Nicole, Burgenlands top athlete. "
    3. March 2011
  • National team training-camp, Schielle...

    First Austrian team training in 2011.
    The Austrian National Kickboxing team completed the weekend with a three day training camp in National Sports Centre Schielleiten. Besides Discipline-specific training sessions the program also included theory and mental training.
    1. March 2011
  • Sonne war die beste Medizin

    Trainingsstart für Nicki Trimmel bei glühender Hitze auf Lanzarote.

    "So stellt man sich eine Trainingswoche in Lanzarote vor!" meint eine braungebrannte Nicole Trimmel kurz nach ihrer Rückkehr aus Lanzarote. Gleich am ersten Tag im neuen Jahr brachen die Kickboxweltmeisterin, Trainingskollegin Heidi Kindermann (Triathlon), Jenny Wenth (Leichtathletik), Georg Strohl (Leichtathletik) und Konditionstrainer Mag. Andreas Vock auf Richtung Süden.
    Im Club La Santa wurde neben Olympiateilnehmern trainiert und Grundsteine für die kommende Saison gelegt. Zahlreiche Profisportler aus dem Bereich Triathlon und der Leichtathletik bereiten sich hier für ihre Wettkämpfe vor und nutzen die milden Temperaturen. Die letzen Anzeichen der Grippe waren bei diesem traumhaften Wetter schnell verflogen und wohl die beste Medizin.
    "Nach meiner Dezember Pause und den Weihnachtskeksen hab ich mich schon richtig auf das Trainingslager gefreut. Die Sonne motiviert einen natürlich noch zusätzlich. Trainingseinheiten im Freien machen total Spaß. Ich habe eine stabile Basis auf die wir weiter aufbauen werden," meint Nicki Trimmel, die noch ganz am Anfang ihrer Vorbereitung steht. Erste Wettkämpfe sind ab April im Programm. Bis dahin werden noch zahlreiche Trainingslager abgehalten.
    8. January 2011
  • First round loss at EC in Full Contac...

    Out in the first round after catching a stomach flu.

    The multiple World Champion and European Champion in Kickboxing caught a stomach flu soon after arrival in Greece. Thanks to a treatment lasting several hours this morning she was able to enter the ring, however her batteries were far from recharged yet. Visibly disappointed after loosing in round one she said: "I haven't been eating since yesterday morning, and actually it is a miracle I have been able to stand on my feet - a big thanks to the team. Eventually though the infection was to severe so I didn't have enough power to turn it into a win, and lost short at 1:2 points. That's quite a slap in the face after the title win in Baku, but these things happen. Let's just move on and not think about it too much!"
    24. November 2010
  • Ring frei

    Nicole Trimmel bei der EM im Vollkontakt als Österreichs einzige Dame am Start.

    Sie ist frisch gebackene Europameisterin im Leichtkontakt Kickboxen und hat leicht lachen. Mit einem Titel in der Tasche steigt natürlich auch das Selbstbewusstsein. Die Rede ist von Kickboxerin Nicole Trimmel vom KBC Rohrbach. Nach dem großen Erfolg in Azerbaijan folgte eine Woche Regeneration bevor es wieder mit der Wettkampfvorbereitung weiter ging.
    Nun rückt das Saisonziel näher - die EM im Vollkontakt in Griechenland, Loutraki wird vom 22. bis 28. November 2010 ausgetragen. Das österreichische Nationalteam wird in der Disziplin Vollkontakt nur mit einem vierköpfigen Team vertreten sein. Nicole Trimmel wird als einzige Dame in den Ring steigen und ihren Gegnerinnen Parole bieten.
    "Ich bin topp vorbereitet und freue mich jetzt schon richtig endlich in den Ring steigen zu dürfen. Im Ring zu kämpfen ist einfach etwas ganz anderes als auf der Matte", meint Nicole Trimmel die sich am Montag gemeinsam mit dem Nationalteam auf den Weg nach Griechenland macht.
    Weitere Informationen kommen direkt aus Griechenland.
    Mo, 22. Nov - Registrierung, Abwaage
    Mi, 23. Nov - Beginn der Ausscheidungskämpfe
    Do, 24. Nov - Abwaage, Ausscheidungskämpfe
    Fr, 25. Nov - Abwaage, Erster Teil Finalkämpfe
    Sa, 26. Nov - Abwaage, Finalkämpfe
    21. November 2010
  • Gold Medal at European Champion in Li...

    Nicole Trimmel is the WAKO European Champion in light contact kickboxing.

    After yesterday's move into the final of the European Championships in kickboxing in Baku, Azerbaijan, Nicole stepped into the competition arena at about 3pm local time. There she met here opponent Liliya Zaydullova of Russia, who took the win over Hungarian Bojana Dancsecs in yesterday's semi-final fight.
    In a contest of high level the several times World Champion from Austria played her cards right, making smart use of her experience and strength to leave the competition ring as winner: "I'm so happy that I am the new WAKO European Champion.", Nicole Trimmel said minutes after the encounter.

    The return of Burgenland's exceptional sportswoman to Austria is planned for Sunday evening.
    22. October 2010
  • Nicole Trimmel´s Fanpage on Facebook,...

    Became a fan of Nicole Trimmel on Facebook!

    World Champion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel already for some time operates a fan page on Facebook. There she tells about happenings in her daily routine, next events and also reports live from competitions, such as the European Championship in Baku, Azerbaijan. Upon becoming a fan these posts are displayed automatically at your Facebook wall, and are also available on your mobile phone.

    To become a fan of Nicole, klick here and confirm by pressing "Like".

    22. October 2010
  • European Championships, Baku

    Leaving for Azerbaijan on the 18th October.

    Shortly Austrian National team in kickboxing including Nicole Trimmel and coach Andreas Vock is going to Baku. Nicole who will start in light contact in -65kg: 'I am looking forward to the trip to Baku and even more I am looking forward to the fights! Competition will start on Wednesday - so cross fingers for Austria. We have a very strong light contact team this time!
    15. October 2010
  • Day of sports, Vienna

    Tribute at the Vienna Heldenplatz.

    On 25th September 2010, the day of the sport, attracts thousands of sports fans on the Heldenplatz. From 11 to 12am, the athlete is at the stage of the 'BSPA - Bundessportakademie' for autographs available. At 16:15 Nicole Trimmel is awarded at the main stage for her two silver medals at the World Championships in light and full contact kickboxing.
    23. September 2010
  • Training camp in Hungary, Vep

    Nicki Trimmel with Hungarian light contact squad.

    It is already the third year that Nicole Trimmel participates at the hungarian light contact summer-camp in Vep near Szombathely. Three years ago she was the only non-hungarian speaking participant. Now situation has changed and there are also other athletes from different countries. The camp is organized by the Hungarian head coach in light contact kickboxing Miklos Zrinyi.
    3. August 2010
  • WIFI Sporthilfe Forum, Loipersdorf

    Sporthilfe invited to Loipersdorf.

    Around 50 austrian top athletes met at the 10th WIFI Sporthilfe-forum in Loipersdorf. Under the motto "vision of sports" the athletes got helpfull information for their active career and the time after. Based on the achievements, Nicole Trimmel is aided by the Sporthilfe and took part at the WIFI Sporthilfe-forum.
    28. June 2010
  • Erster Worldcup Sieg im Vollkontakt

    Der KBC Rohrbach hat eine Worldcup Siegerin im Vollkontakt.

    Rimini wurde dieses Wochenende zum Kickboxmekka. Der WAKO Worldcup "bestfighter" lockte wie jedes Jahr die Creme de la Creme dieser Sportart in den Süden. Nur die "bestfighter" treffen sich hier um sich mit ihresgleichen zu messen.
    Nicole Trimmel vom KBC Rohrbach war die einzige Vollkontaktstarterin aus Österreich. Dennoch war sie nicht allein gelassen, den Konditrainer Mag. Andreas Vock war mitgereist. In der ersten Runde trifft Nicole auf die Russin Ksenia Miroshnichenko die sie mit 2:1 besiegt. Zu Beginn des Kampfes tat sich die Burgenländerin gegen ihre starke Gegnerin recht schwer und lag sogar nach der ersten Runde 2:1 im Rückstand. "Ich hatte ohne Herz gekämpft und mir geplagt. Nach Ende der ersten Runde ging es aber Berg auf und ich habe den Spieß umgedreht", meint Nicole.  Mitentscheidend hierfuer waren vor allem die konditionellen Vorteile  die sie ausspielen konnte.
    Das Finale bestreitet Nicole gegen die Norwegerin Cathrine Fonnes, mit der sie bei der WM in Lignano schon zu kämpfen hatte. Dieses Mal siegt Nicki Trimmel jedoch souverän und der Kampf wird zur eindrucksvollen Machtdemostration bei der die Norwegerin eine bittere 3:0 Niederlage einstecken muss. "Ich war locker und es hat heute einfach wieder richtig Spaß gemacht. Sie musste einige Kicks einstecken und hat sich tapfer geschlagen!" resümiert die frischgebackene Worldcup Siegerin in der Kategorie Damen Vollkontakt -65kg.
    Jetzt gönnt sich die Osliper eine Regenerationswoche bevor sie Ende Juni gemeinsam mit ihren Kollegen vom KBC Rohrbach bei der österreichischen Staatsmeisterschaft im Vollkontakt in Wien antritt.
    6. June 2010
  • Sportmagazin, Wien

    Nicole can be found in the latest issue of the Sportsmagazin.

    Sportsmagazin met “Burgenlands Ninja† for an interview. The result you can find in the latest issue of the magazine. Check one for you!
    23. May 2010
  • 10th Austrian Champion title, Deutsch...

    Titel no 9 and no 10 for Nicole Trimmel!

    Nicole Trimmel wins two title at the Austrian Champion Ships in tatami sports (semi- and light contact kickboxing) in Deutschlandsberg. Now the WAKO PRO World Champion is celebrating her 10th Austrian title in her weight category.
    3. May 2010
  • BVZ Sportselection 2009, Trausdorf

    BVZ readers elected their most favourite athletes.

    The BVZ hosted their premier for the most favourite sportsman and sportswoman at the winery Esterhazy in Trausdorf already for the second time. For weeks readers have been filling out ballot papers for their favourite athlete. Nicole Trimmel won the voting in the district Mattersburg. For her it is already the fourth award in this category.
    30. April 2010
  • Erster Worldcup Sieg

    Nicole Trimmel feiert einen souveränen Worldcupsieg im Leichtkontakt bis 65kg. Dancsecs (HUN) leider nicht am Start.

    Die KBC Rohrbach Fighterin Nicole Trimmel hatte sich für dieses Wochenende grosses vorgenommen. Dem geplanten Start im Voll- und Leichtkontakt musste sie leider streichen. Aufgrund einer internationalen Verbandsrichtlinie im Worldcup-Reglement war ein Start im Ring und auf der Matte nicht gleichzeitig möglich. Somit entschied sich Nicole Trimmel für die besser besetzte Leichtkontaktkategorie (-65kg) wo 13 Starter gemeldet waren.
    Die WAKO PRO Weltmeisterin war in bestechender Form und lieferte eine Top Leistung. In vier Kämpfen besiegte sie alle ihre Gegnerinnen mit 3:0 Richterstimmen und einem ordentlichen Punktevorsprung. „Es waren alles hervorragende Gegnerinnen und alle waren sie total unterschiedliche Typen. Ich konnte mich perfekt anpassen und habe immer so gekämpft wie es meine Gegner erfordert haben, “ zeigt sich Nicki Trimmel zufrieden.
    In der ersten Runde trifft sie auf die Ungarin Timea Tombacz. Dann auf die wesentlich groessere Deutsche Steffi Kemper. Gegen Irena Kobosilova (CZE)  stand die Burgenländerin bereits bei der WM in Belgrad auf der Matte. Im Finale trifft sie auf die Deutsche Verena Huber, die sie auch schon beim German Open zwei Wochen zuvor besiegt hat. Bojana Dancsecs aus Ungarn war zwar für die Gewichtsklasse vorregistriert, erschien jedoch nicht zum Turnier.

    1. Timea Tombacz (HUN) Sieg mit 3:0
    2. Kermper Steffi (D)  Sieg mit 3:0
    3. Irena Kobosilova (CZE) Sieg mit 3:0
    4. Verena Huber (D)  Sieg mit 3:0
    18. April 2010
  • Lanzarote part II, Lanzarote

    Second training camp abroad for this year.

    Sun instead of snow and cold weather - for the second time of the year, Nicole Trimmel spends one week for training in Lanzarote. Trainer Mag. Andreas Vock (Austrian Sport Academy) and training colleague Heidi Kindermann (triathlon) joined her. The camp was financed by the institution “team red white red†, where the World Champion in kickboxing is also supported besides lots of other athletes
    9. March 2010
  • Training camp, Lanzarote

    Training under canarian sun.

    Kickbox champ Nicole Trimmel started successfully into the new season with a training camp in Lanzarote. Together with her training group, coach Mag. Andreas Vock and physiotherapist Lisa Riegler she found perfect trainingconditions in Club La Santa. “We had a great time and everybody pushed each other to get better!† Nicole Trimmel sum up.
    14. January 2010
  • Winter vacation, America

    Vacation in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

    After a long and successful season Nicole Trimmel took vacations and escaped from the cold snape in Austria. Destination: Los Angeles/USA. From there she continued to San Francisco and Las Vegas. In Las Vegas she met the two ÖSV-snowboarders Julia Dujmovits and Marion Kreiner. Together they started a spontaneous adventure: skydiving from 4000meters.
    In the meantime Nicole arrived at home and finds back to the training routine.
    29. December 2009
  • Norway, Oslo

    Trainingcamp at Olympiatoppen in Oslo.

    In order to prepare for the World Championships in fullcontact kickboxing, Astrid Öttl (Vienna) and Nicole Trimmel went to train in Oslo. They trained together with the Norwegian full contact squad at the Olympia-toppen in Oslo. Focus of this training camp was sparring. Norway has a very strong female fullcontact team. Five of eight nationalteammembers are women.
    16. November 2009
  • WM Silver, Villach

    Three seconds were missing for gold.

    Nicole Trimmel wins the silver medal at the World Championships in light contact kickboxing in Villach. She lost the final against Hungarian Bojana Dancsecs with 1:2. “I never lost a fight so unlucky†, explains Nicki Trimmel: "Three seconds before the end of the fight I was watching on the scoring table and in this moment my opponent attacked and made the lucky punch.† At the first two rounds Nicole was behind but with tactical discipline she could change the result and fought back. With profit: in the third round Nicole leaded with 2:1 until the annoying concentration mistake happened.
    26. October 2009
  • Kickbox WM starts, Villach

    On the 22nd of October the WM will start.

    More than 600 athletes from 60 nations arrived in Villach to fight for the World Champions titles in low-kick, K1-style and in lightcontact kickboxing. Under the title-candidates is also WAKO PRO World Champion Nicole Trimmel. Currently she suffers from a cold. "Naturally not a good moment for a flu. But there is no risk for not participating at the WM †, says Nicole Trimmel, who prepared for tomorrows elimination fights in her last training today. The drawings will be published this evening.
    21. October 2009
  • Fotoshooting gitgo GmbH, Eisenstadt

    Nicole Trimmel at fotoshooting shortly before World Championships in Villach.

    A short overview from the shooting can be found under rubric media.
    16. October 2009
  • Theodor Kery foundation, Lockenhaus

    Award for Nicole Trimmel.

    Even besides the ring World Champion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel got a good charakter. For her excellent achievemts in amateur- and PROsection she was awarded from the Theodor Kery foundation in the categorie sports.
    22. September 2009
  • The training alliance, Schielleiten

    What has Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu in common?

    Nicole Trimmel, World Champion in kickboxing, and Matthias Gastgeb, European Champion in Jiu Jitsu train together. Although both athletes come from different martial arts sports they have something in common: both represent the province Burgenland and the most important thing, both have the same fitness coach namely Mag. Andreas Vock. 'I am very glad that Andreas is looking after my training. He is an expert and the support I get from him is really excellent. As Andreas is also looking after Matthias we often train together. It is always better to train in a team than being alone', Nicole Trimmel knows. The two athletes just finished a training camp together with their coach Andreas in the sport center of Schielleiten.
    1. September 2009
  • Tribute through commune, Oslip

    Oslip honoured her most popular sportswomen.

    Nicole Trimmel achieved already a lot. Her last World title fight at the Tennishall in Oslip on the 23rd of May is still well known. At the same place where Nicole Trimmel fought for the WAKO World title she now took over a cheque from the commune Oslip as a backup for her sport and her achievements. Mayor Johann Schumich and Vice-mayor Paul Walzer were very proud of there sport-example and handed the cheque over via the local sports festival.
    18. August 2009
  • Training camp in Hungary, Vép

    Nicole Trimmel joined Hungarian international training camp.

    As last year Nicole Trimmel took part at the camp in Vép/Hungary near the Austrian border. Hungarian national-team coach Miklos Zrinyi again made a very good job and was organising three daily training sessions. About 50 athletes, mostly members of the Hungarian national team, participated at the camp.
    3. August 2009
  • Austrian Championships, Velden

    Gold in light and full contact kickboxing.

    Nicole Trimmel wins two titels at Austrian Champion-ships in Velden. She is the old and new Austrian Champion in light and full contact kickboxing.
    28. June 2009
  • WAKO PRO World Champion, Oslip

    Nicole Trimmel brings the WAKO PRO World Champion title to Austria.

    Saturday evening the Night of the Champions presented by AUT media took place in the Tennishalle Oslip. Local Nicole Trimmel competed in front of approximately 1000 visitors against the current WAKO PRO World Champion in Kickboxing and leader of WAKO PRO rankings Carla Sofia Pimenta Marques Silva in discipline full contact.
    Encouraged by the crowd of spectators both fighters spared no effort to claim the title in winning the fight - what followed was a spectacular performance over the full distance of the ten rounds: Carla Silva dominated rounds four and five, Nicole Trimmel on the other hand had advantages in most of the other rounds. She eventually won over Portuguese Carla Silva on points with 2:1, and thus is the first ever Austrian WAKO PRO World Champion in Kickboxing.
    The crowd was happy, there were standing ovations for both fighters. Carla Silva, though defeated, congratulated and was happy with the new champion - she was welcomed with applause at the After-Fight Party. More information here: Burgenland Heute.

    "I am of course very happy to bring the title to Austria. It's crazy, I haven't yet realised what I have achieved tonight. Many, many thanks to the crowd for the support, and also a very warm 'muito obrigado' to Carla Silva and her team - she was a very difficult, but fair opponent. We both really went to the last drop.", said Nicole Trimmel.

    In the fight for the WAKO PRO Austria-title Styrian Rupert Gritsch won over Patrick Gerdenitsch on points.

    Nicole Trimmel and her team would like to say thank you to all guests, friends, partners and sponsors who made this event possible.
    23. May 2009
  • Press conference, Oslip

    Governor Hans Niessl in boxing gloves.

    Media was invited by Kickboxclub Rohrbach to the newly opened Café Weinreich. Nicole Trimmel will fight for the WAKO Pro World title at the Night of Champions presented by AUTMEDIA. “Nicole Trimmel has the historical chance to perpetuate herself in Austrian sport history†, says governor Hans Niessl for whom Nicole and Patrick are also important symbols for success. “That the fight takes place in my hometown Oslip is something very special to me. With this event I also want to says thankyou to Oslip, as I always got support from the very beginning† says Nicole Trimmel, who now also got a strong partner for the future: Hannes Schmidt, owner of the advertiser AUTMEDIA, explained why he supports this event and Nicole Trimmel: †˜We want to support only the best and want to set up a long term partnership. We have put Nicole Trimmel into a new light and have also created a new logo for her†.
    Further press information and fotos free of charge you will find here: MPW-1060.
    16. May 2009
  • Kickbox-fever in red gold, Oslip

    World title fight of Nicole Trimmel in Burgenland.

    In exactly one month, on the 23rd Mai 2009, a World Title fight in kickboxing will take place in Burgenland. It is the first time that a World Title fight will be carried out in Burgenland. Nicole Trimmel challenges the leader of the world ranking, Carla Silvia from Portugal, to a spectacular fight and wants to bring the title home to Burgenland. AUTMEDIA presents the “night of champions† where hard but faire fights will be held. Team colleague Patrick Gerdentisch will fight an Austrian WAKO PRO title. Naturally the two athletes expect loud support from their fans and spectators. Further information and press releases you will find under MPW-1060.
    24. April 2009
  • Born to Fight 2, Vienna

    Kickbox event in Vienna. Nicole Trimmel will fight in full contact.

    On the weekend it will get hot again not only because of the current hot temperatures in Austria. On Sunday a kickbox event will take place in the Maxx-sportcenter in Vienna Floridsdorf. Nicole Trimmel will also get in the ring again. In the national team dress she will fight against a Croatian woman.
    17. April 2009
  • World Champions among each other, Roh...

    Training camp in Rohrbach with Hungarian Top-fighters.

    Last weekend Nicole Trimmel send for Hungarian national team-coach Miklos Zrinyi. The very successful coach from the neighbour country came together with his top athletes Monika Molnar and Reka Minda, both World and European Champions in light contact kickboxing. With this camp Nicole Trimmel made her fine tuning for the coming saison.
    17. March 2009
  • Squad training, Rohrbach

    On the weekend a squad training was held in Rohrbach.

    National team coach Bernhard Sussitz visited Kickbox-club Rohrbach. The several trainings focused on kick-boxing technics and specific condition. On Saturday Nicole Trimmel was part of the sport-comission conf-erence of the Austrian Kickboxing Federation where she helped to find new aid concepts for national team members.
    21. February 2009
  • Congratulations, Eisenstadt

    Head of state congratulates.

    Governer and sport adviser Hans Niessl expressed his personal congratulations to Nicole Trimmel, the winner of the silver medal at European Championships. Also Oslips mayor Johann Schumich handed flours on to Nicole Trimmel and was very proud of her achievements.
    3. December 2008
  • On the way to final, Guimaraes

    Nicole Trimmel wins semi final.

    In semi final Nicole Trimmel fought Hungarian Bojana Dancsecs today. At their last meeting the Manifold World Champion had no chance against Bojana. This time Nicole Trimmel worked out a better concept together with team-coach Michael Gerdenitsch. Nicole Trimmel won with 3:0 and was dominating the fight from the very beginning.
    Tomorrow at around 5.30pm Nicole Trimmel will fight Slovenian Sabina Sehic for the European Champion title in light contact kickboxing.
    28. November 2008
  • Delayed arrival to EM, Palma

    Nicole Trimmel and Co stopped for one day in Palma de Mallorca.

