• National Center for Womens Soccer

    Kickbox-star Nicole Trimmel visited the National Center of Womens Soccer in St. Pölten.

    On Tuesday a prominent guest said hello in St. Pölten to speak in front of the players and coaches of the National Center of Womens Soccer. Austrias kickbox star Nicole Trimmel used her free afternoon to talk about her life and daily training routines. The girls where pretty much impressed by her explanations and the personality of a manifold World- and European Champion in kickboxing. After her speach they had a lot of questions and showed interested. 

    At the beginning Nicole was introduced into to the facilities of the center. When answering a lot of questions the girls became an insight how an individual athlete like Nicole acts and trains.Nicole also talked about the compabitility of sport and job. "The Center offers perfect conditions for the girls to combine training and education. I was very impressed and wished I could have had such things like this.", says Nicole.

    "It is very interesting for our girls to get to know the strategy of individual athletes. They got very good inputs and I am sure that they can profit from such possibilities", says Dominik Thalhammer, chief of the Center. Last year Beate Schrott, hurdle sprinter, visited the Center as well. The speach of succesfull athletes should bring extra motivation and impuls for the daily training of the girls.

    U17-team player Selina Mandl: "I liked the lecture very much. It is very interested to see what Nicole does in her sport and how she is training. I can take a lot out of it." Katharina Fellhofer adds: "Nicole showed the structure of her training and showed whats important beside. For young athletes like we are this information is very instructive."

    A special meeting took place with ÖFB-striker Nicole Billa, who also did kickboxing on a high level and could win some EM- and WM medals in her age category. They know each other already for a long time.
    18. December 2014
  • EM Double

    End of October Nicole took the Fullcontact EM titel for her very first time in Bilbao (Spain). Only some weeks later she reached the EM double. In Maribor she won the next EM title in Lightcontact kickboxing. All fights she could win 3:0 by points. Now she is double European Champion! 
    21. November 2014
  • Polar new Partner

    Polar – chosen by champions.

    Nicole Trimmel is a real champion. Eight times she took WM gold and three times she did it at the European Championships. Now the world wide number one in kickboxing works together with the world wide number one in hearth frequenz measurement equipment. Market leader Polar has 35 years experience and is the a new strong partner for Nicole Trimmel. "Sucess in sport is made of work, development, preparation and planning. The same effort is part of Polar products. To be the number and to stay number one means you have to be one step further than your competitor. That is what succesfull companies and succesfull athletes have in common", says Nicole Trimmel. The manifold World and European Champion trust in the quality and control of her training. In future she can control her workouts with the new V800 on the wrist. 

    12. November 2014
  • Backstage calender 2015

    It's done - soon the new calender 2015 will be published. Fotographer Christina Karagiannis and stylist Alexandra Karakopoulou-Zisser did a great job again. This time they put Nicole into nature. You can find first impressions at the backstage footoshoot 2015 galery to get an idea. "We had a lot of fun during the shooting and it is such an honour for me to work togetether with Alexandra and Christina", says Nicole. In November Nicole will present the new calender. After that you can get your one limited calender for 25€ (excluding shipping). 


    16. October 2014
  • Big party for 15th anniversary

    Chef Max Stiegl meets Kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel. At a big party on Wednesday evening Nicole looked back on her very special carriere. 

    At Gut Purbach Nicole celebrated her 15th anniversary in kickboxing together with friends, family and companions. Christian Hofmann (ORF) looked back for Nicole and talked about the last 15 years in kickboxing. She won everything possible: 8-times World Champion, 2-times European Champion and 19 Austrian Championtitles. Since years she has been on top of the world already.

    "The last 15years are a number of very special moments for me. I don't care about the number of medals or titles I got. When I think of these moments I immediately have pictures in my head conected to emotions I have felt. These memories will stay in my head forever. Lots of people supported me on my way and joined me and lots of them are here today to celebrate together with me", says Nicole. 

    "She is a model for the youth, she always kept simple and stayed balanced. She works in our sport department", says Governor of Burgenland Hans Niessl. "She is from Burgenland with a big hearth, engagement, power and a strong intention to performe", says Vice-governor Franz Steindl.
    28. July 2014
  • We make Burgenland fit

    Under the title: "We make Burgenland fit" ORF Burgenland, Land Burgenland and tourism works together to inspire people to improve their fitness. Two real experts are giving advice to everybody: Olympic gold medalist in snowboarding Julia Dujmovits and manifold World and European Champion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel.

    "This campaign is not about elite sport - it's about easy things for everybody", says Nicole Trimmel at the presentation on Tuesday. Together with Julia Dujmovits the two golden girls show mobilisation and core exercises and give nutrition advice. 

    Chairman of Burgenland, Hans Niessl, is very happy and grateful to have such succesful testimonials for the campaign.

    You can see the clips - from 9th till 22nd June in "Burgenland heute" and you can hear them in Radio Burgenland.
    11. June 2014
  • Austrian Champion

    At the Austrian Championships in kickboxing Nicole took the triple - she is old and new champion in pointfighting, light- and full contact. In total this is title number 17 & 18.

    Next tournament is the WAKO Bestfighter Worldcup in Lignano (Italy) from 6.-8. June. There she will participate in full contact.
    2. June 2014
  • Worldcup triumph in Szeged

    Worlchampion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel wins the tournament in Szeged. In final she beats Catherine Fonnes from Norway, the only one who kicked Nicole out - in 2012. 

    In semi-final she fought against Katalin Konya from Denmark. In the first two rounds Nicole was a bit behind. In the last round she exploded, fighted like a leon and could win with 3:0. "I had two great fights on the weekend and both have been completly different to each other. A big respect to my danish opponent Katalin - she is a very taff fighter! This was an amazing fighting weekend for me," says Nicole Trimmel.

    Now she has one week break without any competitions. End of May she will participate at the Austrian Championships in Korneuburg.
    19. May 2014
  • New helm design

    The World Champion got a new helm design. Shortly before the first Worldcup he was ready. Designed by Wilfried Ploderer the World Champion will shine in a silver steel optic in future. "Special fighters need a special look," says Nicole about her new accessoire which also includes the logo of her sponsors Sportpool Burgenland and Felix Austria beside her own one. 
    10. April 2014
  • SPORTMAGAZIN bikinigala

    The Bikingala was all about the FIFA World Cup. Touring through Rio de Janeiro, Juliana Martins, had a perfect set for the shoot of the bikini calendar. Capoira dancers and