    It was the shortest flight ever – after nine minutes the aeroplane had to return to Vienna airport due to a technical problem. When arriving to Palma de Mallorca the connection flight was gone and the Austrian National Team in Kickboxing had to stay overnight and could only continue the next day.
    After an exhausted journey Nicole Trimmel and the rest of the team have arrived to final destination - Guimaraes. Today the opening ceremony will take place in the evening.
    26. November 2008
  • Slingtraining Seminar, Vienna

    Nicole Trimmel attended the first slingtraining seminar in Austria.

    Sling training is a coordination training based on perception with the goal to train the local stabilizers of the joint and segment system. Under the supervision of Mag. Erwin Reiterer and Georg Höchsmann also other training equipment was presented and tested.
    12. November 2008
  • Report from the European Championship...

    Day off for Nicole Trimmel at the European Championships.

    The four times World Champion in Kickboxing hasn’t climbed the ring yet as yesterday’s drawing resulted in a day off for Nicole Trimmel. Only tomorrow around 11am she will stand her first fight against Julia Irmen of Germany. “My opponent is well known to me. I have lost already once against her, however that doesn’t disturb me. I know my strengths and I am well prepared.† said Nicole Trimmel.
    Austria’s national team saw a black opening day with all five male fighters losing their very first fight of the tournament and thus retiring early.
    22. October 2008
  • World Championships for Juniors and C...

    Nicole Trimmel as coach of the kickboxing national team in Italy.

    The World Champion in Kickboxing had her first as coach of the kickboxing national team. Together with six colleagues she coordinated the twenty-six athletes. Austria’s medal table: four times gold, three times silver, and two times bronze.
    “It was a very interesting task. As experienced fighter you simply know what’s important when going into the ring. In Napels I really would have loved to step into the ring myself.†, said Nicole Trimmel. In a few weeks already she is going to compete again at the European Championships in Varna, Bulgaria.
    28. September 2008
  • Children’s kickboxing camp, Rohrbach

    Nicole Trimmel coached the kickboxing kids.

    The annual five days training camp in kickboxing for children took place last week at KBC Rohrbach. World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel participated as guest of honour: she taught the young talents in punching techniques and coordination.
    23. August 2008
  • Training class with the Croatian CroS...

    Collective training class with CroSki Team, Mörbischer wrestlers and Nicole Trimmel.

    Being part of the team of the media centre at the Euro 2008TM was a very interesting task for the World Champion in Kickboxing - a view behind the scenes at an international mega-event. Since than Nicole Trimmel cannot get away of Croatia and had a training class together with the Croatian CroSki Team.
    The CroSki Team currently resides in Burgenland: Natko Zrncic-Dim, Ivan Ratkic, Tin Siroko and downhill coach Walter Hubmann undergo a one-week training camp at the Bergmüller Kompetenzzenrum. Besides numerous training sessions other sports were on the agenda - Mark Bock from SV Mörbisch presented his wrestling skills whereas the four times World Champion in Kickboxing showed standard techniques of kickboxing to the Croatian ski athletes. "For top sportsman it is important to bring in variation in the training routine and set new impulses. I would have also loved to teach a training lesson to the Croatian soccer national team, but maybe this opportunity arises in the future!" smiles Nicole Trimmel.
    2. July 2008
  • Silver at the WAKO Worldcup, Salsomag...

    Silver medal in light contact for Nicole Trimmel.

    In Austria and Switzerland the Euro 2008 opened this weekend – Nicole Trimmel went to Italy though to compete at the WAKO Worldcup in Salsomaggiore. The World Champion in Kickboxing attended in category light contact female, weight class -65kg.
    Nicole eliminated Paulina Frankowska (POL), Julia Proskurina (UKR) and Elena Bongiovanni (ITA) before taking defeat in the final against Hungarian Bojana Dancsecs. “I’m happy with my performance. Sure I would have liked to win, but this time it wasn’t my turn.“, said Nicole Trimmel.

    The next fight of the World Champion is scheduled for July 6 at the Austrian Championships in full contact kickboxing in Klagenfurt.
    10. June 2008
  • Austrian Champion in Full contact, Ho...

    Nicole Trimmel is Austrian Champion in full contact kickboxing.

    The World Champion in kickboxing and newly crowned WAKO Pro Austria Champion competed last week at the Austrian Championships in full contact kickboxing in Hopfgarten, Tirol. In weight category -65kg she scores her second Austrian Champion title in a row. In the final she wins on points against Isabelle Hannl from Steyr.

    There’s not much time for a break, though - already on the weekend Nicole will start at the WAKO World Cup in Szeged, Hungary. “The strongest opponents in full contact are from the East - Szeged is therefore a perfect training ground for preparation of the Austrian Championships in full contact in July.“, said Nicole Trimmel.
    17. May 2008
  • Countdown to the WAKO Pro Gala, Oslip

    Five more days to go until the WAKO Pro Kickbox Gala in Hartberg.

    On May 10, 2008 Nicole Trimmel will contest in her first professional kickboxing fight at the WAKO Pro Kickbox Gala in Hartberg. Andrea Murkovic, the opponent of Nicole Trimmel, cancelled for reasons of illness – her substitute comes from Upper Austria: Tanja Rafetseder is going to compete in full contact with low kick against the World Champion in Kickboxing. “I do not know my opponent, have never contested against her. At a tournament or the World Championships I do not know my opponent either, so it is a normal situation for me. I feel well prepared for the fight.† said Nicole Trimmel.
    The WAKO Pro Kickbox Gala in Hartberg is a first for Austria: it comes with a VIP-area hosting full catering at tables close to the boxing ring, as known from professional boxing events.
    With an eye on the environment Nicole Trimmel organized a coach for her fans providing transport to and from the event.
    5. May 2008
  • Night of Sports, Pamhagen

    Nicole Trimmel at the Night of Sports.

    Burgenland’s Sportsman of the Year were awarded at the Night of Sports in Pamhagen. In the fabulous VilaVita Julia Dujmovits and Georg Tischler took over the precious title for their achievments in the past year. Coach of the Year is Paul Gludovatz; team of the year is SV Mattersburg (both: soccer).

    Nicole Trimmel took the title Burgenland’s Sportswoman of the Year already twice, in 2004 and 2005 respectively.
    15. April 2008
  • Austrian Championships, Gratwein

    Nicole Trimmel at the Austrian Championships in light-contact kickboxing.

    The four-times World Champion will fight for the Austrian Champion this weekend. Also participating are her colleagues from ASVÖ KBC Rohrbach. Already since three years has she been defending the title in the weight-category –65kg.

    This tournament is another preparation for the WAKO Pro fight on May 10 in Hartberg.
    10. April 2008
  • Top 8 positioning at Irish Open, Dublin

    Nicole Trimmel ranks Top 8 at the Irish Open in Dublin.

    The Irish Open attracted some 2.400 attendants this year. Nicole Trimmel managed to fight her way into the round of the last eight in her weight class, consisting of a total of 25 fighters. There she lost on points 2:1 against Danish Johanna Striim. “I’m happy with the result. I’m still able to compete well, and that’s exactly what I wanted to know from this preparation tournament!† said a smiling Nicole Trimmel, who very much enjoyed the stay in Ireland.
    2. March 2008
  • Successfully passed coaching exam, Sc...

    Nicole Trimmel is the first female licensed coach for kickboxing in Austria.

    Besides the efforts in training, tournaments and job, in the past years Nicole Trimmel also focused on edu-cation. Being only 25 years old, she not only holds four titles as World Champion in Kickboxing, but also be-came Austria’s first female licensed coach for kick-boxing.
    The education started already two years ago. Now, eleven of the participants in the course were allowed to take the committee examination in the Bundessport-zentrum Schielleiten. Nicole passed with distinction.
    “Knowledge is not only a skill of a good coach, but also of a good sportsman. In the first place I started this education to learn more about my own training and to understand it better. It was a balancing act doing this course besides job, training and competition. As I am still in the middle of my kickboxing career I do not have much time left for coaching other people. I want to do this in future. For the time being I use the knowledge to implement my own training with more success.† said Nicole Trimmel.
    4. February 2008
  • Tribute through municipality Oslip, O...

    Nicole Trimmel was honoured for her achievements in kickboxing sports.

    Mayor Johann Schumich can be proud of his most sportive parishioner. In 2007 Nicole Trimmel won two Vice-World Champion titles. Therefore the municipality Oslip honoured its exceptional sportswoman and gave her a donation in order to assist her new projects and aims.
    27. December 2007
  • Nicole entered final, Coimbra

    Nicole Trimmel made it to the final in Coimbra.

    After a victory on points against German Nadja Fritsche yesterday, the World Champion in Kickboxing today competed twice. In a close nit Nicole won the second round fight against Finish Anne Katas. In the semi-final Canadian Holly Deacon kept Nicole at arm’s length for quite q while, however lost clear on points.

    The final takes place tomorrow around 3pm. Opponent is Katarzyna Furmaniak of Poland.

    Only medal so far for Austria was achieved by Bianca Amann, -60kg (bronze). Colleagues Patrick and Michael Gerdenitsch retired already in the first rounds of the tournament.
    30. November 2007
  • Night of the Sports 2007, Vösendorf

    Nicole Trimmel at the Night of Sports 2007.

    The Österreichische Sporthilfe organised the Night of Sports 2007 on October 24, 2007. Highlight of the event was the tribute to the Sportsman of the Year of the Republic Austria. Present were many well-known people from politics, economy and society. Amongst this year’s winners were Thomas Vanek, Niki Hosp and Austria’s Under-20 Soccer National Team.

    The World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel en-joyed the event. She used the opportunity to be all smiles along with Claudia Heill (judoka) and Mirna Jukic (swimming).
    24. October 2007
  • Preliminary result from World Champ-i...

    Nicole Trimmel in the final at the World Championships in Kickboxing.

    Having scored a victory on points against Czech Irena Kobosilov, Nicole will compete in the final tomorrow against Slovenian Sabina Sehic - should she score a win, it would be her fifth World Champion-title.

    Nicole Trimmel is the only one of the 19 Austrian part-icipators still contending. The only bronze medal for the Austrian team was marked by Juso Prosic from Tirol today.
    Patrick Gerdenitsch of KBC Rohrbach had to take de-feat already in round one with a score of 2:1.

    At the World Championships in Kickboxing in Belgrade 53 nations or about 700 sportsman participate - out of which 15 start in Nicole’s weight class.
    29. September 2007
  • Countdown to World Championships, Vienna

    The World Championships in light contact kickboxing are approaching.

    The Austrian kickboxing national team will start its jour-ney to the World Championships in light contact kick-boxing in Belgrade, Serbia, in about 14 days. Infor-mation about the event can be retrieved here.

    Nicole Trimmel has been prepared well for the tourna-ment by coach Joachim Huber. In the remaining two weeks before the event she will continue with her sparring to optimally apply the techniques learned. Nicole Trimmel is satisfied about the preparation: “I’m happy with the training. The co-operation with the Bergmüller Kompetenzzentrum ensures optimal preparation for the event, on which I’m already looking for. Expectations are big, naturally.“

    Colleague Patrick Gerdenitsch, chairman Christoph Braunrath and coach Joachim Huber will also be in Belgrad.
    10. September 2007
  • Beach volleyball tournament, Oslip

    Nicole Trimmel at the opening of the new beach volley-ball court in Oslip.

    The municipality Oslip has erected a beach volleyball court with a focus on teenagers being keen on sports. On the weekend the opening happened with a beach volleyball tournament.
    Manifold World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel and coach Joachim Huber participated as team 'Die Kickboxer'. They went for 5th place at first go. "It was fun to compete twosome against teams with three or more players. Most important is that we could position the sport into the foreground and animate lots of children and youth to take part in the tournament", said Nicole Trimmel.
    19. August 2007
  • Kids training-camp, Rohrbach

    The KBC-Rohrbach hosts its yearly kids training-camp in kickboxing.

    Colleague and World Champion in Kickboxing Michael Gerdenitsch organised the traditional kids training-camp in Rohrbach. The young kickboxers have been coached in a professional way by Michael Gerdenitsch during the last five days. Referents from different martial art sports were invited in order to offer a wide range and variety to the kids.
    Nicole Trimmel was also there to hold one unit, and used it to teach coordination and exercises to streng-then the torso. “The kids are fantastic. In the last year they made a big jump forward. Plaudit to Michael, who is putting a lot of effort into the kids.† said Nicole Trimmel.
    26. July 2007
  • Visit of the opera Nabucco, St. Marga...

    Nicole Trimmel visited Verdi’s opera Nabucco in Stein-bruch St. Margarethen.

    Abundant and monumental one could describe the opera Nabucco. Director Wolfgang Werner welcomed the guests under the world’s most beautiful ceiling fresco - a starlit sky. The weather played along, though one had to use warm clothing. The four-time World Champion in Kickboxing eminently liked the prisoners’ chorus, who was put in scene at damped light condit-ions.
    10. July 2007
  • Advanced training class on kickboxing...

    Kickbox-pro Nicole Trimmel resumes training after following a one-week education class.

    Nicole followed an advanced training class in Styria, where she collected the latest information about sports science. At applied methodical exercises kickboxing techniques were exemplified and monitored by the lecturer. In addition, the correct application of training equipment was trained - last but not least to ensure the quality of education for the offspring.
    The gained knowledge helps the four-time World Champion in Kickboxing to work on the improvement of her kickboxing techniques. Nicole's training mean-while started again, and has been adapted according to the learnings from the education session. Besides, at the Bergmüller Kompetenzzentrum a so called †˜training adjustment’ for relocation of the optimal training zone was recently conducted.
    25. June 2007
  • Twice-scored gold at Austrian Cham-pi...

    Nicole Trimmel scored gold twice in front of her home audience.

    The Austrian Championships in full contact and low-kick kickboxing were a massive success for ASVÖ Kickboxclub Rohrbach: the four-time World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel marked victory in disci-plines full contact and low-kick respectively. Her colle-agues Michael, Rainer and Patrick Gerdenitsch all hit for gold in full contact.

    Already in the afternoon Nicole contested in low-kick, where she took hold of the first gold medal. Triumph in preliminary round in full contact set the course for the final later in the evening.
    The evening event started at 7pm playing the national anthem and introducing the fighters. A lot of visitors came to support locals Nicole Trimmel, Rainer, Patrick and Michael Gerdenitsch.
    After a performance of offspring fighters, two prelimin-ary round fights took place. Then it was time to set the stage for four-time World Champion Nicole Trimmel, who defeated her opponent Sandra Binz (PSV Villach) with 3:0 points. Her colleagues Michael, Rainer and Patrick Gerdenitsch followed with their fights respec-tively.
    “The atmosphere in the competition hall was great. The visitors have been hanging on the edge of their seats. It was very much motivating. Even at the after-fight party in Rohrbach we were still celebrated.†, said Nicole Trimmel.
    2. June 2007
  • Kickboxing event in Burgenland, Matte...

    The preparations are under way for the kickboxing event in Mattersburg.

    The ASVÖ KBC Rohrbach will host this year’s Austrian Championship in full contact kickboxing in the sports hall of primary school Mattersburg. On June 2 all lights will be put on the disciplines full contact, low-kick and K1 style.
    The domestic kickboxing heroes Nicole Trimmel, Rainer, Patrick and Michael Gerdenitsch are already looking forward to fight in front of friends, fans and family.
    25. May 2007
  • Cooperation with Heinrich Bergmüller,...

    Heinrich Bergmüller and Nicole Trimmel work together.

    The name Heinrich Bergmüller is closely connected to the achievements of Austrian ski super-star Herman Maier. Heinrich Bergmüller, for long, acted as fitness coach of the Herminator.

    At the beginning of the year the Bergmüller Kompet-enzzentrum für Fitness & Gesundheit opened its doors in the Therme Stegersbach. Since March Nicole Trimmel is being looked after by Heinrich Bergmüller personally. The four-time World Champion in kick-boxing now enjoys new possibilities in training. After checking the actual physical status of the athlete, work on a training program adapted for kickboxing started. Further field tests will follow soon.
    First improvements after a two months training period could already be monitored when Nicole ran for Austrian champion in semi contact kickboxing at the Austrian Championships in Villach.

    Nicole Trimmel is highly motivated and enjoys training according to the Bergmüller principle. “I think this co-operation is a benefit for both parties. The Bergmüller Kompetenzzentrum allows me to train as Herman Maier does. That alone is of course a huge motivation. It’s fun, which is of utter-most importance†, says Nicole Trimmel.
    16. May 2007
  • New outfits for Sportpool Burgenland,...

    The Sportpool Burgenland dresses its athletes with new outfits. Sportpool Burgenland aids athletes from Burgenland in competing at top level, both nationally and inter-nationally. Nicole Trimmel joined the organisation in 2003 and has ever since received continuous support in execution of her sports activities.
    For the second time now the Sportpool Burgenland hosted a workshop about interesting topics in sports in Steinbrunn. Members of the organisation were handed over a complete set of training outfit at the end of the event.
    8. May 2007
  • Closure of special edition postage st...

    Oslip’s mayor Johann Schumich this week handed over the returns of the special edition postage stamp activity.

    The fundraising project for Nicole Trimmel in co-operation with the ASVÖ Kickboxclub Rohrbach and the municipality Oslip is closed. The special edition postage stamp with a picture of the four-time World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel in an edition of 1000 pieces was sold at the offices of municipality Oslip.
    Initiator of the project was chairman of KBC Rohrbach Christoph Braunrath. In co-operation with mayor Johann Schumich they surprised Nicole Trimmel with the initiative beginning of the year.
    The return will be used for training and competitions.
    4. May 2007
  • Semi contact Austrian Championship, V...

    Nicole Trimmel is going to compete at the Austrian Championship semi contact this weekend in Villach.

    Initially the four-time World Champion in Kickboxing planned a start at a tournament in Sheffield, UK. As a result of a deferral of this contest, both competitions now take place the same weekend. The event in Villach being relevant for qualification into the national team, Nicole consequently competes there.

    Nicole commented on the tournament: “Semi contact is not my main focus. I concentrate on light- and full contact. Nevertheless will I do my best to be on the podium finally.†
    26. April 2007
  • Pre-information German Open, Berlin

    Germany’s capitol is the venue of this year’s International German Open.

    On April 14, 2007 the competition will start in the sports-hall of Berlin Schöneberg. Nicole Trimmel's last start at the German Open is already two years ago, then in Lünen, Dortmund. There the four-time World Champion achieved second place in light contact and third place in semi contact.
    The German Open is a qualification tournament for the German national team, and consequently also a quali-fication for the World Championships. Therefore, most German fighters are expected to take part. Also lots of international fighters will arrive in Berlin. “I have a very positive memory of the last German Open in Lünen. The weight classes were fully filled with fighters, and the organisation of the tournament, in particular the time schedule, was perfect†, says Nicole Trimmel.

    Nicole Trimmel and colleague Patrick Gerdenitsch are looking forward to exciting fights.
    11. April 2007
  • BVZ Night of soccer, Eisenstadt

    Nicole Trimmel was honoured as most favourite sportswoman of the year 2006 in district Eisenstadt at the BVZ night of soccer.

    The Burgenländische Volkszeitung (BVZ) presented the BVZ night of soccer in Eisenstadt. Everybody of distinction in Burgenland’s soccer sport was invited to this event. Highlight of the evening was the nomination for Burgenland’s soccer player of the year. This award was given to Christian Fuchs of SV Mattersburg. After a very fascinating performance of Austria’s Dancingstars Heinz and Kelly and some other show acts the most favourite sportsman and sportswoman of the different districts were honoured. Nicole Trimmel came off as winner of this year’s BVZ election already for the second time. Further details of the election can be found at the respective news entry of March 14.
    29. March 2007
  • Results from Austrian Classics, Kufstein

    Nicole Trimmel reached the third place in discipline light contact, class -65kg.

    The international Austrian Classics again was an amazing tournament and took place in the Arena Kufstein. This year 832 competitors from 16 countries took part. In the team competition 27 teams registered.

    On Friday the Team Rohrbach with Nicole Trimmel, Michael Gerdenitsch (both: KBC Rohrbach), Günther Weninger (Octagon Wien) and Christian Welker (Germany) participated in the team-event. Originally Bernhard Sussitz from KC Klagenfurt was planned as the third man, but could not compete because of an injury occurred in training. In the first round Team Rohrbach met Team Zoltan Dancsos from Hungary and won with 6:0 points. Next they competed against Team WKA Italia and won the battle with 28:6 points. Now Rohrbach had to beat Team Switzerland, but failed to do so with a difference of only four points at the end (19:15).

    On Saturday the tournament started with all men’s classes. Club-colleague Michael Gerdenitsch was very successful and gained the first place in light contact and third place in semi contact. Youngster Szerdar Tekeli lost the first round.

    Nicole Trimmel participated in the discipline semi contact, class -65kg. In the first round she competed against Krystyna Syztenchech from Poland. After the end of the second round it came to a tie between the four-times World Champion and the Polish lady. During a one minute extension Nicole Trimmel won the battle with 15:13 points. However, with 6:0 points Nicole Trimmel lost the next round against Barbara Szendrei from Hungary.

    In discipline light contact Nicole made it to the semifinal, which she lost against Bianca Amann from Austria.

    A report from the experiences of the Austrian Classics is also available on Go for Gold. The next tournament is planned for middle of April.
    20. March 2007
  • Austrian Classics, Kufstein

    The next tournament for Nicole Trimmel is coming soon. On Friday and Saturday Nicole will start at the Austrian Classics in Kufstein.

    After the Irish Open in Dublin the next event is approaching quickly. Nicole Trimmel starts at the Austrian Classics in the Arena Kufstein: on Friday in team competition and on Saturday in semi- and light contact.
    Club-colleague Michael Gerdenitsch has set up a strong squad for Friday’s team-event: in single combats the three male and one female fighter will contend against the opponent team. The points achieved in these fights will be summed up, by which the winning team will be identified. Besides Nicole Trimmel, Michael Gerdenitsch (KBC Rohrbach), Günther Weninger (Octagon Wien) and Bernhard Sussitz (KC Klagenfurt) will fight, all of them world champions in their disciplines respectively.
    “We are looking forward to Friday’s team-event. The spirit will be sensational. We definitely set up a strong team and our opponents shouldn’t underestimate us!†, says Nicole Trimmel on their chances this Friday.
    13. March 2007
  • News from Irish Open, Dublin

    Nicole Trimmel and club-colleague Patrick Gerdenitsch retired early in light contact.

    Nicole Trimmel, Patrick Gerdenitsch and coach Christoph Braunrath took the opportunity on arriving already at March 1 for doing some sightseeing in Dublin.
    On Saturday, March 3, however it was time for the team of KBC Rohrbach to “get ready to fight“. The attempt of four-times World Champion Nicole Trimmel to start in both, class -65kg and class +65kg failed, as the same situation as at the European Championships in Lisbon arrived: The fights in the different classes taking place at the same, Nicole had to clear class +65kg after having won the first round in this class. In class -65kg Nicole lost out in round two against Irishwoman Julie McHale, later the winner of the Irish Open in this class.

    On Sunday, March 4, Nicole is going to fight in discipline semi contact, class -65kg.
    4. March 2007
  • ASVÖ tribute to masters, Oberwart

    Kickboxing-lady Nicole Trimmel and colleagues were honoured for their good performance in 2006 in Oberwart.

    For the winners of Austrian and European Champion-ships ASVÖ honoured Burgenland's athletes on Sunday, February 25, 2007 in the exhibition hall in Oberwart. The following athletes from KBC Rohrbach received a tribute: Ing. Michael Gerdenitsch, Patrick Gerdenitsch, Serdar Tekeli, Patrick Jurinkovich and Nicole Trimmel.
    25. February 2007
  • Alpine training camp in Italy, Tarvisio

    Kickboxinglady Nicole Trimmel for one day changed into the alpine camp and climbed up a hill.

    Burgenland’s Sportsman of the Year 2004 / 2005 Nicole Trimmel followed the invitation of squad colleague and several times World Champion in Kickboxing Bernhard Sussitz from Klagenfurt to take part in a ski tour in Italy under the guidance of tri-athlete Horst Papasoff. The three athletes set out to the Italian town of Tarvisio in order to start their skiing-tour. After 2.5 hours of exhausting walking they reached the top. The prospect of the “Dreiländereck† was the award for stresses and strains on climbing up. After a short brake with some tasty pasta they got back to the slope to downhill. The skiing-tour was an appreciated change suiting well into to the actual training plan of Nicole.
    12. February 2007
  • Gym lesson at secondary school, Siege...

    Sports teachers Renate Klikovics and Manfred Fasching invited Nicole Trimmel for being part of a unique project at secondary school in Siegendorf.

    In the secondary school in Siegendorf a unique project for first year scholars is running: The two sports teachers Renate Klikovics and Manfred Fasching are revitalizing their sports lessons for their 26 active kids, while using popular coaches and athletes from Burgenland for their sport lessons. These celebrities shall make children aware of the importance of sport. The fun-factor is of importance, too. This was the case at the lesson of four-times World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel and chairman of KBC Rohrbach Christoph Braunrath. After a warm up some kickboxing techniques were trained. Subsequently the kids had to overcome a show-jumping course with emphasis on coordination. At the end a kickboxing show was given to the young spectators, followed by giving out a lot of autographs.
    6. February 2007
  • Spark7 Slam Tour, Eisenstadt

    The Spark7 Slam Tour paid a visit to the HAK / HTL in Eisenstadt. Nicole Trimmel and Christoph Braunrath from KBC-Rohrbach presented kickboxing to the students.

    Spark 7 SLAM stands for Sport, Language, Action & Multimedia. Within the initiative “Fit für Österreich† this tour is supported by ASVÖ, ASKÖ and Sportunion and is touring through Austria. Sport and multi-sportive workshops are held. Coach Renaldo O`Neal, a former basketball player, created the “move and groove workshop†. This concept should animate young people for doing sports. A positive feeling through motions should be the result.
    The Spark 7 Slam tour co-operates with local clubs and athletes and offers them possibilities to represent their sports. Therefore Nicole Trimmel, the four-time World Champion in kickboxing, and the national kickboxing team’s coach Christoph Braunrath took the opportunity to do workshops with young students. Nicole Trimmel, a former student of the HAK Eisenstadt, showed and taught basic techniques in kickboxing. At the end the two kickboxers also gave a special show act for the students. “It was very funny to teach in my old school where I have spent five years. The aim was to motivate young people. It does not really matter if they start with kickboxing or with some other sports, but we would be glad to welcome some new students at our club†, said Nicole Trimmel.
    25. January 2007
  • Start of the new season, Oslip

    Kickboxing-ace Nicole Trimmel has again aimed high for this year's season and is aiming for her 5th World Championship Title. Preparations for the coming competitions have started.

    With new power and motivation Burgenland’s Sports-woman of the Year starts into the new season with her male equivalents from KBC-Rohrbach. However, it would not be Nicole Trimmel if she had not resolved a lot for this year. The objective is clearly defined: World Championship Title number five is necessary. Until this year's World Championships 9 months are left. The project can start! “I was quite satisfied with the last season. Despite the consolidation of organisations to the WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organisation) and the higher innovations to the athlete, I have yield a constant performance and I have shown that I am up to this new challenge†, so Nicole Trimmel.

    Together with club colleagues Patrick, Michael and Rainer Gerdenitsch the training has started in January. Each athlete is personalizing his own training. Some group sessions take place as well.
    Nicole Trimmel is focusing on the expansion of her basic physical condition, whereas the kickboxing training is queued at the end. Currently she is pedalling the ergo meter. New training courses are set by the young athlete with help of physiotherapist Petra Leeb-Jerson. Besides special invigorations units the musculature of trunk is being especially prepared for the kickboxing sport. The progress is huge and there is still a lot of potential, knows the 24years old sports-woman. Long-term coach Joachim Huber still precipitates until the end of February. From the very beginning of her career Joachim especially looks after coordination and kickboxing technique. Another focus in this year’s training will be boxing.
    21. January 2007
  • BBQ Night zugunsten der Sporthilfe


    Gemeinsam mit WEBER GRILL laden wir Sie herzlich ein zur

    BBQ Night - in favour for Österreichischen Sporthilfe

    15th of May 2019 at Weber Original Store in Brunn am Gebirge.

    You will expect a 6-course menü including drinks, cooked by 3 BBQ Worldchampions with Adi Bittermann on top of the Team.

    Support will come from the sport side through: Ice speedskating Worldchampion Vanessa Herzog, Snowboard Worldchampion Benjamin Karl, Worldchampion in Nordic combination Bernhard Gruber, kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel and Cycle-Worldchampion Roland Königshofer.

    price: € 89,- p. P.
    Get your tiket and furhter information here: www.weberstorewien.at

    10. May 2019
  • KICK IT at Stegersbach

    like Nicole Trimmel at Falkensteiner Balanceresort Stegersbach

    Train with Champion Nicole Trimmel:

    9th till 11th August 2019

    Two Training sessions per day:

    mobility, flexibility, strength, coretraining, Relaxation and a combination of kickboxing will be part of the programm

    Further information you get directly at Falkensteiner

    9. May 2019

    You do not know what the 2 stretched forefingers on the back mean when you're watching beach volleyball, what is the 19th hole in golf, how to properly side-kick, change the wreath, cook healthy, or become a football hero?

    The Falkensteiner SPORT. SPA. STYLE. week offers the opportunity to train together with some of the best in our country in Schladming, as well as to taste. In Welcome Home Atmosphere you get to know them privately and listen to the tips and tricks. Half a day each of our professionals will bring their specialty closer, train with you , take care of you, answer your personal questions and have a personal chat.

    Date: 10.06.2018 - 15.06.2018


    6. April 2018

    You want to know what a manager could learn from an athlete? What does it mean to be excellent and how can you comeback stronger?

    Go and get Nicole Trimmel as a keynotespeaker for your company! She talks about here achievments and daily sportlife but she also builds the bridge between economy and sport. Learn from the mentality of a real Champion.

    For inquiries please use the contact sheet.

    Fotocredit: SPA Camp 2017 / Jasmin Walter

    2. February 2018
  • KICKBOXCALENDER 2018 powered by gitgo

    Kickbox World Champion Nicole Trimmel and fotograf Wolfgang Prummer presented the sixth calender of the Champion: the KICKBOXCALENDER 2018 powered by gitgo

    Mercedez-Benz car dealer Ing. E. Ermler GMBH in Neusiedl am See was the best event location for this years presentation presented by Daniel Gmeiner. He introduced the audience into the new 13 very hot Pictures.

    The calender is again totaly in black and white and this time all pictures have been done completely naked just using boxing equipment. The product of this years shooting is an incredible one as Nicole Trimmel was in the shape of her life as all shootings were done between her preperations for One Last Fight. You can order the limited calendar edition directly on the website.


    Here is the official event-video: https://youtu.be/6KLw6wEIju4

    Here you can see the full KICKBOXCALENDER 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9HbfDKU5ww

    1. January 2018


    After eight Worldchampion-titles, five European-titles and 19 Austrian Championship-titles, Nicole Trimmel belongs to Austrias top athletes. 

    After 407 fights she will finish her very succesfull carrier. 

    But this will not happen in silence - it's the opposite: on the 7th of October she will come back to her home Oslip in order to do her ONE LAST FIGHT infront of a big audience. In her final fight she will face Russian Ksenia Miroshnichenko.

    Different bars, food trucks and lots of other stuff will take care over the guests.

    A big Aftershowparty with the Gentlemen Rockers will immediately start after the fight. Let's rock the arena!

    Info and tickets under www.onelastfight.at or www.oeticket.at

    29. August 2017
  • Sportwoman of the year 2016

    What a big honour. Burgenland's sportjournalists elected Nicole as 'Sportwoman of the year 2016' for her amazing comeback at the WAKO European Championships back in November 2016 where she could win the title again after 1.5 years injury.

    "I am very pleased and it is a big honour for me to get this award. In respect to my injury and what I achieved after my long break this award means a lot to me. Now I will work on my big dream. A final fight at home before I quit," says Nicole.

    Congratulations also to all the other winners.

    20. April 2017

    Have you ever tried kickboxing? Landesjugendreferat Burgenland offers to possibility to train with a real pro. Kickbox World- and European champion Nicole Trimmel will chow you the perfect kick.

    Date: 2nd of March 2017 @ 18:15h at Taekwondo hall in Güssing

    Info and Registration under www.ljr.at

    15. February 2017

    OOooopss I did it again - Nicole Trimmel returns after her knee injury and got European Champion in Fullcontact again. It is her 5th European title now.

    She enters the quaterfinal against Emilia Czerwinska (POL) with 3:0. In Semifinal she fights against Katalin Konya (DEN) with 2:1. In the final it come to a very interested fight between Nicole and her Russian Opponent Ksenia Mirshnichenko. In the 3rd round Nicole turns the match only and makes a fulminant finish. At the end she wins 3:0 again.

    28. November 2016
  • Runtastic Fitness Channel

    Breakfast of a CHAMPION

    The girls are in the kitchen! Join runtastic fitness coach Lunden Souza and World- and European Champion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel when making the perfect breakfast to kickstart your day. This breakfast is super healthy and a good option for those who want to gain muscles. And it is vegetarian.

    Have a look inside the video and let us have your comments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHwqSpZfPCI

    10. August 2016

    Swatch Club made it possible! Club members could win a personaltraining with Kickbox World- and Europeanchampion Nicole Trimmel. The lucky winners could take part at a workshop with the Champion and entered the ring together with Nicole and here colleagues to get a feeling for what kickboxing is about.

    It is defenetly worth to be a club member of Swatch. More information about membership you will find here: http://www.swatch.com/de_at/swatch-club/about-the-club/ 

    19. July 2016
  • Austrian Champion title no. 19

    The next step - Nicole took her 19th Austrian Champion title. The BSFZ Schielleiten, one of Nicole's most favourite training place, was the venue of this years Austrian Championships in kickboxing powered by ÖBFK.

    Im Fullcontact Nicole had nobody to fight. The winner of the semi-final gave W.O. and did not want to fight against the World Champion.

    In Lightcontact Nicole finally got the Chance to fight three times for her 19th Austrian Champion title.

    13. June 2016
  • What a comeback

    #COMEBACKSTRONGER - more than one year Nicole did not enter the ring after she through her ligament and meniscus at a tournament. Now she is back in the ring. At the hungarian Worldcup in Budapest she participated in Fullcontact -65kg again. As actual European Champion she entered the tournament at the semi-final. There she matched with Elisabeth Rebnord from Norway. After such a long time off she was of course more nervous than used to be. But the Champion and her routine made her strong.

    In the final she met polish Emilia Czerwinska. From the very beginning the two women took a taff and intense fight. But the Champion was back and striked her oponnent through the ring. At the end Nicole won 3:0 and celebrated a fulminant Comeback according to her slogan #COMEBACKSTRONGER

    "After such a long period of absence I was of course pretty nervous. But I was ready for this challenge. Champions never give up and I worked very hard for my comeback. The moment after the fight when you wait for the result and the referee puts your arm up is a freaky amazing feeling. This feeling rewards you for all your hard work. I am very happy and just want to enjoy what I did on my way back, " says Nicole to her first Worldcup triumph after her serious knee injury.

    17. May 2016
  • Next stop: Salzburg

    Training and Travel is Nicoles lifestyle. Her next stop was Salzburg: kick- and thaiboxing at the RS Gym and skating with her team mate and vice-worldchampion Christin Fiedler.  

    "After my knee surgery back in 2015 it was the first time I could do skating again - I love this sport so much and it is the perfect winter Training. Together it is much more fun than doing everything alone. I had a very good time in Salzburg. " says Nicole about the great weekend in Salzburg.

    Nicoles next destinations: Schielleiten, Mallorca...

    22. February 2016
  • Runtastic Fitness Video

    Exercises for knee pain, recovery & stabilization

    Nicole hit a Video together with Lunden Souza, Runtastic Fitness Coach, for their Fitness channel. People Keep asking Lunden for low-impact leg exercises you can do if you have knee pain or troubles. Well, here you are! Nicole as World and European Champion in kickboxing is giving the best of the best information. She's just coming back from a pretty bad knee injury herself so she's for sure an expert in this area and has some awesome exercises and advice for you. We are busting out some juggling balls, wooden blocks and even closing our eyes for these exercises. Sounds interesting, right? Than have a look and let us know if you like it: https://youtu.be/q8DBKewy3n8

    30. December 2015
  • Calendar 2016

    Shortly it is not a secret any more - we will present the NEW calendar for 2016. How he will look like??? We will show you tomorrow. But be prepared for something very sporty.

    Tomorrow you can place an online order and buy the calenders for 25€ each (exclusive shipping). Sales and revenue belong to the kickboxing academy and will be used for training camps.

    19. November 2015
  • The new calender

    It's done. The new calender is ready and out soon! You can expect something pretty new this year! We do not want reveal the title jet, but it is a very sporty edition! Kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel worked together with fotographer Christopher Kelemen for this Project.

    If you want to look behind the Szene already click here: https://www.facebook.com/163639653696032/videos/950407428352580/


    - www.christopherkelemen.com
    - Styling by Caffeur Mörbisch
    - grafic and production by gitgo GmbH

    11. November 2015
  • Learning from a Worldchampion

    ASVÖ Burgenland offers exclusive Workshops with Nicole Trimmel and Peter Heisz.

    How can I use my brain to achieve my goals and reach Peak-Performance in sport? This question and even more will be answered in an exclusive and individual workshop. We introduce you into sucessfull strategies and train how to keep the focus on your goals. We distinguish between team Sport and individual Sport in order to meet your individual requirements.

    This high quality workshop is hosted by mental coach Peter Heisz and manifold World and European Champion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel.

    Special rate for ASVÖ Club members: € 980,- (incl. USt.)

    If you are interested please contact ASVÖ secretary under 02682/64824 or office@asvoe-burgenland.at for further assistance.

    25. August 2015
  • biken at Burgenland

    Nicole is riding the bike again after her injury of the Ligament. Another step Forward. What's better than riding the bike through wonderful Burgenland at this time of the season? Besides Swimming and physiotherapy, biking is now on top of Nicoles Programm. "It is a great feeling to sit on the bike again. My home, Burgenland, is one of the best places for biking. It is a real bike-paradise with flat roads. I still have to be careful and can't ride too long distances but I am sure soon I bike arround lake Neusiedl again," says Nicole.

    5. June 2015
  • Injury of the crucial ligament

    At the Irish Open in Dublin Nicole tore her crucial ligament during a fight. It was the third fight which became a real disaster for the World- and European Champion in kickboxing. "My knee went completely to the side. It was a horrible feeling and for me it was clear that something is wrong. I immediately stopped contest," reports the 32 old woman. 

    At home she had a check at Dr. Resinger who did not have good news for her. An MRI confirmed his first diagnose: rupture of the crucial ligament and another tore of the meniscus. Meanwhile Nicole had a surgery and everything went well. She  works already on her comeback. Physiotherapy has started last week. 
    20. March 2015

    When the inner drive turns into an external feature. Nicole Trimmel got a special tatoo: her target image. 

    During her mental preparations while the European Championships in Fullcontact kickboxing in Bilbao, Spain, her mind produced an internal picture. For Nicole it was a very powerful picture which was very present. Although she is very succesfull never before she could manage to win the Europeans in Fullcontact. But this time it was different. It was a hard way but at the end of the week she was the one standing on top of the podest. The picture in her mind was always there and escorted her on the way to gold. It was the lettering 'Champion' with three stars on her left underarm. The three stars represent the World title, her Pro title and the missing European title in Full Contact kickboxing. Now the trio was completed. 

    "When I was at the podium, I know that I got my title now and I also recognized that it is time to get this painting on my arm too. During the whole event it was with me and gave me a lot of power to be succesfull," says Nicole. At the tatoo studio Rothwerk in Eisenstadt, Ralph, brought her internal picture on a sheet of paper. "After seeing it for the very first time I had a very good feeling. I knew this is the one and I want to get it on my arm," says Nicole very happy. Now she wears her inner drive proud on her left underarm. 

    HERE you can watch the video.

    10. February 2015
  • National Center for Womens Soccer

    Kickbox-star Nicole Trimmel visited the National Center of Womens Soccer in St. Pölten.

    On Tuesday a prominent guest said hello in St. Pölten to speak in front of the players and coaches of the National Center of Womens Soccer. Austrias kickbox star Nicole Trimmel used her free afternoon to talk about her life and daily training routines. The girls where pretty much impressed by her explanations and the personality of a manifold World- and European Champion in kickboxing. After her speach they had a lot of questions and showed interested. 

    At the beginning Nicole was introduced into to the facilities of the center. When answering a lot of questions the girls became an insight how an individual athlete like Nicole acts and trains.Nicole also talked about the compabitility of sport and job. "The Center offers perfect conditions for the girls to combine training and education. I was very impressed and wished I could have had such things like this.", says Nicole.

    "It is very interesting for our girls to get to know the strategy of individual athletes. They got very good inputs and I am sure that they can profit from such possibilities", says Dominik Thalhammer, chief of the Center. Last year Beate Schrott, hurdle sprinter, visited the Center as well. The speach of succesfull athletes should bring extra motivation and impuls for the daily training of the girls.

    U17-team player Selina Mandl: "I liked the lecture very much. It is very interested to see what Nicole does in her sport and how she is training. I can take a lot out of it." Katharina Fellhofer adds: "Nicole showed the structure of her training and showed whats important beside. For young athletes like we are this information is very instructive."

    A special meeting took place with ÖFB-striker Nicole Billa, who also did kickboxing on a high level and could win some EM- and WM medals in her age category. They know each other already for a long time.
    18. December 2014
  • EM Double

    End of October Nicole took the Fullcontact EM titel for her very first time in Bilbao (Spain). Only some weeks later she reached the EM double. In Maribor she won the next EM title in Lightcontact kickboxing. All fights she could win 3:0 by points. Now she is double European Champion! 
    21. November 2014
  • Polar new Partner

    Polar – chosen by champions.

    Nicole Trimmel is a real champion. Eight times she took WM gold and three times she did it at the European Championships. Now the world wide number one in kickboxing works together with the world wide number one in hearth frequenz measurement equipment. Market leader Polar has 35 years experience and is the a new strong partner for Nicole Trimmel. "Sucess in sport is made of work, development, preparation and planning. The same effort is part of Polar products. To be the number and to stay number one means you have to be one step further than your competitor. That is what succesfull companies and succesfull athletes have in common", says Nicole Trimmel. The manifold World and European Champion trust in the quality and control of her training. In future she can control her workouts with the new V800 on the wrist. 

    12. November 2014
  • Backstage calender 2015

    It's done - soon the new calender 2015 will be published. Fotographer Christina Karagiannis and stylist Alexandra Karakopoulou-Zisser did a great job again. This time they put Nicole into nature. You can find first impressions at the backstage footoshoot 2015 galery to get an idea. "We had a lot of fun during the shooting and it is such an honour for me to work togetether with Alexandra and Christina", says Nicole. In November Nicole will present the new calender. After that you can get your one limited calender for 25€ (excluding shipping). 


    16. October 2014
  • Big party for 15th anniversary

    Chef Max Stiegl meets Kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel. At a big party on Wednesday evening Nicole looked back on her very special carriere. 

    At Gut Purbach Nicole celebrated her 15th anniversary in kickboxing together with friends, family and companions. Christian Hofmann (ORF) looked back for Nicole and talked about the last 15 years in kickboxing. She won everything possible: 8-times World Champion, 2-times European Champion and 19 Austrian Championtitles. Since years she has been on top of the world already.

    "The last 15years are a number of very special moments for me. I don't care about the number of medals or titles I got. When I think of these moments I immediately have pictures in my head conected to emotions I have felt. These memories will stay in my head forever. Lots of people supported me on my way and joined me and lots of them are here today to celebrate together with me", says Nicole. 

    "She is a model for the youth, she always kept simple and stayed balanced. She works in our sport department", says Governor of Burgenland Hans Niessl. "She is from Burgenland with a big hearth, engagement, power and a strong intention to performe", says Vice-governor Franz Steindl.
    28. July 2014
  • We make Burgenland fit

    Under the title: "We make Burgenland fit" ORF Burgenland, Land Burgenland and tourism works together to inspire people to improve their fitness. Two real experts are giving advice to everybody: Olympic gold medalist in snowboarding Julia Dujmovits and manifold World and European Champion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel.

    "This campaign is not about elite sport - it's about easy things for everybody", says Nicole Trimmel at the presentation on Tuesday. Together with Julia Dujmovits the two golden girls show mobilisation and core exercises and give nutrition advice. 

    Chairman of Burgenland, Hans Niessl, is very happy and grateful to have such succesful testimonials for the campaign.

    You can see the clips - from 9th till 22nd June in "Burgenland heute" and you can hear them in Radio Burgenland.
    11. June 2014
  • Austrian Champion

    At the Austrian Championships in kickboxing Nicole took the triple - she is old and new champion in pointfighting, light- and full contact. In total this is title number 17 & 18.

    Next tournament is the WAKO Bestfighter Worldcup in Lignano (Italy) from 6.-8. June. There she will participate in full contact.
    2. June 2014
  • Worldcup triumph in Szeged

    Worlchampion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel wins the tournament in Szeged. In final she beats Catherine Fonnes from Norway, the only one who kicked Nicole out - in 2012. 

    In semi-final she fought against Katalin Konya from Denmark. In the first two rounds Nicole was a bit behind. In the last round she exploded, fighted like a leon and could win with 3:0. "I had two great fights on the weekend and both have been completly different to each other. A big respect to my danish opponent Katalin - she is a very taff fighter! This was an amazing fighting weekend for me," says Nicole Trimmel.

    Now she has one week break without any competitions. End of May she will participate at the Austrian Championships in Korneuburg.
    19. May 2014
  • New helm design

    The World Champion got a new helm design. Shortly before the first Worldcup he was ready. Designed by Wilfried Ploderer the World Champion will shine in a silver steel optic in future. "Special fighters need a special look," says Nicole about her new accessoire which also includes the logo of her sponsors Sportpool Burgenland and Felix Austria beside her own one. 
    10. April 2014
  • SPORTMAGAZIN bikinigala

    The Bikingala was all about the FIFA World Cup. Touring through Rio de Janeiro, Juliana Martins, had a perfect set for the shoot of the bikini calendar. Capoira dancers and Samba Percussionistas - sexy and hot. That's the best description of yesterdays presentation of the hotest SPORTMAGAZIN-bikinig-project ever in Viennas MuseumsQuartier. 

    Arround 1.200 guests from sport, society and economy followed the show.
    21. March 2014
  • Training at Thailand

    From the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbühel directly to the trainingcamp in Thailand. Snow was replaced with white sand and turquoise whater like in paradies. Nicole loves to travell and explore foreign countries. The interest for different cultures and different people is big. Therefore she planned a very special training camp this year. Together with her national team colleague Nadja Reinegger she went to Thailand, the mekka of thai- and kickboxing. From Bangkok they went to the south of the country. Besides several trainings they explored the islands and got lots of impressions. "I love to travel and learn new things every day. We had very good trainings and the big advantage is that you can see so many things beside which gives you so much energy. I will miss the good food and way of life in Thailand but I am sure to come back soon," says the World Champion who is back at home again.
    13. February 2014
  • THE ROYAL KICK @ Xmas market

    At the Xmas market in Oggau! On the 22nd of December starting at 3pm, the eight time World Champion in kickboxing will sign autographs and sell her new calender for 2014 "The Royal Kick". Of course you can also get your personal message on the calender. Just join me and say hello.
    20. December 2013
  • Worldchampion

    "Ooops I did it again" - it's done again. WM title no 8 is in the box!! At WAKO Worldchampionships in Antalya Nicole won the Light Contact matches. In order to get there she had to fight against Marina Popova (Russia) and Karen Bailey (GB). In final she beat Madelen Softeland from Norway with a clear 3:0. 

    For her perfect performance she was also honoured as Best Fighter of the Worldchampionships. Besides Nicole, also Nadja Reinegger (-60kg) and Levente Bertalan (-74kg) took gold for Austria. 

    The summary from the new and old Worldchampion: "2013 was an amazing year! In the first place I defended my WAKO PRO World title in Fullcontact over 10 rounds. And now I am standing here as Champion again in Light Contact. I think I had a very good run and now I just want to relax and celebrate X-mas."

    On the 11th December 2013 Nicole will present her new calender "The Royal Kick". You can buy the calender online on the website.
    9. December 2013
  • Austrias Top Athletes

    Austrias sports journalists voted Austrias Top athletes. Nicole reached place nr 9 which is a great honour for her and her achievements. "I am very happy and proud for this," says Nicole. At the night of sports in Austria Center in Vienna the trophies went to David Alaba and Anna Fenninger.
    3. November 2013
  • California girl

    After defending the WAKO PRO Worldtitle it was time for vacation in the United States. Nicole made a tour through California’s national parks. She visited Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia national park. “Nature, silence, freedom – I got a lot of impressions during my journey. I loved it and it gave me a lot of energy! I also enjoyed the time with my family a lot as I always run out of time for them during the year because of my sport,” says the World Champion who drove more than 1.500 miles in California to explore the country. Back in Austria her preparations for the World Championships in Light Contact Kickboxing beginning of December starts.
    30. September 2013
  • Guest at AVITA Resort

    Nicole Trimmel defended her Pro World Title. After her succesfull fight she checked in at AVITA Resort in Bad Tatzmannsdorf to regenerate from an exhausting and very succesfull season. The pro-martial artist is already a regular guest at AVITA. Back in 2009 when she fought for the title the first time, she did a training camp at AVITA in order to prepair for her fight. Nicole loves to relax at the resort. In the Sauna garden Eden and the new Lady’s spa she always finds a place to chill. “I love to be a guest at AVITA resort. There are a lot of regeneration facilities and you have big choice. Here I can refill my energy”, says Nicole, for whom regeneration and mental power are key words for a long-term success. 

    Managing director Peter Prischnig is also happy: “Congratulations to Nicole in the name of our whole team. We are very proud of such a big sport woman in Burgenland and we are always happy to see here again at AVITA Resort.”
    28. August 2013
  • WM Title-fight

    World Champion in kickboxing will defend her fullcontact title on the 17th August 2013 against Anne Katas from Finnland. The pressconference will take place on the 16th August at area47 in Ötztal.

    Nicole Trimmel is already looking forward to a marathon fight over 10x2mins and want to give her best for the audience. She will get support from the audience as her family and lots of friends will be there to watch her. "I am very happy that so many people are coming to Tirol to support me. It is a big pleasure for me and I am happy that my team mates are there too. That means a lot to me," says Nicole.

    13. August 2013
  • The Countdown is running

    Soon Nicole will defend her WAKO PRO title at area47.

    At a training camp in Schielleiten Nicole got power for her new challenge. On the 17th of August 2013 she will defend her WAKO PRO World title in Fullcontact over 10rounds by 2mins.
    26. July 2013
  • Beachhockeytrophy & Beach kickbox...

    The new trendsports at Strandbar Herrmann in Vienna.

    More than 1000 people where attracted to visit Strandbar Herrmann but not only because of the nice weather there were lots of others things to see there!

    Highlights at the famous bar: a kickbox show fight with World Champion Nicole Trimmel, a performance of the cheerdance group Millenium Dancers and the beachhockey promi match with singer Eric Papilaya, Gary Howard (frontman of the Flying Pickets) Nicole Trimmel, Georg Kölbl ( Viennas hottest farmer) and organiser of the event Alexander Kaiser (Strandbar Herrmann). "The new trendsport is invented: beach kickboxing!" said Nicole Trimmel. Currently she prepairs for her title fight on the 17th of August 2013.

    15. July 2013
  • Peace keeper week, Bayreuth

    Student exchange between Bayreuth and Burgeland.

    As part of the cultural partnership between Bayreuth and Burgenland a student exchange took place for the first time in 2013. The counterpart to the forum violent city of Bayreuth is the forum Nonviolent Burgenland, which is established at the administrative level ten years ago. In the context of the local labor classes Austria offered peace weeks on the so-called Castle in Schlaining for many years.
    The protagonist of the Nonviolent Burgenland, Mr. Christian Reumann, found the approach of Nonviolent Bayreuth to mix peace education with martial arts, exciting and suggested to organize a student exchange in which a school class from Bayreuth goes to the Burgenland to take part on the Peace Week in Schlaining and a class of Burgenland goes to Bayreuth to join the Peacekeeper week there.
    The Peacekeeper - represents the vision of a young man/woman who is strong, without resorting to violence and he settles conflicts in a peaceful way. At the first point it seems paradox to mix peace education with martial arts traíning. But new studies show a different view: special martial arts training can avoid and reduce violence. A symposium at the University Bayreuth hold on 6th/7th April 2013 made this conclusion.
    Nicole Trimmel, as World Champion in Kickboxing and experienced martial arts athlete, joined the 2. class of HAK Eisenstadt on their peace keeper week in Bayreuth together with two teachers. "It was very interested and funny at the same time. I love the idea behind this project. When I was a child I was already fascinated by the philosophy of martial arts! I hope that the project is succesfull and we can make it bigger the next years!" says Nicole, who met her former sportcolleague Melanie Küfner in Bayreuth. She gave a kickbox lessons to the students.

    24. June 2013
  • World title fight, Ötztal

    WAKO PRO Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel will defend her title on the 17th of August 2013 in the area47 in Ötztal, Tyrol.
    WAKO PRO World Champion and Kickbox figure Nicole Trimmel will face her finnish challenger Anne Katas in a 10 rounds (each 2mins) pro-fight. The K1-Kickbox-gala in the course of the „Fight for Fun Summercamp 2013“ is defenetly Austrias Martial Arts highlight of the year.
    Anne Katas (39) won several medals at European and Worldchampionships. The skandinavian woman is a real challenge for the 1,68m tall Austrian power woman. „I am very happy, that I can present myself in a big fight in Austria again!“ says Nicole. 
    More information soon.
    19. June 2013
  • Worldcup-Triple, Rimini

    Nicole got the Worldcup-triple!
    Six-time kickboxing World Champion and WAKO PRO World Champion Nicole Trimmel fixed the "Worldcup-triple" on Sunday after her victories in Innsbruck and Szeged (HUN) she could also win the tournament in Rimini (ITA).
    After a bad cold the 30 year old women could beat her longterm competitor from Russia, Xenia Miroschnitschenko, in the Full-contact final -65kg. With a 2:1 referee decision it was a close but fair decision at the end. Full of joy Nicole said: "I still can't believe it! On the beginning of the tournament I was so warried as I was not 100% fit and now I won the 3rd Worldcup in a raw - that's fantastic!"
    After fever and an persistent chill Nicole was still not fit and made her decision for the Worldcup start in Full-contact quiet late on Thursday evening.
    The start of the tournament went very well as Nicole as World Champion had a day off on Friday and could still recover. Her first fight she had on Saturday against the local Michela Patarini from Italy. Nicole got rid of her nervosity and made a clear 3:0 decision.
    "The final was like playing chess", said a happy Nicole on Sunday. 
    Whereass the most kickboxers go to their summer break now, Nicole is working on the next fight already. More information soon! 
    4. June 2013
  • Start of Bewegungskaiser, Ternitz

    Kickbox World Champion as ambassador for sport at the first Bewegungskaiser event!
    400 kids raged trough the sporthall in Ternitz and tried the Bewegungskaiser parkour - a parkour where the different skills are tested. Nicole Trimmel in the function of ambassador for sport showed easy kickbox techniques to the kids and was writting houndreds of autographs.
    Information for Bewegungskaiser you find here.
    16. May 2013
  • Night of Sports, Pamhagen

    On the 8th of May the night of sports took place at Vila Vita Pamhagen.
    Every year the who is who in Burgenland sport and lots of sponsors meets at the night of sports organised by Sportpool Burgenland. For the first time the event was moderated by Thomas Trukesitz.

    The winners of this years election:

    Athlete of the year 2012: golf-pro Bernd Wiesberger

    Female athlete of the year 2012: snowboarder Julia Dujmovits

    Team of the year 2012: sailor Matthias Schmidt and Florian Reichstädter

    Coach of the year 2012: Tom Weninger (ÖSV snowboard)

    Since 2003 Nicole Trimmel has been sponsored by Sportpool Burgenland. During her carrier she received this award already three times.
    10. May 2013
  • Surfworldcup & minisoccer, Poders...

    Chillen at lake Neusiedl and playing soccer in a cage?
    Sun, nice people and just chilling after a morning training session! But just relaxing is nothing for Nicole at the Surfworldcup in Podersdorf, where the who is who in surfing is just visiting. At the RedBull playground it was time to play minisoccer against originator Rudi Gollubits. "It's so funny to play in this cage - we decided it was a remis!" laughed Kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel. She has her own Worldcup on the weekend in Innsbruck.

    Check it out: minisoccer & surfwordlcup
    2. May 2013
  • Austrian Championships, Schwanenstadt

    Nicole Trimmel got titel no. 15 & no. 16!
    Nicole Trimmel had to fight with the next generation!
    Fot these two titles she realy had to fight. In the previous years she was always scared to have competitors at her category - her name was enough that nobody wanted to compete in her class. This year it was different. In both disciplines there were seven starters which is quiet taff for a national tournament. "In both finals I had to give my best to win. That's a good sign for me that the next generation is pushing upwards. I had to take it very serious!" says Nicole Trimmel.

    Pointfighting (-65kg)
    1st round: Nicole Trimmel vs Traussnig Katharina (Köflich)
    2nd round: NT vs Ulm Tanja (Graz)
    3rd round: NT vs Billa Nicole (KC Kruckenhauser Tirol)

    Light contact (-65kg)
    1st round: NT vs Reithofer Elisabeth (Kickboxclub Wr. Neustadt)
    2nd round: NT vs Federer Jana (Kick for Fun)
    3rd round: NT vs Jarzmik Paulina (Tae-Kibo Wien)
    8. April 2013
  • Workshop in self-defence, Gols

    The girls at sport school Gols did a workshop in self-defence.
    For the students it was a very serious topic. Besides vital strategies they also practiced a lot and learned basical techniques of defence. Kickbox World Champion Nicole Trimmel teached how to punch and kick against enemies. The students trained also on pads in order to get a feeling for a punch. 
    25. March 2013
  • Theodor Kery Foundation, Oberpullendorf

    Nicole Trimmel was announced to the scientific advisory board of the Theodor Kery foundation.
    The support of people, projects or institutions has always been a special concern of Theodor Kery (governor of Burgenland ret.). In 1976 the "Burgenland Foundation - Theodor Kery" was launched in order to put this concern into concideration. Every year now, the foundation awards prizes for outstanding achievements in the interest of the people and the reputation of the Burgenland. The foundation is continuing a path that Theodor Kery has started sucessfully.

    In 2009 Nicole Trimmel, World Champion in Kickboxing, was considered with a grant from the foundation for her achievements in kickboxing. Years later in 2013, she has now been added to the Scientific Advisory Board and will assist in future in the field of sports. "It is a great honor for me to become a member of advisory board and it shows that my expertise is also valued. The body of the Theodor Kery foundation consists of a circle of very interesting people and it makes me proud to be one of them now!" says Nicole Trimmel.

    Theodor Kery Foundation
    8. March 2013
  • Girls Power, Schielleiten

    Training camp at Bundessportzentrum Schielleiten.
    The weekend was pumped up with girls power! World and European Champion Nicole Trimmel trained together with some girls from the national team at Bundessportzentrum Schielleiten. Besides a couple of technical trainings there was still time to have fun.
    26. February 2013
  • Kickbox workshop, Rust

    At the ‚Neue Mittelschule Rust†˜ a real pro came to the kids to give a workshop in kickboxing: Nicole Trimmel

    The pupils were already very excited when Kickbox World- and European Champion Nicole Trimmel entered the classroom and explained what they will do today. Shortly after the introduction they immediately started to practice at the sport hall. A full morning they were teached by the World Champion in basic kickboxing techniques. Nicole showed them some general things and gave a rough overview about a daily training of a professional athlete. The kids were also allowed to practice on pads and had a lot of fun! At the end Nicole had to give lots of autographs and pictures.

    Are you also interested in a workshop with Kickbox World Champion Nicole Trimmel? Just get in touch with us via the contact form and let us know!
    28. January 2013
  • Merry X-Mas, Oslip

    "A merry X-Mas to all my fans!"
    After a long and exciting saeson with so many new impressions and with lot of succes it's time to relax now. Nicole enjoys here saesonal break and for a change training gets in the background.
    Nicole Trimmel: "A merry X-Mas to everybody and a happy New Year 2013 with lots of success and power! I'm looking forward to see all of you next year and want to thank you for all the support!"
    20. December 2012
  • Dirty Girl – 13 Pics – Limited Edition

    Wien, Ottakringer Brauerei AG, 03. Dezember 2012 – Nicole Trimmel lädt zu ihrer Kalenderpräsentation in die Ottakringer Brauerei in Wien ein und präsentiert erstmals exklusiv der Presse und den Gästen ihren neuen Auftritt.

    Nicole Trimmel, Österreichs „Million Dollar Baby“, hat zu Hause eine goldene Sammlung von Trophäen. Sieben Weltmeistertitel und zwei Europameistertitel im Kickboxen gehen bereits auf das Konto der 30ig Jährigen. Bei einem Fotoshooting in der Ottakringer Brauerei definierte sich Nicole Trimmel neu. Sie räumt mit einem schmutzigen Klischee auf und zeigt anspruchsvolle Bilder. Fotographin Christina Karagiannis schoss dabei traumhafte Bilder. „Sie ist eine sehr talentierte Fotographin, ihre Bilder überzeugen durch außergewöhnliche Blickwinkel.“, schwärmt Nicole Trimmel über die Künstlerin aus Griechenland. Sie fotografierte schon für viele Bereiche wie Kunst, Journalismus, Architektur und Porträts aber auch Arbeiten für Werbung, Produkt-Kampagnen oder Veranstaltungen beinhalten ihr Portfolio. Derzeit lebt und arbeitet Christina Karagiannis in Wien.

    Um den neuen Auftritt von Nicole Trimmel ein wenig publik zu machen, präsentiert sie gleich nach ihrer Rückkehr von der Europameisterschaft im Vollkontakt Kickboxen in Bukarest das Produkt dieses Shootings: „Nicole Trimmel – Kalender 2013“ in einer limited Edition mit einer Auflage von 200 Stück.

    Die Idee, einen Kalender mit den neuen Bildern zu kreieren, entstand bei einem Meeting mit ihrer Werbeagentur gitgo, die sie seit ihrem WAKO PRO WM Titelkampf auch als Sponsor unterstützt. „Wir mussten nicht lange überlegen, das Resultat des Shootings lieferte den idealen Rahmen für einen Kalender. Die Kreation war schnell umgesetzt, jetzt geht es an die Vermarktung.“, so gitgo Geschäftsführer DI (FH) Hannes Schmid.
    Nicole Trimmel ist stolz auf das Endprodukt und wer weiß was sie 2013 noch so plant. Im Bereich Coaching wird sie auf alle Fälle Workshops für Firmen geben, um ihre Strategie und ihre Erfahrung aus dem Sport weitergeben zu können. Auch Kinder möchte sie weiterhin zum Sport animieren. Sie ist sich auf alle Fälle sicher, 2013 wird wieder ein spannendes Jahr werden – vielleicht auch mit der zweiten Ausgabe ihres Kalenders.
    3. December 2012
  • Final station half finale, Bucharest

    Nicole was beaten by 2:0.
    Nicole had a good start at the European Championships. At quaterfinal she fought Veronika Cmarova from Slovakia and won by 3:0.
    Today in half final she met Cathrine Fonnes from Norway. Nicole, as actual World Champion in Kickboxing, lost by 2:0 decision. "Cathrine was the better one in the ring today. From the very beginning I could not find into the fight. I was always running a bit behind. At the end of the fight it was only one point missing - but that
    s sport!" says Nicole who has a bronze medaille now.
    29. November 2012
  • Take off for European Championships, ...

    On Sunday Austrian team goes to Bukarest!
    Next week is the last competition for this year - the European Championship in Full Contact kickboxing in Bucharest! Nicole will compete in -65kg and is already looking forward to her fights.
    24. November 2012
  • EM preparations II, Schielleiten

    Nicole back at Bundessportzentrum Schielleiten for her final trainings.

    Her last stay in Schielleiten is not far away. Shortly before the light contact European Championship the “golden girl† was here as well. One week before she goes to Bucharest (Rumania) to the Full Contact European Championship she was back in Schielleiten. Despite sparrings and conditional training, regeneration and silence was very important for the actual World Champion. “After I won the Light Contact event I had a very busy time. Now it was important for me to find my peace of mind and to focus on next week!† says Nicole. On the 25th November she will go to Bucharest. Fights will start on the 27th November.
    19. November 2012
  • Final, Ankara

    3:0 against Bailey (UK) and Safteland (NOR).

    Nicole had a good start at the EM in Ankara. In quarterfinal she bate Karen Bailey from UK. After a break she had to fight against Madelen Safteland from Norway in the afternoon. At the World Championship in 2011 Nicole had her first fight against Safteland. After an infect she was very weak and could win her with only one point difference. This time Nicole was fit and she won with a clear 3:0.

    In final she will meet Russian Ksenia Mirshnichenko again. “I am ready for a hard fight!†says Nicole. The final will take place on Saturday. Tomorrow there is a day off.

    In total Austria has 6 finalists: Georg Path, Peter Ertl, Sasa Jovanovich, Manfred Weingerl, Gerald Zimmermann and Nicole Trimmel. Nadja Reinegger took a bronce medal today.
    1. November 2012
  • WAKO Europameisterschaft in Ankara

    „Ich konzentriere mich auf jeden einzelnen Kampf!“

    Wenn sich die Blätter auf den Bäumen verfärben und der Herbst Einzug nimmt, hat Kickboxen Hochsaison. Nicole Trimmel, aktuelle Welt- und Europameisterin im Kickboxen, ist dann in der Regel ziemlich verplant was Termine anbelangt.
    Letzte Woche absolvierte sie ein mehrtägiges Trainingslager im Bundessportzentrum Schielleiten. Einige Nationalteamkollegen waren angereist um noch wichtige Sparringeinheiten zu absolvieren. Anfangs plagte sich Nicole noch ein wenig beim Sparring. Gegen Ende des Trainingslagers stimmte das Gefühl dann wieder und Nicole hatte ihre alten Stärken wieder ausgegraben. Die ambitionierte Burgenländerin steckte Anfang des Jahres sehr viel Zeit in das reine Boxen um eine kleine Olympia Chance wahrzunehmen. Dabei verzichtete sie komplett auf das Kickboxen und ließ die Beine fest am Boden. „Speziell im Leichtkontakt Kickboxen, wo auf der Matte gekämpft wird, musst du extrem wendig sein und leichtfüßig agieren. Nach einigen Kämpfen hatte ich es aber schnell wieder gefunden – mein Gefühl!“ meint die Osliperin, die dieses Jahr auch alle Kickbox Wettkämpfe für das Projekt Olympia ausfallen ließ.
    Am Sonntag geht es mit dem österreichischen Nationalteam ab nach Ankara (Türkei) zur WAKO Europameisterschaft im Leichtkontakt und K1 Kickboxen. 2010 konnte Nicole erstmals in Baku den EM Titel im Leichtkontakt holen und geht somit als Titelverteidigerin ins Rennen. Konditionstrainer Mag. Vock wird Nicole nach Ankara begleiten und während des Wettkampfes unterstützen. Die vorregistrierten Gegnerinnen hat die Europameisterin bereits abgecheckt. Neben alten Bekannten sind auch einige Unbekannte dabei. „Ich konzentriere mich auf jeden einzelnen Kampf und möchte einen tollen Wettkampf absolvieren. Mein Ziel ist es mit präzisen Techniken zu treffen und sauber zu punkten!“ meint eine gut vorbereitete Nicole Trimmel, die es schon nicht mehr erwarten kann endlich wieder Beine und Fäuste fliegen zulassen.

    Die Auslosung findet am Dienstagabend statt. Weitere Infos folgend direkt aus Ankara. Die Wettkämpfe starten am Mittwoch.
    26. October 2012
  • 30 over night

    On the 13rd of October Nicole turned 30!

    „It did not hurt to get older!“ laughs Nicole. She celebrated with family and friends. Her birthday present she wants to get in Ankara at the European Championships – she wants the gold medal in Lightcontact Kickboxing!
    22. October 2012
  • Eine Dame lässt wieder die Fäuste spr...

    Box-Staatsmeisterschaften in Wien von 4.-7.10.2012.

    Unzählige Staatsmeisterschaftsmedaillen zieren bereits ihr zu Hause – wenn man es genau wissen will sind es 13 an der Zahl. Im Kickboxen ist Nicole Trimmel bereits seit Jahren die unumstrittene Nummer eins und das nicht nur in Österreich! Nächste Woche will die Sportlerin erstmalig auch in ihrer zweiten Sportart, dem Boxen, punkten und die Titelverteidigerin aus Wien, Nicole Wesner, entthronen.
    Obwohl Nicole nächste Woche in Wien startet, liegt ihr Fokus ganz klar auf den Europameisterschaften im Kickboxen. Ende Oktober wird der Leichtkontaktbewerb in Ankara, Türkei ausgetragen und Ende November folgt das Highlight: Vollkontakt in Bukarest, Rumänien. „Die Staatsmeisterschaften im Boxen sind ein Ziel am Weg zur EM. Wir haben es natürlich im Training berücksichtig. Aber ich stehe noch am Anfang meiner Wettkampf-vorbereitung und werde erst für die Europameisterschaften meinen besten Trainingszustand erreicht haben! „ meint Nicole Trimmel, die im Oktober auch ihren dreißigsten Geburtstag feiert. Ein Staatsmeistertitel im Boxen wäre da doch ein nettes Geschenk!
    Ob Nicole Trimmel gleich am 4. Oktober in den Ring muss oder erst am 6. Oktober, wird der Veranstalter kurzfristig nach der Abwaage entscheiden. Die Burgenländerin startet in der olympischen Klasse -60kg.
    4. October 2012
  • Day of Sport 2012 part II, Vienna

    Honour for Kickbox Worldchampion.
    The day of Sport , at Viennas Heldenplatz ,was the meeting point for Austria’s sport community. Besides the program on the stage, visitors could try different types of sports. At 4:30pm the Austrian kickboxers came on stage for their achievements at the World Championships 2011: Juso Prosic, Patrick Kalcher, Michael Stummer, Doris Köhler, Zekaj Labinot and Double World Champion Nicole Trimmel.

    The highlight of the day was the performance of Austrias Andreas Gabalier – he rocked the stage at the end of the day and gave a concert.
    24. September 2012
  • Day of Sport 2012, Vienna

    On the 22nd of September 2012 from 10am till 7pm at Wiener Heldenplatz.

    Soon it is time for the 12th editon of Vienna’s day of sport. Austria’s top sport event will start at 10am with a unique mixture of sport, show, sound and action for everybody.

    At 4:30pm Kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel will be called to the stage. She will get the “Golden Cross of Merit of Republic Austria† in honour of her two World titles in light- and full contact kickboxing back in 2011.
    17. September 2012
  • Pilgerreise

    Zurück vom Workshop in Griechenland muss Nicole Trimmel ein Versprechen einlösen und Boxschuhe gegen Wanderschuhe tauschen.

    Women only hieß es letzte Woche im Club Magic Life Kos in Griechenland. Kickbox Weltmeisterin Nicole Trimmel zeigte in ihren Workshops, wie man sich am besten selbst verteidigt. Dafür gibt es wohl keine bessere Trainerin als die mehrfache Welt- und Europameisterin. Zahlreiche Urlaubsgäste nutzten das tägliche Angebot und erhielten professionelle Tipps für den Ernstfall.
    Zurück in der Heimat geht es gleich mit voller Power weiter. Ein schnelles Versprechen und eine große Klappe haben Kickbox Weltmeisterin Nicole Trimmel nun einen langen Gehweg beschert. Letztes Jahr hat sie an einem gemütlichen Sommerabend mit einer Freundin leichtsinnig gescherzt zu ihrem 30iger eine Wallfahrt nach Maria Zell mitzugehen im Glauben, dass das noch ewig dauern wird bis es so weit ist. Schnell war das Versprechen mit Handschlag besiegelt und dann dämmerte es: „Ich werde ja schon nächstes Jahr im Oktober 30!“ Diese Erkenntnis kam einige Minuten später – zu spät. Aber Nicole weiß: „Versprochen ist versprochen und jetzt muss ich es einlösen!“ Ab Mittwoch zieht sie die Wanderschuhe an und startet mit einer 40 köpfigen Gruppe von Oslip nach Maria Zell. Täglich werden im Schnitt ca. 30km zurückgelegt. Dieser Ausflug ist natürlich in ihren Trainingsplan involviert und danach geht’s gleich weiter zu einem intensiven Ausdauerblock ins Bundessportzentrum Schielleiten.

    „Ich freue mich schon auf die Wanderung. Man hat viel Zeit mit den Leuten zu tratschen und über Dinge nachzudenken. Vielleicht gefällt es mir so gut, dass ich dann jedes Jahr mitgehe!“ schmunzelt die Osliperin. Auf ihrer Facebook-Fanseite wird die Kickbox Weltmeisterin ihre Wallfahrt dokumentieren. (www.facebook.com/nicoletrimmel)
    17. August 2012
  • Workouts, Oslip

    The preparation for the fall has begun.

    Currently workouts are very sweaty – no way out at these temperatures. Nicole is in the middle of her training and prepares for the highlights in fall: European Championships in Light- and Full contact kickboxing. The competitions take place end of October and end of November respectively. The next weeks will get hard. But performance is good and training makes fun. From 6th till 13rd August the Kickbox World Champion is at Magic Life Club Kos at Greece for a workshop in self-defence. She will use this week also for a training camp.
    2. August 2012
  • Next Magic Life Workshop, Greece

    "Persönlichkeiten Hautnah" with Kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel at Magic Life Club Kos in Greece.
    From 7th till 12th August you can take part on a workshop in Self-Defence with actual Kickbox World- and Europeanchampion Nicole Trimmel at Magic Life Club Waterworld.

    The guests of the Club have also the possibility for a special talk with Nicole, to make photo or to get a personal autograph. Come and join the following events: 

    - Tuesday, 07.08.2012 at 3pm at Café Sissi for a "cafe talk"

    - Saturday, 11.08.2012 at 10.30am at restaurant "Taverna" for "breakfast with me"

    - Sunday, 12.08.2012 at 7pm at the poolbar for "Sundowner"
    16. July 2012
  • Magic Life Workshop, Turkey

    "Persönlichkeiten Hautnah" with Kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel at Magic Life Club Waterworld in Turkey.
    From 1st till 6th July you can take part on a workshop in Self-Defence with actual Kickbox World- and Europeanchampion Nicole Trimmel at Magic Life Club Waterworld.

    The guests of the Club have also the possibility for a special talk with Nicole, to make photo or to get a personal autograph. Come and join the following events:

    - Monday, 02.07.2012 at 18:30h at the wonderbar-terrass to the "Sundowner"

    - Tuesday, 03.07.2012 at 09:00h at restaurant "Magico 2" for "breakfast with me"

    - Wednesday, 04.07.2012 at17:00h at Café Sissi for "cafe talk"
    29. June 2012
  • Music video premiere, Vienna

    „Better Off Without You“ goes online.<br />
    On Saturday, 9th June 2012, Georg Prenner’s music video has its premiere. In the main role of the video you can see Kickbox World Champion Nicole Trimmel supported by Szabold Pader.

    “I can remember Georg’s Email very well. It was on the 31st December when my mailbox on my phone blinked. An Email from Georg Prenner asking if I could imagine taking the main role in his music video for his new song!? – After listening to the song I did not hesitate to say yes!† Nicole remembers. In March the shooting under producer Tatjana Berlakovich took place in Vienna. During that time Nicole was in the middle of her boxing project and came directly from the Vienna Box Cup. It was a very impressive and demanding experience with a lot of fun. Convince yourself of the end product.

    Tomorrow you can watch the video Prenner Music Youtube-canal.
    Pics from the „Making Off“.
    8. June 2012
  • AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championshi...

    The smile is back.
    Nicole and her team watch the last fights at AIBA World Boxing Championships in Qinhuangdao. Her opponent from Italy lost in the next round. The Olympic tickets for London 2012 in 57-60kg are already fixed: IRL, RUS, GB. “We watched very interesting matches on a high level. I am looking forward to the final. I think Ireland will make it! “says Nicole Trimmel, who has already overcome her disappointment.

    By the way Nicole is training a bit and the rest of the spare time the Austrians are using for sightseeing. In Qinhuangdao the great wall starts and it’s worth going there. “People are very friendly here and everything is very well organized. Every trip is an adventure!“ says Nicole.
    17. May 2012
  • Drawing & Opening ceremony, China

    On the 12th May Nicole will have her first fight at AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships.
    Today the first official weigh-in and registration was completed. In the Olympic weight category 57-60kg 58 womens have been registered today. Tomorrow Nicole will have her first match against Italian Marenda Romina. Fights will start at 7pm local time.
    Today also the opening ceremony took place. “A very amazing ceremony with lots of impressions!† says Nicole Trimmel who is already focusing on tomorrows fight.
    11. May 2012
  • Ready for China, Oslip

    AIBA Womens Box WM from 11th till 19 th May 2012 in Qinhuangdao.

    The bagguage is nearly packed! The trip will start on Wednesday! Four people from Austria are going to China. Kickbox World Champion Nicole Trimmel will be supported by national coach Adolf Angrick, sport director Marius Korner and Box Athletic Coach Wolfgang Reiterer.

    “I am looking forward to China. We are well prepared and ready! Cross fingers for me!!† says Nicole shortly before departure. 
    7. May 2012
  • Autograph session, Eisenstadt

    Shortly before Nicole is going to China kids could pick up their personal autograph.
    A lot of kids visited the Box Athletic Club Eisenstadt in order to get a personal autograph. Kids also brought their boxing gloves to get an autograph there!

    You want to get a Nicole Trimmel fan t-shirt? Go and get it at the Box Athletic Club Eisenstadt.
    6. May 2012
  • WM preparations, Vienna & Schiell...

    Austrian Boxing Association (ÖBV) invited to preparatory course.<br />

    The AIBA Women’s Box World Championship in China is a big chance. To guarantee a good preparation the ÖBV invited to a training course in Vienna followed by another course at BSFZ Schielleiten. WM participant Nicole Trimmel had optimal conditions. Her team was supporting her: Headcoach Mag. Vock, Box Athletic coach Wolfgang Reiterer and coach Adolf Angrick. “A big thank to my sparring partners who gave their best and supported me! “says Nicole Trimmel. In a few days she will leave to China.

    You want to wish all the best for China? Than you should come and visit Nicole Trimmel on the 5th of May at 12am at the Box Athletic Club Eisenstadt. Get a  foto or an autograph from Nicole.
    2. May 2012
  • Autograph session, Eisenstadt

    Kids, pay attention! Pick up your autograph and make your personal picture with World Champion Nicole Trimmel!<br />
    Soon Nicole will be off to China to the Box World Championships in Qinhuangdao. On 5th May 2012 at 12am Kids are invited to pick up an autograph and to make a personal picture with the World and European Champion in kickboxing. Of course all fans are invited to come and join the event. Just pop in at the Box Athletic Club Eisenstadt!

    Adress: Athletics Reiterer | Box Athletic Club Eisenstadt, Mattersburgerstrasse 37A, 7000 Eisenstadt
    Date: 5th May 2012
    Time: 12 am
    26. April 2012
  • Olympische Gedanken

    Kickbox Weltmeisterin will die Boxsensation schaffen und nimmt an der AIBA Box WM in China teil um ein Olympiaticket zu lösen.

    Wenn man Nicole Trimmel auf der Straße trifft würde man nie auf ihre Sportart schließen - eine tolle Figur, freundlich und sympathisch! Doch die Dame hat es faustdick hinter den Ohren und in ihr steckt ordentlich Power.  Sie ist mehrfache Welt- und Europameisterin im Kickboxen und hat ein neues großes Ziel im Visier.

    Im Dezember wurde sie erstmals beim österreichischen Boxverband vorstellig. Im Jänner hat die erfolgreiche Kickboxerin das Metier gewechselt und sich dazu entschlossen die Beine vorläufig am Boden zu lassen. Sie wechselte temporär ins Box Lager und ließ nur mehr die Fäuste für sich sprechen. Auch einige Kilos mussten purzeln um in der olympischen Gewichtsklasse (-60kg) starten zu können. Schritt für Schritt hat die Osliperin die Vorgaben des Boxverbandes erfüllt und in sehr kurzer Zeit vieles erreicht. Nach den ersten internationalen Turnierteilnahmen konnte sie schnell ihre Fähigkeiten unter Beweis stellen. Nicole liebt Herausforderungen und will das Unmögliche möglich machen und sich für London 2012 qualifizieren. Der österreichische Boxverband, Nicole und ihr Betreuerstab waren sich nach den gezeigten Leistungen schnell einig: sie ist nicht umsonst im Kickboxen so erfolgreich und hat das Zeug dazu die Sensation zu schaffen!

    Die hübsche Burgenländerin wird zur AIBA Box Weltmeisterschaft der Damen, von 9.-20. Mai, in Qinhangdao/China entsendet und hat ihr Flugticket bereits in der Tasche. Die letzte Olympiateilnahme eines Österreichers im Boxen war 1988 durch Botowamungu Biko. Um in China ein Olympiaticket zu lösen muss sich die amtierende Welt- und Europameisterin unter die besten vier Europäerinnen vorkämpfen.

    „Bei einem erwarteten Starterfeld von ca. 64 Teilnehmerinnen keine leichte Aufgabe, aber durchaus eine für die es sich lohnt zu kämpfen!“ meint Nicole Trimmel, die das Kickboxen zurzeit hinten angestellt hat um sich ganz auf die Box WM zu fokussieren.
    Bundestrainer Adolf Angrick lobt den hervorragenden Leistungszustand seines neuen Schützlings und ihre schnelle Lernfähigkeit: „Mit Nicole können wir dieses Projekt wagen. Sie hat Chancen und ist wettkampffest! Mit einer anderen Athletin hätte es in der kurzen Zeit keinen Sinn gemacht!“

    In den noch verbleibenden Wochen wartet einiges an Trainingseinheiten auf die Athletin. Zahlreiche Trainingswettkämpfe und Technikeinheiten um sich für China noch den Feinschliff zu holen. „Die nächsten Wochen werden sehr intensiv für mich. Aber ich werde alles meinem Ziel unterordnen und freue mich über jede Unterstützung!“ meint Nicole Trimmel. Aufgrund der erst kurzen Zusammenarbeit mit dem Boxverband wird die Osliperin Boxtrainer Wolfgang Reiterer nach China mitnehmen. Er soll ihr speziell in der Vorbereitung zur Seite stehen.

    Weitere Info:
    Von 16.-29. April startet der ORF Burgenland und das Land Burgenland die Bewegungsinitiative „Wir machen das Burgenland fit“. Dabei geben Andreas Ivanschitz und Nicole Trimmel Bewegungstipps und wichtige Ratschläge. Sehen können sie die TV-Spots jeweils kurz vor den 19h Nachrichten auf ORF2
    13. April 2012
  • „We make Burgenland fit“, Eisenstadt

    Athletes act as testimonials for a new sport-initiative for more movement presented by ORF and Burgenland.

    Today the new sport-initiative “We make Burgenland fit† was presented at the ORF studio in Eisenstadt. With football player Andreas Ivanschitz and Kickbox World Champion Nicole Trimmel two popular domestic athletes offer essential tips for everybody in TV and Radio. The aim: people should do more and regular sport in their daily life and get fitter.

    From 16th to 29th April you can watch and listen to the tips on ORF 2, shortly before “Burgenland heute†, and on Radio Burgenland.

    “The shooting for the TV-spots was very funny and I am glad that I can offer my tips to the public. Movement is vital and even with small changes in your daily life you can achieve a lot already!† says Nicole Trimmel.
    11. April 2012
  • Box Grand Prix CZE, Usti

    12:12 against Sandra Brügger (CH).

    13 starters in the weight category is more than enough for a good tournament. At the Grand Prix in Usti Nicole matched Vice-European Champion in boxing, Sandra Brügger (CH), in her first fight. In the first rounds the ladies where head to head. In the 3rd round Nicole let the Swiss to close to her. Although Nicole blocked most of the punches Brügger looked better in this round. In round four the boxing newcomer changed the game put a lot of pressure on the Swiss girl. The fight ended with 12:12 – no decision! As referees had to make a decision at the end they gave it to Sandra Brügger. Nicole Trimmel was kicked out of the tournament but with her excellent fight against a world class athlete she made aware of her.
    †˜I am not very satisfied with my fighting performance although of course it was a top result. It was only my 5th fight her! The referee decision was fair to my opinion!† says Nicole who will use the time in Usti for another sparring on Friday with Belarusian.
    Ivan Obradovic and Levani also lost there first fights.
    23. March 2012
  • Box Grand Prix CZE, Usti nad Labem

    Next use for Nicole Trimmel by the Austrian Boxing Association.

    After stable performances in the Girls Box Cup in Hamburg and at the Vienna Box Cup in Vienna Nicole Trimmel is shortly before her next boxing-tournament. This time it is going to the Czech Republic to the Grand Prix in Usti. Elimination fights will start on the 21st March.

    “After Vienna I got a flu and had to make a brake. Now I started already with light trainings. Until Usti I will be top fit again!† says Nicole Trimmel, whose calendar is currently fully booked. The Grand Prix is an important indicator of a possible World Championship participation in boxing.
    16. March 2012
  • Vienna Intern. Box Cup, Vienna

    Nicole Trimmel will box in Vienna on 9th and 10th March 2012.

    Immediately after her first succes at the Box Cup in Hamburg Nicole will box at home. On the weekend she will fight at the Vienna international Box Cup. Germany, Israel, Czech Republic and Austria will match each other.

    "I am looking forward to fight at home. It would make me very happy if lots of people come to watch me! Cross fingers for me!" says Nicole Trimmel.

    Her team with Mag. Andreas Vock on top, kickboxing coach Ing. Ernst Dörr and boxing coach Wolfgang Reiterer will cross fingers for Nicole.
    6. March 2012
  • Get ready to rumble, Hamburg

    First boxing match at the “4th girls-box-cup† in Hamburg.<br />

    Project “Million Dollar Baby† starts. Kickbox World Champion Nicole Trimmel will fight her first international boxing tournament on the weekend.  Journey goes to Hamburg where she will participate at the “4th girls-box-cup† a very well-known tournament in the German woman boxing scene and one of Germans largest international tournaments.

    Box Athletic Eisenstadt Coach Wolfgang Reiterer will go to Hamburg together with Nicole whereas Mag. Vock and Ernst Dörr (Technical coach) will cross fingers for her at home.

    “I am already excited about my trip to a new kind of sport. I have big respect for my first boxing match. In Hamburg I will find out soon how the international boxing level looks like! “ says Nicole. Saturday and/or Sunday she will have her first match. 
    27. February 2012
  • Club La Santa II, Lanzarote

    The second week of training has begun.

    Soon the World Champion in kickboxing is back at the ring for her new project: boxing. Currently she is training at Club La Santa in Lanzarote together with her training group: Mag. Andreas Vock, Heidi Kinderman and Jennifer Wenth. “We make good progress in training and we enjoy it a lot to train under like-minded her. A change of location and over all a change in temperature is vital for me and my training process! “says Nicole Trimmel, who will fight her first boxing match in Hamburg on the first weekend of March.
    14. February 2012
  • Project „Million Dollar Baby“, Oslip

    Kickbox-champ Nicole Trimmel is ready for a new adventure.

    Kickboxing is her passion, six times Nicole Trimmel got World Champion already! Now she unveils a secret about her new challenge: 2012 she will do her first boxing match. Of course she stays a kickboxer, but will put it a bit in the background on the beginning of the year to focus on boxing. In November at the European Championships in full contact kickboxing she wants to qualify for the SportAccord World Combat Games 2013 in St. Petersburgh. Therefore she has to change weight category to -60kg. Beginning of March the first test will wait for Nicole at an international tournament in Hamburg. One week later she has to fight at the Vienna boxcup.

    Project „Million Dollar Baby“
    In Box Athletic Club Eisenstadt, the World- and European Champion found a new training centre and feels very comfortable in the team. Since the beginning of the year she has already completed regular training sessions with boxing coach Wolfgang Reiterer. Reiterer a former bob pilot and ex-boxer is now new member of the “Team Nicole Trimmel† besides head coach Mag. Andreas Vock and technical coach Ing. Ernst Dörr. On the weekend Nicole leaves for a two weeks training camp to Lanzarote. In the first week boxing coach Reiterer and two of his athletes will be there - sparrings and specific units will be on top. In the second week she will focus on general condition.    
    „We know what we can and where we are weak but I have a wonderful team behind me. Table tennis is not the same as tennis and boxing is not kickboxing. We are talking about two different sports. I put myself in a strange land for this project and I offer my strong kicks in order to improve boxing. But my heart beats for kickboxing,† says Nicole Trimmel.
    2. February 2012
  • Relaxation, Frauenkirchen

    Regeneration as an important part of the training.

    Double World Champion Nicole Trimmel is in the middle of her seasonal preparations. Some days ago she passed a physical test showing a good basis. Besides exhausting training sessions regeneration is very important now. Therefore Nicole takes a day off to relax at the St. Martins Spa. Beginning of February she will go to Lanzarote for a two week training camp.
    23. January 2012
  • Christmas, Oslip

    "A wonderful Christmas!"
    ...says Nicole Trimmel to all her fans!
    24. December 2011
  • Worldchampion in Fullcontact, Dublin

    Nicole Trimmel takes her sixt WM title!
    "I am so happy! What a strange year! In June I had a knee surggery and now I won the second World Championships within a month! My first title in full contact!" says Nicole Trimmel.
    In final she met the same opponent like at the World Championships in light contact in Skopje: Russian Ksenia Mirochnisenko waited for Nicole in the ring. A strong fight, but Nicole could make everything clear and won with 3:0. "Many thanks to my coaches her but especially to Mag. Andreas Vock and Ing. Ernst Dörr, the Austrian kickboxing federation, my sponsors and Team Austria who supported me at my fight!" says a satisfied First Lady in kickboxing with a new chic belt.
    26. November 2011
  • 1st day WM Fullcontact, Dublin

    3:0 win against Ireland!
    Nicole Trimmel had a good start today at the World Championships in Full Contact kickboxing. With a very clear 3:0 she won against Irish Gillian Duffy. "A lot of things went quiet good today. In the second round I could gain a lot of points!" says a satisfied Nicole. Tomorrow she will fight Cathrine Fonnes from Norway.

    Nicole is the only athlete from 17 Austrians who is still in the tournament. All other were kicked out today.
    24. November 2011
  • Report from Dublin, Dublin

    Nicole Trimmel participates at the WAKO World Championships in full contact kickboxing in Dublin.
    The Austrian Team arrived in Dublin on Sunday. After weigh-in and registration they had a day off which everybody used to make a shopping tour through Dublin. The elimination fights will start on Wednesday. It is still open when Nicole will have her first fight.
    22. November 2011
  • Der nächste WM Countdown läuft

    Einen WM Titel hat sie schon, aber das Projekt heißt Doppelgold!

    Nicole Trimmel hat sich erst vor weniger als einem Monat bei der Leichtkontakt Weltmeisterschaft im mazedonischen Skopje vergoldet. Nach einer einwöchigen Verschnaufpause inklusive Nacht-Tandem-Sprung aus 3.500m Höhe wurde wieder professionell trainiert. Der Fokus auf das nächste Ziel gerichtet – die WAKO* Weltmeisterschaft im Semi- und Vollkontakt Kickboxen in Dublin.

    „Ich kann ganz entspannt nach Dublin fahren. Denn ein Ziel habe ich schon erreicht. Alles was jetzt kommt ist einfach nur die Draufgabe! Ich freue mich riesig, dass ich in Dublin endlich wieder in einen Ring steigen darf!“ meint die amtierende WAKO Welt- und Europameisterin im Leichtkontakt Kickboxen, die auch in der Disziplin Vollkontakt sicherlich zu den Favoritinnen zählt. Taktisch erfordert es eine gewisse Umstellung – im Ring kämpft es sich anders als auf der Matte. Doch für Nicole Trimmel stellen diese Wechsel kein Problem dar. Im Ring, wo einem niemand davon laufen kann, fühlt sie sich wohl.

    Am Sonntag reist das österreichische Nationalteam nach Irland. Nicole Trimmel wird neben drei Herren die einzige österreichische Dame sein, die im Vollkontakt startet. Der Rest des insgesamt 14-köpfigen Teams ist im Semikontakt am Start.
    2009 bei der letzten WM in Italien erkämpfte die Osliperin Silber. Unterlag im Finale nur der Deutschen Julia Irmen mit 2:1. Detailinfos zur WM finden sie im Anhang. Laufende Berichterstattung aus Dublin folgt.
    16. November 2011
  • TV clip on Krone.at, Wien

    Kickbox World Champion knocks out Krone.at editor Michael Fally.
    Click on the link below to see the clip.
    11. November 2011
  • Honor for the champ, Eisenstadt

    Governor Hans Niessl welcomes the new World Champion.
    Sports referent and governor Hans Niessl organized a welcome party for Nicole. Very quickly sponsors, Coach Ernst Dörr and Andi Vock, family and friends where invited to welcome the new World Champion. In his touching speech governor Hans Niessl highlighted the person Nicole Trimmel. "I appreciate her as athlete and as human being. Despite all her achievements she is still the same and stayed on ground!† As a present Nicole received a weekend at the St. Martins Spa.
    31. October 2011
  • 3rd WM day, Skopje

    3:0 win against turkish Berivan Ay.
    "Yes we can!" Honestly it is like a miracle that Nicole was able to fight again today. But an iron will was probably her companion against the Turkish girl. Despite all physical problems she could win very clearly with 3:0 points. “Under all circumstances today was a good one. I was also mentally present!† says Nicole Trimmel.
    Tomorrow she will fight Russian Ksenia Miroshnichenko. 3 further Austrian will fight for gold tomorrow: Georg Parth (Telfs) gegen Dimitrov Emanuil (BUL), Levente Bertalan (Team Tai-Kibo) gegen Laszo Ando (HUN), Doris Köhler (Kumgang Wien) gegen Izabela Kovacic (SLO)
    28. October 2011
  • 1st WM day, Skopje

    WM has started today. Quaterfinal: Nicole Trimmel (AUT) vs Madelen Softeland (NOR)
    25. October 2011
  • 10 days left till WM, Oslip

    The WAKO WM in light contact kickboxing will start on the 26th October 2011.
    The last week of training has begun. In 10 days, on the 26th October 2011, the elimination fights at WAKO World Championships in Light Contact Kickboxing in Skopje will start. The Austrian squad will already leave to Skopje on the 23rd. After weigh-in and registration there will be two days left for acclimatization. Nicole wants to celebrate her comeback after her knee surgery back in June.
    16. October 2011
  • A fair for the Youth, Oberwart

    'Bibi fair' with Kickboxing World Champion.
    Thousands of kids visited the 'Bibi fair' and came to try kickboxing with World Champion Nicole Trimmel and her colleague Heidi Kindermann (triathlon). The kids could get rid of their aggressions on the punchingball and the Pros showed them some easy kickboxing techniques. Provincial governeur Verena Dunst also put on the gloves and got information about correct training.
    7. October 2011
  • Education and career information fair...

    Kickboxing with Nicole Trimmel
    From 4th-6th October 2011 the Bibi-fair (educational and career information fair) together with the Youth Action Days will take place in the Exhibition Centre Oberwart in Burgenland. Besides interesting personal coaching’s, information on apprenticeships and schools, training routes, etc., numerous recreational activities are also available: Climbing, Karaoke, action painting and kick boxing with World and European Champion Nicole Trimmel.

    "The Bibi fair can be an important input for those, who have still not decided which career path they will take. I am glad that I can participate and support the Bibi fair! „says Nicki Trimmel, who is in the final phase of her preparations for the next World Championships.
    28. September 2011
  • Training camp, Schielleiten

    Endurance bloc at National Sports Centre.
    With beautiful weather and hot temperatures Nicole Trimmel completed several days of intense endurance training in the National Sports Centre Schielleiten. With technic coach Ing. Dörr she did also several boxing-trainings. “I am very satisfied with my actual condition after my operation back in June. I will do a performance test soon in order to get fixed values about my actual condition!† Nicole says. She is still working very hard on her comeback at the World Championships end of October.
    12. September 2011
  • The kickboxing academy, Eisenstadt

    Future, visions, plans...<br />
    The kickboxing academy launched mid-year in Eisenstadt. Founders are no less than the multiple World Champions in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel, Rainer and Patrick Gerdenitsch. The most successful martial artists in the country have joined forces to continue a focus on the full-contact kickboxing set. Rainer Gerdenitsch, currently anchored in Moscow, acts as chairman, with Nicole Trimmel as his representation.

    In future Nicole will start for the kickboxing academy and speaks about seven years at KBC Rohrbach: „I want to thank KBC Rohrbach especially Christoph Braunrath and Michael Gerdenitsch who always supported me during these wonderful years. The KBC Rohrbach was a very important bloc in my fundament as professional athlete where I found equivalents, friends and mentors. But now it’s time to lay the basis for something new!“

    End of October 2011 at the WAKO World Championsships in light contact kickboxing Patrick Gerdenitsch and Nicole Trimmel could already win the first medaills for the young new kickboxing academy.

    adress: kickboxing academy, St. Antonistrasse 9, 7000 Eisenstadt (ZVR: 41257227)
    26. August 2011
  • Das Knie hat gehalten

    Erstes Trainingslager im Bundessportzentrum Faak am See.
    Nicki Trimmel ist nach ihrer Knie-OP am Weg zurück und das mit voller Power. Diese Woche verbrachte sie gemeinsam mit einigen Motorsportlern und Trainingskollegin Heidi Kindermann (Triathlon) am Faaker See. Mag. Erwin Reiterer, Vortragender der Bundessportakademie, kümmerte sich um die buntgemischte Truppe und sorgte für optimale Trainingsprogramme. Im Vordergrund stand natürlich der Aufbau des rechten Knie der mehrfachen Kickboxweltmeisterin. Neben zahlreichen Ausdauereinheiten am Ergometer wurden vermehrt sensomotorische Reize gesetzt wie zum Beispiel Trainingseinheiten auf der Slakeline. Aber auch die Abwechslung durfte nicht zu kurz kommen und daher stand auch eine Klettereinheit mit Achim Mörtl (Motorsport) am Programm, wo die Osliperin schon an ihre kräftemäßigen Grenzen gestoßen war.
    „Gemeinsam macht es einfach viel mehr Spaß sich zu quälen. Nebenbei wirkt sich diese Motivation dann auch sehr positiv auf das Training aus! Es ist toll, seinen Körper wieder einmal richtig zu spüren!“ meint Nicki Trimmel. Bis zur WM Ende Oktober will sie noch zahlreiche Trainingslager absolvieren.
    31. July 2011
  • Club Magic Life Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    Kickboxing workshop for beginners from 4-9. July 2011im Club Magic Life.

    Every week in one of the clubs Magic Life presents, a prominent Austrian person. Interesting people tell stories from their lives, invite to a fancy cocktail party or a "breakfast with me," where they talk about their way of life.
    The offer is huge. Prominent personalities from arts, culture, lifestyle, sports and media spend one week in a club together with the guests - at the workshop or on stage. Nicole Trimmel will offer a kickboxing workshop for beginners  together with colleague Heidi Kindermann in the Magic Life Club Sharm El Sheikh.
    2. July 2011
  • "Say NO", Neusiedl

    Anti-smoking initiative of the Austrian Sporthilfe "Say NO" successfully.
    The Austrian Sporthilfe initiated in cooperation with the Sports Ministry, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and company Pharmig an anti-smoking initiative called "Say No". School classes were asked to join - the winner class came from high school in Neusiedl am See. Together with the Austrian Sporthilfe Nicole Trimmel was invited to talk about her sport and the bad aspects of smoking.
    21. June 2011
  • 139 days until Comeback, Eisenstadt

    Meniscus surgery survived.
    Yesterday, the European champion in kickboxing was operated by Univ. Doz. Dr. Boszotta in the hospital Eisenstadt.

    Tomorrow the training for her comeback starts. In 139 days Nicole Trimmel wants to fight for gold at the WAKO World Championships in Light contact kickboxing in Skopje, Macedonia. One month later she wants to participate at the WAKO World Championships in Full contact kickboxing in Dublin. The goal, two podiums!

    "With Andreas Vock and Erwin Reiterer (both BSPA) I have two experts in my team. Until autumn they will make me fit again in combination with a good therapy I come back stronger than before!" says Nicole Trimmel.

    Most restrictions will certainly be in kickboxing. Due to the high demand on the
    knee, it will still take a while until Nicole gets back to the ring again.
    9. June 2011
  • DTM, Spielberg

    DTM taxi-drive on the newly opened Red Bull Ring in Spielberg.
    Nicole just wanted to cross fingers for her colleague Susie Stoddard (Mercedes Benz) in qualifying for the DTM race. As a surprise, there was a DTM taxi ride with the F1 safety car driver Bernd Mayländer. Nicole Trimmel was very impressed by motor sport: "230km/h on the track is an amazing feeling! I now have great respect for the performance of the pilots during a race! "On Wednesday the World Champion in kickboxing has to go to the hospital for her knee surgery.
    6. June 2011
  • Diagnose Miniskuseinriss

    Höhen und Tiefen im Sport.

    Kurz nach der Wahl zur Sportlerin des Jahres 2010 hatte ein MR leider bestätigt, was von Anfang an im Raum stand. Die Europameisterin im Kickboxen hat sich bei der Staatsmeisterschaft in Krems einen Einriss des Innenminiskus am rechten Knie zugezogen und wird voraussichtlich operiert. Den Worldcup in Szeged hat Nicole Trimmel sicherheitshalber abgesagt obwohl auch ein Start möglich gewesen wäre. „Es ist sehr bitter für mich, denn ich bin momentan in bestechender Form. Dennoch will ich jetzt nichts mehr riskieren. Wichtig ist, dass ich schnell wieder fit bin und Ende des Jahres bei den Weltmeisterschaften kämpfen kann!“ meint die Osliperin, für die es die erste schwerwiegendere Verletzung innerhalb ihrer sportlichen Karriere ist. Wann operiert wird, wird sich in den nächsten Tag entscheiden.
    19. May 2011
  • Press conferenc Day of Sports, Matter...

    On the 27th of May 2011 the first 'Day of Sport' will take place in Mattersburg at the Pappel-stadion.
    At todays press conference governor Hans Niessl and organizer Christian Illedits spoke about the programm. They where supported by some local athletes like Julia Dujmovits, Georg Tischler, Michael Mörz and kickboxer Nicole Trimmel. All of them will join this event.
    17. May 2011
  • Austrian Champion title no 12 and 13,...

    Nicole is new and old Austrian Champion in semi- and lightcontact.
    On the weekend the Austrian Championships took place in Krems. Nicole could defend both titles and was happy about title no 12 and 13. Unfortunately she took an injury on her right knee which has to be clarified now.
    1. May 2011
  • Double World Cup victory, Innsbruck

    Victory in full and light contact at Austrian Classics.
    At the World Cup, Austrian Classics, Nicole started in two categories. In full contact Nicole fights twice and took the final with the German Verena Huber. Winner was the red corner - Nicole Trimmel.

    In light contact 11 starters participated. Nicole could defend her title from the last year. A successful weekend is over and tomorrow it's off to training camp in Schielleiten.
    18. April 2011
  • BVZ election, Eisenstadt

    The BVZ honored the winner of the anual election in the categories man and woman at Henrici in Eisenstadt.
    Nicole Trimmel and Patrick Gerdenitsch -  are the names of the winning athletes in Mattersburg. "Many thanks to all voters!"
    12. April 2011
  • Sportmagazin Bikini Gala, Vienna

    The bikini calender 2011 is ready! He was presented yesterday during the 22nd Sportmagazin Bikinigala at museumsquartier in Vienna. Photographer Sepp Gallauer and model Sarah Brandner did an excellent job. Nicole and coach Andreas Vock could get impressions about the latest bikini trends.
    16. March 2011
  • Nicole Trimmel NEU

    Sie ist geil, sie ist cool, sie ist anders – sie ist die neue Webseite von Nicole Trimmel (presented by gitgo GmbH).

    Seit ihrem WAKO PRO WM Titelkampf wird Nicole Trimmel von der Firma gitgo GmbH unterstützt. Die Geschäftsführer DI (FH) Hannes Schmid, Reinhard Lackner und Joe Wagner waren schon 2009 für das Design des „Nicole Trimmel Logo“ verantwortlich und haben ihr damit die Grundlage für einen neuen Auftritt geschaffen.

    Um nun auch in Sachen Webdesign nachzuziehen hat gitgo GmbH den Webauftritt der mehrfachen Kickboxwelt-meisterin neu gestaltet. Das Endprodukt ist eine neue, stylische, moderne und funktionelle Webseite.
    gitgo GmbH: „Der neue Webauftritt liefert den idealen Rahmen um am Sportgeschehen von Nicole Trimmel teilnehmen zu können. Durch einige neue Features, wie Newslettersystem oder der Bereich Social Community mit Facebook, YouTube, Picasa, bietet der redesignte Webauftritt eine multimediale Seite. Wir sind stolz die Kickbox Weltmeisterin Nicole, unser burgenländisches Aushängeschild, unterstützen zu dürfen.“

    Die Webseite ging diese Woche online. Machen sie sich selbst ein Bild und besuchen sie uns unter www.nicole-trimmel.at

    Der Newsletter: Registrieren sie sich jetzt gleich und erhalten sie regelmäßig Informationen über die Sportlerin und Events! Mit der Registrierung nehmen sie auch automatisch am Gewinnspiel teil: Die ersten 100 User können ein Nicole Trimmel T-Shirt inklusive Autogrammkarte, ein Paar Boxhandschuhe gesponsert von der Firma Top Ten und eine original signierte Fitness DVD von Trainingskollegin Patricia Kaiser gewinnen.

    Wie sieht es sportlich aus?
    Nicki Trimmel steht voll im Training. Vergangenes Wochenende fand im Bundessportzentrum Schielleiten das erste Nationalteamtrainingslager des österreichischen Bundesfachverbandes für Kick- und Thaiboxen statt für dieses Jahr. Am 2. April steigt Nicki Trimmel erstmalig bei der österreichischen Meisterschaft im Vollkontakt Kickboxen in Bregenz in den Ring.
    4. March 2011
  • National team training-camp, Schielle...

    First Austrian team training in 2011.
    The Austrian National Kickboxing team completed the weekend with a three day training camp in National Sports Centre Schielleiten. Besides Discipline-specific training sessions the program also included theory and mental training.
    1. March 2011
  • National team training-camp, Schielle...

    First Austrian team training in 2011.
    The Austrian National Kickboxing team completed the weekend with a three day training camp in National Sports Centre Schielleiten. Besides Discipline-specific training sessions the program also included theory and mental training.
    1. March 2011
  • Ready to start again, Lanzarote

    After the seasonal break it’s time for the first training camp.

    December was an important month to refill the tanks. Nicole Trimmel had a very good season and won her first WAKO European title. On the 1st of January she and her training group will start with preparations for 2011 at a training camp in Lanzarote.
    28. December 2010
  • Pech gehabt

    Kein glorreicher Tag für Nicki Trimmel bei der EM im Vollkontakt.

    Die Zeichen sind auf Gold gestanden doch es sollte anders kommen. Am Tag nach der Ankunft in Loutraki/Griechenland wird die Sportlerin bereits von starken Bauchschmerzen geplagt, die sich schließlich als Darmentzündung herausstellen. Nicole Trimmel wollte jedoch die EM nicht kampflos verlassen und wollte es zumindest versuchen. So stieg sie heute gegen die Italienerin Giulia Grenci in den Ring. Doch sie konnte ihre Stärken nicht umsetzen und die Entzündung hatte doch geschwächt. Sie unterlag der Italienerin denkbar knapp mit 2:1 Punkten. Zum Ende der Dritten Runde stand es unentschieden. Ein Schiedsrichter musste sich also entscheiden und entschied für die Italienerin – fast wäre der Plan aufgegangen.
    "Leider kann man es sich nicht aussuchen wann einem eine Krankheit oder ein Infekt erwischt. Der ungünstigste Moment ist natürlich der Saisonhöhepunkt. Trotzdem kann ich mit meiner Saison zufrieden sein! Bis auf den heutigen Kampf bin ich heuer ungeschlagen geblieben und hab den Europameistertitel im Leichtkontakt geholt. Unter normalen Bedingungen verliere ich den heutigen Kampf auch nicht!" meint Nicki Trimmel, für die die Saison jetzt zu Ende ist.
    24. November 2010
  • Nicole Trimmel´s Channel at YouTube, ...

    Find Nicole's Channel at YouTube.

    World- and European Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel is also operating a YouTube Channel for a little while now. There, you can find videos from events, championships, competitions and daily life of the sportswoman. Always on top of things, her channel provides the very latest videos on the Austrian professional.

    Have a look at her channel here and share your opinion.

    13. November 2010
  • Erster Europameistertitel für Nicole ...

    Gold im Leichtkontakt bis 65kg. Insgesamt drei Goldmedaillen für Österreich am heutigen Finaltag.

    Nach einer fünfjährigen Durstrecke gibt es endlich wieder Gold für Nicole Trimmel. Die letzte Goldmedaille bei der WM in Moskau lag schon einige Zeit zurück. Umso mehr freut sich die Osliperin über den Sieg und den Gewinn der EM Medaille in Azerbaijan, Baku.
    Nicole Trimmel zeigte mit souveränen Siegen auf. Alle Kämpferinnen besiegt sie mit 3:0 Richterstimmen. Trimmel ueberlaesst nichts dem Zufall.
    Im Finale besiegt sie die starke Russin Liliya Zaydullova ebenfalls mit 3:0. Die Russin wird in Runde zwei und drei immer aggressiver kann den Vorsprung allerdings nicht mehr wettmachen und unterliegt der Dominanz von Nicole Trimmel. "Ich war mental sehr stark an diesem Tag. Ich wusste, dass es heute klappen wird. Es ist mir ein Stein vom Herzen gefallen, als die drei Runden vorbei waren und ich endlich Europameisterin war. All das Training und all der Fleiß haben sich bezahlt gemacht! Es freut mich ganz besonders, dass alle Österreicher heute Gold geholt haben!" strahlt Nicole Trimmel mit Konditrainer Mag. Andreas Vock um die Wette.
    Für Nicole war die Leichtkontakt EM der erste Test für das Jahreshauptziel - die EM im Vollkontakt Ende November.
    22. October 2010
  • Entry into final at European Champion...

    Nicole Trimmel reaches the final at the European Championships in light contact kickboxing.

    The several times World Champion in Kickboxing carried out both quarter- and semifinal contest on the second day of competition, and won both of them in special manor: in the quarterfinal the sportswoman from Burgenland defeated Polish Paulina Frankowska on points with 3:0, and in the subsequent semifinal German Verena Huber of Bavaria also walked off the mattress loosing out on points with 3:0. Nicole thus entered the final of the European Championships, where she will await Russian Liliya Zaydullova at about 3pm local time.

    Club colleague Patrick Gerdenitsch got stuck in the quarterfinal when loosing against Italian Cristian Lubrano on points with 1:2. Other Austrian competitors who reached the final are: Levente Bertalan (Vienna), Astrid Öttl (Vienna), und Gerald Zimmermann (Carinthia).
    21. October 2010
  • Interview in Top Times magazine, Oslip

    Interesting article in October.

    Magazin Top Times made an interesting article about World Champion in kickboxing, Nicole Trimmel, in their October issue. Besides this story they also have an article about the fascination of martial arts.
    6. October 2010
  • Carinthia, Faak

    A trainingweek at lake Faak.

    A change of location was back in fashion again. So Nicole Trimmel and her training group including Matthias Gastgeb (Jiu Jitsu), Heidi Kindermann (triathlon), Jenny Wendt (athletics) and crafty coach Mag. Andreas Vock (BSPA) spend some days at the Federal Sports Centre at Faak. After exhausting units, the athletes went for a cooldown in the lake Faak!
    23. August 2010
  • Preparations for autumn, Oslip

    Thanks to all sponsors!

    After a successful first period and a couple of tour-naments Nicole started her preparations for autumn. The kickboxer takes stock: "Up to now I am very satisfied with the season and want to thank all my sponsors. Without them it would not be possible to perform on that level!"
    Thanks are due mainly carpenter Filipich in Trausdorf, Team-Rot-Weiss-Rot, Sportpool Burgenland, Sport Burgenland , the gitgo GmbH and Austrian Sporthilfe.
    12. July 2010
  • WAKO Worldcup Bestfighter, Rimini

    First win of a World cup in full contact.

    During the 4th till 6th of June 2010 Rimini became the Mecca of kickboxing. Nicole Trimmel was the only starter in full contact from Austria and took gold in the class -65kg. In first round she fought against Russion Ksenia Miroshnichenko and won with 2:1. At the be-ginning of the fight she had problems with her Russian opponent and lagged behind by points.
    In final Nicole was fighting Cathrine Fonnes from Norway whom she met already at the WM in Lignano a year ago. This time she made a great fight and won with 3:0. Now it is time for regeneration.
    9. June 2010
  • WAKO Worldcup, Szeged

    Win and Out at the same time.

    Nicole Trimmel participated at the WAKO Worldcup in Szeged/Hungary. In the first fight she met Belskaya Marharyta from Belarus. Nicole was dominating the fight and had no problem to control her opponent. In the third round Nicole crashed with the knee of the Belarus girl. Although Nicole fought until the end and won the fight with 3:0 she could not continue in the tournament because of her injury.
    23. May 2010
  • Sieg und Aus zugleich

    Neue Erfahrung für Nicole Trimmel. Sie muss wegen einer Verletzung aufgeben.

    Nicole Trimmel reiste mit einer kleinen Auswahl des österreichischen Nationalteams zum WAKO Worldcup nach Szeged/Ungarn. Ihre Teamkollegen gingen in den Tatamidisziplinen Semi- und Leichtkontakt an den Start. Die Burgenländerin vom KBC Rohrbach hatte aufgrund der starken internationalen Beteiligung bei den Worldcups einen Start im Vollkontakt vorgezogen.
    Die Gewichtsklasse bis 65kg war mit 6 Startern aus 6 Nationen gut besetzt. Nicole Trimmel kam gleich Freitagvormittag zum Einsatz und stieg gegen die e Weißrussin Belskaya Marharyta in den Ring. Nicole übernahm sofort die Führung und konnte zahlreiche Kicks platzieren und ihre Stärke beweisen. Zu Beginn der dritten Runde kam es jedoch bei der Ausführung einer Beintechnik zu einem verhängnisvollen Zusammenstoss und Nicki Trimmel wird an der Wade verletzt. Nach einer kurzen Auszeit führt die Osliperin den Kampf zu Ende und siegt klar mit 3:0 Richterstimmen.
    Am nächsten Tag muss Nicole Trimmel verletzungsbedingt aufgeben und ist nur mehr Zuseherin am Ring. Die Schwellung hatte sich über Nacht verschlimmert und eine Belastung des Beines war nicht ratsam. „Ich hätte sehr gerne gekämpft auch nur mit einem Bein, denn meine nächste Gegnerin wäre Anne Katas aus Finnland gewesen und dann die Norwegerin Fonnes von der WM. Mein Trainer hat mich aber davon überzeugt es besser zu lassen. In zwei Wochen findet mein Saisonhöhepunkt statt, der Worldcup in Rimini. Dort schlage ich zurück und will 100% fit sein!“ meint Nicki Trimmel, die frühzeitig von Szeged abgereist ist um gleich am Sonntag mit einer Therapie zu beginnen um wieder fit zu werden. Da die Bewerbe noch bis Sonntagabend laufen, ist eine Platzierung der anderen Nationalteammitglieder noch nicht bekannt.
    22. May 2010
  • 10. Staatsmeistertitel

    Nicole holt Staatsmeistertitel Nr. 9 (Semikontakt) und Nr. 10 (Leichtkontakt).

    Bei den Staatsmeisterschaften der Tatami Sportarten Semi- und Leichtkontakt in Deutschlandsberg sichert sich Nicki Trimmel souverän zwei Titel. Damit feiert die WAKO PRO Weltmeisterin auch ein Jubiläum den nun besitzt sie zehn Staatsmeistertitel in ihrer Gewichtsklasse.
    Titel Nr. 9
    Im Semikontakt beendet die Osliperin ihre Kämpfe vorzeitig durch technisches KO (10 Punkte Vorsprung). Obwohl ihr letzter Semikontaktstart schon zwei Jahre zurück liegt, hat sie hier wiederum ihr Talent bewiesen. „Radfahren verlernt man ja auch nicht von heute auf morgen“, kommentiert die neue Staatsmeisterin.
    Titel Nr. 10
    Auch im Leichtkontakt macht die Titelverteidigerin mit ihren Gegnerinnen kurzen Prozess. Die Grazerin Ulm Tanja geht durch einen perfekt angesetzten Drehkick von Nicole zu Boden und gibt auf. Das Finale gegen Barbara Michatsch, ebenfalls ASKOE Graz, endet 3:0 für die Burgenländerin.
    Direkt von den Staatsmeisterschaften reist Nicole gleich zum Trainingslager ins Bundessportzentrum Schielleiten. Dort wird sie bis Ende der Woche fleissig Kondition tanken.
    2. May 2010
  • WAKO Worldcup, Innsbruck

    Superior victory in the category Light Contact kickboxing.

    For the first time the Austrian Classics had a WAKO World Cup status. 1.285 athletes from 30 nations participated in Innsbruck. Nicole Trimmel started in the category Light Contact minus 65kg and had 13 competitors. After four fights Nicole was the winner of her category. With her top performance she beat all 4 competitors with 3:0.
    19. April 2010
  • 2 x Gold at German Open, Eberswalde

    Nicole Trimmel succesful.

    The start into the new season was successfully. Nicole Trimmel fought in full and light contact at the German Open in Eberswalde, near Berlin. In both categories she gained gold. In the middle of March she will participate at the first Worldcup in Innsbruck for this year.
    23. March 2010
  • Preperations, Schielleiten

    Training camp in BSFZ Schielleiten.

    Nicole Trimmel is training strength and condition in two short stays at the Austrian training center in Schielleiten to prepare for next competitions. Besides exhausting training sessions there is also enough time for regenerative actions. Physiotherapeut Lisa Riegler is taking care of this part. “Because of my genius trainer Andreas and my team I am in top form. I am really looking forward to my first competitions to test my form!† says WAKO PRO World Champion, who will go for another training camp to Lanzarote in the first week of March. First competitions will start for Nicole in the middle of March.
    20. February 2010
  • Seasonal start, Lanzarote

    Training camp from the 5th till 12th January 2010.

    Before the next cold snap arrives in Burgenland kickboxer Nicole Trimmel leaves to warmer zones. Destination: Lanzarote/Canary Islands. She will spend one week there together with her training group and coach in order to prepare for 2010 season.
    4. January 2010
  • World Championships, Lignano

    WM-silver in full contact. 

    Nicole Trimmel showed a very good performance at the World Championships in Lignano Sabiatore/Italy. She took silver in full contact. In quarterfinal she won against Ukrainian Oleksandra Pliusnina. In semifinal she met Cathrine Fonnes from Norway who was nearly one head taller. Nicole Trimmel won 2:1 and showed again a very good result. In final Austria met Germany: Nicole Trimmel vs Julia Irmen. At last years European Championships Julia kicked out Nicole in the first round. This year it was a very great fight on a very high level between the two athletes. In round three Nicole Trimmel took the full risk and gave everything - Julia Irmen won. Two referees had her just one point in front so it was a very close result. “I am very proud of this fight. It was my best fight at this Championship. Both of us could win - I am satisfied! I had a great year with a lot of success.† Now Nicole Trimmel will take a rest to get new energy for the next season.
    30. November 2009
  • Night of sports, Vösendorf

    Sports Media Austria elected Nicole Trimmel on place 15.

    Sports Media Austria elected the sportsman and the sportswoman of the year in the eventpyramide Vösendorf. World Champion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel was also under the 25 nominees and got place 15 at the end.
    12. November 2009
  • Nicole entered final, Villach

    Nicole Trimmel fights her final on Sunday.

    It was a hard day for the manifold World Champion. After watching her opponents in 1/8 final, Nicole Trimmel had to fight on the tatami twice. Firstly she met the English Viktoria Wilkinson. A small and very fast fighter. Old hand Nicole Trimmel won with 3 to 0 points. In the afternoon she got a completely different fighter type: Kamila Bakanda (POL). Nicole won with 2 to 1. “I still suffer from a cold and had some problems during fight. The components were not easily to beat. Now I am focusing on Sundays final!† says Nicole Trimmel, who will fight against Hungarian Bojana Dancsecs at final.
    24. October 2009
  • World Championships, Villach

    World Championships in Kickboxing from 22nd till 25th October.

    Preparations fort he World Championships in kickboxing in Austria are on full speed. The Austrian kickboxing federation (ÖBFK) is very busy with the organisation. On Monday WAKO PRO World Champion Nicole Trimmel will travel to Villach to meet the rest of the national squad and to register for the Championships. The last days of preparations have been very good for Nicole. "Because of a strain in my leg I could not stress it too much. But now I am fit again. So a big thank to my team and my physiotherapist. I am ready to fight in Villach now!" says Nicole Trimmel. Fans should start to cross fingers for Nicole on Thursday. Than the elemination fights will start. More information about the time table can be found here.
    18. October 2009
  • Day of sports, Vienna

    Sportspectacle at Heldenplatz in Vienna.

    On the 26 of September Austrias sports-elite met at Heldenplatz for the day of sports. WAKO PRO World Champion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel and Jiu Jitsu European Champion Matthias Gastgeb signed autographs at the information desk of the sportacademy.
    1. October 2009
  • World Championship in Austria, Villach

    22nd - 25th October 2009 in Villach.

    Are you a fan of Nicki Trimmel? Than you should join the World Championships in Villach, Kärnten, and support her during the fights from 22nd till 25th October. Furhter information about the event you will find on the official website. Nicole Trimmel will start for Austria in the category light contact -65kg.
    11. September 2009
  • Radio guest, Eisenstadt

    Nicole Trimmel guest at broadcast 'Mahlzeit Burgenland'.

    On the 18th of August the manifold World Champion in Kickboxing is guest at broadcast 'Mahlzeit Burgenland'.
    18. August 2009
  • Olympiacenter in Norway, Oslo

    Full contact training camp together with 'Team Norway'.

    The norwegian kickboxing team in full contact started with their preperations for the World Championsships end of November. Therefore they had a one week training camp in the 'Olympiatoppen' in Oslo. Nicole Trimmel could also join the camp and spend some days in Oslo to train together with the norwegian team who has some of the best full contact fighters in the world.
    13. August 2009
  • The golden horn, Brac

    Nicole Trimmel sweats in the heat of Croatia.

    The World Champion in Kickboxing often got gold – but never did a training at the golden Horn in Croatia. Nicole Trimmel used a one week training camp to-gether with box fans and coach Ernst Dörr to work on the basics. Beside training sessions they relaxed on the beach to refill the energy tanks.
    10. July 2009
  • Summercamp Norway, Stavern

    Trainingscamp in Norway.

    Austrian kickboxing federation (ÖBFK) sent Nicole Trimmel and Juso Prosic (Tyrol) to the Summercamp in Norway. The two athletes joined a full contact training camp under Russian head coach Valentin Pushkarev.
    22. June 2009
  • A*V*I*T*A, Bad Tatzmannsdorf

    Nicole Trimmel at the preparations for the World Championship Fight.

    The Kickboxing Champion spends the week ahead of the title fight with a practice group and her coaches Joachim Huber and Mag. Andreas Vock at the Hotel A*V*I*T*A in Bad Tatzmannsdorf. Managing Director Peter Prisching provides a perfect enviroment for the training: "Training and relaxation walk along hand-in-hand here. We always feel very comfortable here and I'm able to prepare mentally very well for the challenge ahead", said Nicole Trimmel.
    19. May 2009
  • Fan-competition and ticket-action, Oslip

    Night of Champions attracts with innovative concepts.

    On the 23rd May the Night of Champions will take place. In order to get a fantastic atmosphere in the sport hall, organisers have called for a fan-competition. The best and most flashy group (one group are at least 5 persons) will be elected by Oliver Stamm and gains a yearly stock of beverages sponsored by Coca-Cola Hellenic. In order to get a special support for the young-kickboxers, who are also involved in this event, Nicole Trimmel and Patrick Gerdenitsch invited the grammer schools in Oslip and Rohrbach and brought them free tickets. “We want to be good examples for them and try to motivate them to do more sports†, says Nicole and Patrick.
    16. May 2009
  • Again successful, Vienna

    Competition: Austria against Croatia 3:1.

    Nicole Trimmel again successful at the "Born to Fight 2“ kickboxing event in Vienna. She wins Croatien girl in a full contact fight over three rounds with 3:0 by points. “It was a good training competition where I could test a lot of things†, Nicole Trimmel sounds satisfied.
    24. April 2009
  • Kickboxgala, Pischelsdorf

    Win by knock out at Pischelsdorf.

    Nicole Trimmel started her new season at Kickboxgala in Pischelsdorf. In the course of the competition: Austrian full contact national team against Slovakian team, Nicole Trimmel fought against Slovakian Janka Satalova. At the very beginning of the second round the manifold World Champion in Kickboxing could make an effective punch and won the fight by knock out.
    21. March 2009
  • BVZ Favourite Sportwoman 2008, Eisens...

    Nicole Trimmel came off as winner of this year's BVZ election of most favourite sportswoman of the year.

    The Burgenländische Volkszeitung (BVZ) honoured their most popular sportsman and sportswoman in winery Esterhazy in Trausdorf. BVZ readers made their choice: Nicole Trimmel and Patrick Gerdenitsch, both members of Kickboxclub Rohrbach, won this years election in the district Mattersburg.
    16. March 2009
  • Presentation - New job, Eisenstadt

    Nicole Trimmel becomes driving force of new action body movement projects in the Austrian province of Burgenland.

    The secret is out - Governor Hans Niessl presented Nicole Trimmel’s new field of activity at a press conference today: the multiple World Champion in Kickboxing is going to work as a sports referee in the Austrian province of Burgenland and thereby takes over an even bigger function as a role model for kids and teenagers in the area of sports. The province of Burgenland decided to launch initiatives to encourage childrens involvement in sports and physical activity. As a prime example of a successful sports personality Nicole Trimmel is going to develop concepts for the promotion of activity among primary school pupils. These projects shall be realized with the assistance of schools, various associations and townships.

    “Sports, especially junior sports, are my big concern. For this reason I am highly pleased that I got the chance to devote myself fully to sports and to make use of my long-time experience in sports. I am sure that I can make things happen,† says Trimmel, who will support the projects with strong motivation.
    10. December 2008
  • Vice European Champion in light conta...

    Nicole Trimmel scores silver medal at European Championships.

    Slovenian Sabina Sehic gets European Champion in light contact kickboxing. Nicole Trimmel takes Vice European Champion title for Austria. In total Austria got five medals.
    30. November 2008
  • Nicole entered semi final, Guimaraes

    Nicole Trimmel wins against Poland.

    The Manifold World Champion in Kickboxing started the European Championships with a fight against the Polish Paulina Frankovska. With 3:0 win on points Nicole Trimmel could clearly win this fight and is now in semi-final of the category minus 65 kilograms in light contact. Tomorrow she will fight Hungarian Bojana Dancsecs.
    27. November 2008
  • European Championships in light conta...

    Departure for European Championships in light contact kickboxing on November 24, 2008.

    The European Championships in light contact, low kick and K1-style are set to take place in Guiamaraes (approximately 50km from Porto), Portugal, on 24-30 November 2008. The Austrian kickboxing national team including Nicole Trimmel will arrive to Guiamaraes on Monday.
    In Portugal the Manifold World Champion in Kickboxing will participate in her favourite discipline – light contact. Until departure a couple of training sessions are hold. More news will follow soon here.
    21. November 2008
  • Retired early in round one, Varna

    Nicole Trimmel looses against German Julia Irmen.

    The manifold World Champion in Kickboxing was kicked out in the first round of the tournament, not being able to savour the honour of the Austrian national kickboxing team. The two opponents being of equal performance during the fight, the referees had to take the decision: win on points for Julia Irmen, which consequently marked the first retirement of Nicole Trimmel in round one at such a major event.

    Already in November Nicole Trimmel will start again at the next major event, the European Championships in light contact kickboxing, in Portugal.
    26. October 2008
  • Arrival for European Championships in...

    Nicole Trimmel arrived at the European Championships in full contact kickboxing.

    The European Championships in full contact are set to take place in Varna, Bulgaria, on 21-27 October 2008. Manifold World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel arrived already on Monday: “I am looking forward to the European Championships. Slowly I am getting more and more excited. Unfortunately my coach Joachim Huber can’t join the event because of professional reasons, but on the other hand the whole team of KBC Rohrbach will be present.†, said Nicole Trimmel.

    The four time World Champion in Kickboxing will presumably climb the ring on October 22. More news will follow soon here.
    20. October 2008
  • Mountain climbing in Tirol, Oberndorf

    Nicole Trimmel climbs the Wilder Kaiser in Tirol.

    The World Champion in Kickboxing currently prepares for the European Championships in full contact kickboxing. Five days she stays in the mountains of Tirol training with ex-national team colleagues Bianca Pfahringer and Nicole Pendl. Main focus of the training session is endurance and development of physical strength - mountain climbing thus comprises the programme.

    At the beginning of the week the trio was transferred to legendary ski racetrack Hahnenkamm, climbing the Streif. In a second climb the summit cross of the Wilder Kaiser was crested. Even though Nicole Trimmel originates from the low lands of Austria, she showed talent in climbing and left a good impression on her colleagues. The subsequent descent by means of paragliding gave an impressive view on the mountain world of Tirol - a felicitous alternation of the usual training routine.
    27. August 2008
  • Training camp in Hungary, Vép

    Nicole Trimmel prepares in Hungary for the European Championship.

    The World Champion in Kickboxing followed an invitation of Hungary’s kickboxing national team coach Miklós Zrínyi to take part in a training camp in Vép, close to Szombathely. The camp lasted for a duration of fourteen days; 46 Hungarian sportsman attended. Daily three training sessions were on the agenda: running, boxing and kickboxing.

    “It really was a very exhausting training camp, and it wasn’t a matter of course that I could participate. Hungary has a very strong and successful national team, besides in Miklós Zrínyi also a fantastic coach. The training sessions were very demanding, but enjoyable. I was welcomed openly and could gather a lot of power. No such training camp exists in Austria.†, said Nicole Trimmel.
    30. July 2008
  • PR-staff member at Euro 2008, Bad Tat...

    Nicole Trimmel looks after Croatia’s national soccer team.

    During the UEFA EURO 2008 the World Champion in Kickboxing works at the Media Centre in Bad Tatzmannsdorf. The welcome desk consists of two strong ladies: Sarina Gludovatz, daughter of ÖFB-team-coach Paul Gludovatz, and Nicole Trimmel, professional kickboxer. The team is completed by Darko Durkov and Ronni Gollatz, who leads the Media Centre.

    At the Media Centre journalists from all over the world are being supported daily with the most important information regarding the tournament, and in particular the Croatian team. The atmosphere is fantastic: “Up to 180 journalists have already been attending press conferences in the Media Centre Bad Tatzmannsdorf. The day after the game against Austria there were 22 camera teams. A very interesting and challenging opportunity, which is at the same time very funny.†, said Nicole Trimmel.
    12. June 2008
  • Early retire at WAKO World Cup, Szeged

    Nicole Trimmel got kicked out in the first round.

    The WAKO World Cup in Szeged, Hungary, started on Thursday with the weigh-in and registration. It turned out it was not possible to start in light- and full contact as originally planned. Nicole Trimmel and national team coach Bernhard Sussitz had to take a choice – start in full contact.
    In the pre-elimination fight the four-time World Champion in kickboxing lost against Birgit Reitan Oksnes from Norway with 2:1. Bernhard Sussitz lost his full contact final against Norway.
    26. May 2008
  • WAKO Pro Austria Champion, Hartberg

    Nicole Trimmel is WAKO Pro Austria Champion in full contact with low-kick.

    On May 10 the WAKO Pro Kickbox Gala in Hartberg took place in Hartberg, Styria. Lots of fans from Burgenland were attending to support the four-times World Champion in Kickboxing at her first professional fight according to WAKO Pro.
    Around 10pm the ring was given green lights for the World Champion - Nicole Trimmel started against Tanja Rafetseder from Upper Austria. Tanja started with a fast sequence of kicks, but got stuck in Nicole’s backing – the Upper Austrian didn’t seem to care much and continued her attack. The World Champion counterattacked in round 2, in which she went from passive to active leading to an open match of kicks. In round 3 Nicole increased the effort, eventually seeing Tanja Rafetseder down for the count under the applause from the fans - only seconds later the fight was restarted, Nicole cutting back again. She was rewarded immediately, as her opponent went down for the final count which brought the technical K.O. in round 3. Nicole took her first WAKO Pro Austria title in her career.
    The arena trembled still minutes after the award ceremony. Nicole Trimmel was carried around on shoulders - Tanja Rafetseder took it fair, and congratulated more than once. “It was a very difficult fight, and I’m happy I could finish it before time. Fighting without any protection was a bit different, but I had a good backing which turned out to be the doom eventually for my opponent. My tactics evolved in full - I had a passive look at my opponent, went breaking her style only in round 2 when I became active at the very right moment. I’m very, very happy today, haven’t grasped it yet. I’m already looking forward to the next WAKO Pro fight.† said Nicole Trimmel.

    Photos and video of the WAKO Pro Kickbox Gala in Hartberg are located here: photos and video - kindly supported by Viktor Fertsak and Kleine Zeitung.
    10. May 2008
  • Gold and Silver at the German Open, E...

    Nicole Trimmel scores gold and silver at the German Open.

    Nicole Trimmel and Patrick Gerdenitsch participated together with the Austrian national kickboxing team at the German Open in Ebern. Nicole Trimmel lost her full contact final against Julia Göllner (Bayern), reaching only silver. In light contact she wins gold over Nadja Fritsche (Hamburg). “I had numerous fights, very suitable for my preparations in regards to the professional fight on the 10th of May,† said Nicole Trimmel.

    Patrick Gerdenitsch won bronze in light contact.
    21. April 2008
  • Austrian Champion in Light contact, G...

    Nicole Trimmel is Austrian Champion in light contact kickboxing.

    The World Champion In Kickboxing competed last weekend at the Austrian Championships in light contact kickboxing in Gratwein, Styria. In weight category -65kg she scores her fourth Austrian Champion title in a row.

    In the semi-finals she wins over Barbara Mihatsch of Kickboxcenter Graz on points with 3:0. In the final she kicks against Beatrix Hütter, a former manifold World Champion in Kickboxing. The Styrian kisses the dust after a stormy start by receiving a kick from Nicole; the fight ends after three rounds on points for Nicole Trimmel.

    In weight category -94kg Patrick Gerdenitsch secures the title. Christoph Pauly scores bronze in category heavy-weight.
    13. April 2008
  • KICK-OFF press conference, Schielleiten

    Nicole Trimmel will compete in her first professional fight.

    The first WAKO PRO kickboxing gala in Austria was presented to the public at the castle of Schielleiten during a KICK-OFF press conference. On the 10th of March 2008 the kickboxing gala will take place in the Hartberghalle in Hartberg (Styria). Local hero and host Roman Durlacher plans a unique event never seen in Austria before. Besides an ambitious program for the spectators three pro-fights will take place. Nicole Trimmel, four-time World Champion in Kickboxing and actual number two on the world ranking list in full contact, will be one of the main fights. She will compete against Andrea Murcovic from SC Leoben in the category -63,5kg full contact with low kicks over five rounds.

    Tickets can be bought at all Sparkassen in Burgenland and Styria or at KO American Bar. Reservations for ring-desks in VIP all-inclusive areas under office@k-o.at.
    21. March 2008
  • Seasonal opening in Ireland, Dublin

    Nicole Trimmel participates at the Irish Open in Dublin.

    As in the previous years Nicole Trimmel starts the new season at the Irish Open in Dublin, one of Europe’s largest and most popular international tournaments in kickboxing. This year Nicole Trimmel is at the very beginning of her preparations and will see this event just as a test without aiming for high expectations.

    ASVÖ Kickboxclub Rohrbach will have two participants at this event: Patrick Gerdenitsch and Serdar Tekeli.
    22. February 2008
  • Prolongation of contract with Green-w...

    Greenwich Consulting prolongates the contract with Nicole Trimmel.

    Since 2007 the four-time Kickboxing World Champion Nicole Trimmel is being supported by Greenwich Consulting. The contract was now extended for two years.

    “I’m very happy about the cooperation with Nicole. Her achievements on national and international level help positioning our group of companies across Europe. Both of us strive for continuity and long-term orient-ation in what we do. In the next 2 years Greenwich Consulting wants to be present in Austria as well, which qualifies the engagement of Nicole.“ said Thierry Bouffioux, Managing Director Greenwich Benelux.

    Nicole was ardent, having profited from the profess-ional coaching by Greenwich Consulting at the World Championships in Coimbra: her fight in the final was broadcasted live on Portuguese TV-station RTP2.

    Greenwich Consulting is a member of Greenwich International Group.
    14. January 2008
  • Vice-World Champion in Full Contact, ...

    Nicole Trimmel scores the silver medal at the Kickbox-ing World Championships in Coimbra.

    In the final of class -65kg Nicole competed today against Polish Katarzyna Furmaniak. As some weeks before at the final in Belgrade, the manifold World Champion in Kickboxing took defeat by a mere 2:1 on points. Again, only in round three the decision fell in favour of her Polish opponent.

    Consequently, Nicole Trimmel further on holds four World Champion-titles in Kickboxing. “The fight was very exciting. All three rounds were absolutely equal. Both of us were competing on high level. Finally some odds and ends will have decided on victory. Never-theless, I’m happy with my performance.†, said Nicole Trimmel.

    The fight was broadcasted live on Portugal’s main TV-station.

    Besides the bronze medal scored by Bianca Ahmann, Nicole is once more the sole sportsman to have mar-ked a medal for the Austrian national team at this World Championships.
    2. December 2007
  • Arrival at World Championships, Coimbra

    Nicole Trimmel arrived yesterday in Coimbra.

    The World Champion in Kickboxing und her colleagues of KBC Rohrbach, together with the Austrian national team, arrived yesterday in Porto. A bus transfer to Coimbra followed, where registration and weighing took place. Right afterwards they moved into Hotel Tivoli, which is located close to the city centre.

    Today sightseeing in Coimbra at lovely 20 degrees Celsius was on the agenda. The fighters walked the university town at best temper. In the late afternoon they trained again in the fitness club of the hotel.

    Tomorrow another day of training will follow, before the sequence of fights will be announced in the evening.
    27. November 2007
  • Vice-World Champion in Light Contact,...

    Nicole Trimmel scores the silver medal at the Kickbox-ing World Championships in Belgrade.

    In the final of class -65kg Nicole competed against Slovenian Sabina Sehic today. Burgenland’s manifold World Champion in Kickboxing took defeat by a mere 2:1 on points in an enthralling fight, which only in round three ended in favour of Sabina Sehic.

    Consequently, Nicole Trimmel further on holds four World Champion-titles in Kickboxing, and didn’t show signs of disappointment: “I’m happy with my performance. Sabina was better today, I respect that. I’m glad about the silver medal. However, there’s not much time left for celebration - I will spend some time analysing the fight in detail, and have to start with mental prepara-tions for the next big event in Portugal by the end of November already. I would be happy to find again such a great setting there.†, said a gleaming Nicole Trimmel.

    Besides the bronze medal scored by Juso Prosic, Nicole is the sole sportsman to have marked a medal for the Austrian national team at this World Champion-ships.
    30. September 2007
  • Leave-taking for World Champion-ships...

    Nicole Trimmel and Patrick Gerdenitsch guests at governor Hans Niessl.

    The World Championships in Kickboxing will take place in Belgrade, Serbia from September 25 to October 1, 2007. Starting for Austria’s national team will be - amongst others - Nicole Trimmel and Patrick Gerde-nitsch.
    Governor Hans Niessl didn’t miss the opportunity to take leave of the two top athletes of Burgenland: exem-plary he put his hands on the back of the car of Nicole Trimmel, push-started Nicole and Patrick virtually for their leave-taking to Belgrade and left his wishes for success with the whole team.

    The head of Burgenland used the opportunity to ap-praise Nicole Trimmel’s latest marketing idea - a spe-cially designed sticker for the vehicle of the manifold World Champion in Kickboxing - targeted at broad-ening the kickboxing sport and Nicole’s image. Quite enthusiastic about the initiative, he welcomed it and highlighted Nicole Trimmel’s exemplary role in other campaigns, in particular in coherence with children and youth.

    On display was also the new outfit for the national team, sponsored by TopTen - a manufacturer of pro-tective equipment for martial arts.
    21. September 2007
  • Post Fußball Cup 07, Neusiedl am See

    Nicole Trimmel at the Post Fußball Cup 07 in Neusiedl am See.

    The Österreichische Post AG, as partner of the UEFA EURO 2008, from July 1 to September 16, 2007 orga-nises one of the biggest hobby soccer events in Austria: the Post Fußball Cup 07. There are nine quali-fication tournaments on federal state level, at which all employees of Österreichische Post AG and soccer freaks can participate. The final takes place on Sept-ember 16 in Vienna. The winning team is going to be rewarded with tickets for the UEFA EURO 2008.
    The award ceremony of the qualification tournament in Neusiedl am See was accompanied by the CEO of Österreichische Post AG Dr. Herbert Götz, the go-vernor of Burgenland Hans Niessl and World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel.
    26. August 2007
  • Wristband of Österreichische Sporthil...

    Nicole Trimmel wears the wristband of Österreichische Sporthilfe.

    The Österreichische Sporthilfe recently started a new initiative: the ’Sporthilfe Wunscharmband’. Receipts on the sale of the wristband go to funding of Austrian off-spring and top-class sportsmen/-women.
    The philosophy has been derived from South America, where such wristbands enjoy high popularity. It works accordingly: the wristband is made of a material dis-solving after a while. It is tied with three burls onto the wrist of someone perceived as special. With every burl the person is allowed to wish for something. If the wristband dissolves or a burl opens, a wish becomes true.
    The Sporthilfe Wunscharmband can be purchased here and only costs 2 Euros.
    8. August 2007
  • Performance test, Stegersbach

    In the Bergmüller Kompetenzzentrum a performance test was again executed.

    In the last few weeks Nicole Trimmel executed a fitness training to improve her physics. With a test on the treadmill the latest performance indicators have been determined. The four-time World Champion in Kick-boxing is satisfied with the results: “It shows that the efforts of the last weeks have been worth it. In the next weeks we will improve my interaction potential and integrate more often the kickboxing training.† said Nicole Trimmel.

    Colleague Patrick Gerdentisch also conducted a test in Stegersbach, where he was delighted by the profes-sionalism of the team as well as of the high quality standards of the equipment.
    18. July 2007
  • Head of state congratulates, Eisenstadt

    Nicole Trimmel as visitor in Landhaus Eisenstadt.

    The four-time World Champion in Kickboxing achieved to bring the Austrian Champion title in all disciplines to Burgenland. Enough reasoning for deputy governor Franz Steindl to invite Nicole in Landhaus Eisenstadt, and to congratulate her for the achievements at this year’s Austrian championships.
    3. July 2007
  • Getaway in Italy, Torbole

    Nicole Trimmel indulges herself a getaway with friends on the Lago di Garda.

    Instead of training, relaxing was placed on Nicole’s agenda for the bank holiday weekend. The four-time World Champion in Kickboxing took a rest in the wind-surf heaven of Torbole at Lago di Garda, Italy.
    Completely without sport was a “no-go†, as Nicole couldn’t resist a short windsurfing adventure.
    10. June 2007
  • Prolongation of contract with Sport-p...

    The Sportpool Burgenland prolongates the contract with Nicole Trimmel.

    Since 2003 the four-time Kickboxing World Champion Nicole Trimmel has been supported by the Sportpool Burgenland. The contract again was extended for another year at the office of Sportpool Burgenland, where it was signed last week.
    27. May 2007
  • Austrian Champion in Light contact, L...

    Nicole Trimmel takes again the Austrian Champion-title in light contact kickboxing.

    In Leibnitz the four-time World Champion claims her fourth Austrian Champion-title in a row. She defeats Verena Pichelhofer of ASKÖ Graz with 3:0 points. Silke Klampf doesn’t stand any chance. In the final Nicole runs against long-time rival Bianca Amann from Vor-arlberg. In a technically well conducted fight Nicole wins with 2:1 points.

    In total, the ASVÖ KBC Rohrbach gains two Austrian Champion-titles: besides Nicole Trimmel, also Rainer Gerdenitsch ran for victory in light contact. Patrick Gerdentisch, Serdar Tekeli and Christoph Pauly all win the bronze medal. Michael Gerdenitsch misses out this year.
    20. May 2007
  • Light contact Austrian Championship, ...

    Leibnitz is the venue of this year’s Austrian national competition in light contact kickboxing.

    Nicole Trimmel will start in the category ladies -65kg. Her colleagues from ASVÖ KBC Rohrbach Rainer, Michael and Patrick Gerdenitsch will also participate at this event.
    “Light contact is my favourite discipline. The Austrian Championship is quite important and is a criteria for qualification to the national team. I cannot misprize my competitors and it will not be an easy thing to win the title again. As titleholder and as multi-time World Champion you get hunted amongst the hunters!†, said Nicole Trimmel.
    14. May 2007
  • Energy Run 2007, Eisenstadt

    Nicole Trimmel fires the starting signal for the Energy Run 2007.

    Eisenstadt again turned into a marathon-metropolis the past weekend. At the traditional Energy Run 780 participants started. In front of the beautiful scenery of castle Esterhazy the four-time World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel pulled the trigger with the starting signal for the marathon.
    Team Burgenland, with event organisers Ruth Schnee-berger and Rolf Meixner, once again did a good job. The favourite in half marathon Matthias Steindl outpaced his opponents, and ran for victory.
    6. May 2007
  • Austrian Champion in Semi contact, Vi...

    Nicole Trimmel scores her first Austrian Champion-title in semi contact kickboxing.

    Although Nicole is already World Champion in semi contact, she hadn’t managed to achieve the Austrian Champion-title yet.
    The four-time World Champion presented herself in excellent shape this Saturday, finishing all her fights before the end of the regular time through technical knock-out. She defeated Brigitte Freuis (0:10), Isabella Hannl (0:10) and finally Verena Pichlhofer with 14 to 4 points.

    In discipline team the team of ASVÖ Kickboxclub Rohrbach scores second place, being beaten in the final by team KC Kruckenhauser of Kufstein.

    “I’m very happy about this title, as it’s my first in Austria. Our performance in discipline team was great! We had lots of fun. We also brought along four kids to the tournament, who did well and whom we hopefully could inspire for the the future“, said Nicole Trimmel.
    30. April 2007
  • Gold at German Open, Berlin

    Gold for Nicole Trimmel and twice bronze for Patrick Gerdenitsch at the German Open in Berlin.

    “I’m still able to do it†, said Nicole Trimmel immediately after her victory in category light contact, -65kg at the German Open in Berlin.
    In round one she defeats German Katja Möhle with 3:0 points, followed by Austrian Bianca Amann. In the final she beats German Tatiana Suchan in a tactical fight, avoiding unnecessary, strength-consuming kicks.

    In contrast, in her full contact fights Nicole remained too passive, thus retiring early in this category from the tournament.

    During the past three weeks Nicole was coached by long-term trainer Joachim Huber again, the results of the co-operation being immediately visible at this event.

    Colleague Patrick Gerdenitsch shows an excellent performance in achieving third place twice, both in semi- and light contact, class male up to 94kg.

    Besides sports activities Nicole could spend some time on sightseeing: “Berlin is a very nice place with a lot of history.†, said a visibly impressed Nicole Trimmel.
    14. April 2007
  • Training camp, Utrecht

    Nicole Trimmel followed a three day training camp in the Netherlands.

    Having received her first fully individual training plan earlier this week, Nicole went through a series of training sessions in Utrecht and The Hague as preparation for the upcoming event in Berlin. There, she combined training exercises and sightseeing: both, in the beautiful old town of Utrecht and when recharging her batteries at the well-known beach promenade of Scheveningen, part of The Hague.

    The four-time World Champion in Kickboxing was highly satisfied with the result of the journey, finally realizing that the quest for the search of “Easter eggs† can also be done at the beach: “When in the Nether-lands, do as the Dutch do†, Nicole said.

    Apart from the physical activities, Nicole worked on a further development of her marketing concept.
    8. April 2007
  • Night of Sports, Pamhagen

    On Tuesday evening Burgenland crowned its “Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year 2006† in Pamhagen. Nicole Trimmel was nominated in the female category.

    In the last few years the Night of Sports grew to a society event. VIPs from sport, politics and economy took the opportunity to take part when the secret of the Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year was dis-closed. Burgenland’s sports-journalists had the final say in this voting.

    The nominees for Sportswoman of the Year 2006 were: Joana Bucur (Special Olympics), Julia Dujmovits (snowboard), Nikola Hofmanova (tennis), Anne Wunderlich (swimming) and Nicole Trimmel (kick-boxing).
    The nominees for Sportsman of the Year 2006 were: Rene Haselbacher (cycling), Lukas Pallitsch (athletics), Philipp Ringhofer (motocross), Hans Spitzauer (sailing) and Bernd Wiesberger (golf).

    Nikola Hofmanova and Rene Haselbacher earned the trophy in this year’s election. Nicole Trimmel received this award already two times in 2004 and 2005, and shared her happiness with the winners.

    Further awards where given to Gerald Vogler (basket-ball) for the best coach and to the SV Mattersburg (soccer) for the best team.
    28. March 2007
  • BVZ Favourite Sportsman 2006, Eisenstadt

    Nicole Trimmel came off as winner for this year’s BVZ election of most favourite sportswoman of the year.

    The Burgenländische Volkszeitung (BVZ) has finished the yearly election for Burgenland’s most favourite sportsman and sportswoman of the year 2006. The votes have been counted. In the category most favourite sportswoman 2006 the four-times World Champion in Kickboxing, Nicole Trimmel, was elected as victress by the BVZ-readers.
    14. March 2007
  • Results from Irish Open, Dublin

    In discipline semi contact Nicole Trimmel looses out with 14 to 19 points against Greek Constancia Popoudopulus. Colleague Patrick Gerdenitsch has to give in as a result of a contusion of his ribs.

    The fighters from Burgenland miss out at Europe’s largest martial arts tournament, the Irish Open, in Dublin. The four-times World Champion Nicole Trimmel retires early on Sunday, March 4 in category female, class -65kg against Greek Constancia Popoudopulus.
    In a tough fight Nicole Trimmel was able to gain on points lost at the beginning of the fight. However, after some non-assessed hits she finally had to admit defeat. “Semi contact is not the discipline I’m doing best. I have put all I could into this fight, placing some good punches in the last third, thereby catching up on points. Unfortunately, I ran out of time.“, said Nicole Trimmel.

    Club-colleague Patrick Gerdenitsch had to give in after a fulminating opening round. He had been hit hard on his then already present contusion of ribs. Suffering from pain, he had to leave the mattress without a struggle.

    In two weeks the Austrian Classics will take place in Kufstein – another international tournament, which will serve well as preparation for the young Austrian sportswoman.
    6. March 2007
  • Pre-information Irish Open, Dublin

    The Irish Open will take place in Dublin from 3rd to 4th March 2007. Three people from Burgenland will take part.

    Nicole Trimmel and Patrick Gerdenitsch, both from KBC Rohrbach, will fly to Dublin on March 1 in order to take part at the Irish Open. At Dublin airport they will meet coach Christoph Braunrath who will be arriving directly from the UK.
    On Friday the Austrian team will have enough time to do some sightseeing and relax a bit. The four times World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel will use this tournament to test her condition and technique. At the Irish Open 2006 Nicole managed to achieve the bronze medal in light contact, class -65kg.

    The Irish Open is the largest martial arts tournament in Europe today. The event is run by fighters for fighters in aid of charity. The profits from the 2007 event will be given to the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC). Last year’s event was the largest event yet, with over 2.300 fighters from 27 countries attending. This year this record is set to be demolished.
    27. February 2007
  • BVZ voting on Sportsman of the Year 2...

    The Burgenländische Volkszeitung (BVZ), a weekly newspaper in Burgenland, is making their yearly election for Burgenland’s most favourite sportsman and sportswoman.

    Readers of the BVZ have the chance to elect their favourite sportsman and woman as of now. Kickboxinglady Nicole Trimmel is nominated. Votes can be placed until March 5, 2007, either directly here or with a ballot paper (included in the latest issue of BVZ).
    14. February 2007
  • Evening of sports, Zagersdorf

    Burgenland’s kickboxers Nicole Trimmel and Michael Gerdenitsch followed the invitation of pastor Zeljko Odobasic to present kickboxing at an evening of sports in the parish centre of Zagersdorf.

    In a familiar atmosphere the two figureheads of KBC Rohrbach Nicole Trimmel and Michael Gerdenitsch presented their most favourite activity: kickboxing. Initiated by the community Zagersdorf and organiser pastor Zeljko Odobasic the two athletes were given the opportunity to demonstrate their sport and themselves. Standard techniques and some technical combinations from the daily training workout where performed. After that the spectators got a very personal interview when the athletes answered several questions from the interested audience. Nicole Trimmel and Michael Gerdenitsch had fun while performing on stage and were very happy about the big interest in Zagersdorf.
    8. February 2007
  • Coaching seminar, Schielleiten

    Education and learning is key. Besides job and training Nicole Trimmel is returning to the classroom to press ahead with her coaching education in kickboxing.

    Already in 2005 Nicole participated in a course of the BAFL project “coaching education for active competitive athletes†. The project aims to win athletes for the Austrian sport after their active career. Besides high diving lady Marion Reiff, swimmer Petra Zahrl and beach-volleyball players Robert Novotny and Peter Gartmeyer numerous other celebrities of sport hit their books. Nicole finished the basic part, being the same for all sports, last year. This time the first special tutorial for kickboxing took place from January 28 to February 2 at the Bundessportzentrum Schielleiten. Besides Nicole, club colleague Michael Gerdenitsch and chairman Christoph Braunrath participated.
    2. February 2007
  • Burgenland’s Top 100 VIPs, Vienna

    Nicole Trimmel, four-time World Champion in Kick-boxing, was elected 19th of the Top 100 VIPs of Burgenland.

    The Austrian magazine “News† elected the top 100 VIPs of Burgenland and the top 1000 VIPs of Austria. Edition no. 3 of the magazine (issue date: January 18, 2007) shows the ranking of the top 100 VIPs of the federal states Upper Austria, Styria and Burgenland.

    The four-times World Champion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel achieved the top 20 and left some well-known celebrities behind. Burgenland’s Sportswoman of the Year 2004 / 2005 gleams with place 19 in the ranking. Club-colleague Michael Gerdenitsch holds place 85.
    Winner of the voting was Andreas Ivanschitz, team captain of Austria’s national football team, followed by governor Hans Niessl and family Eselböck.
    22. January 2007
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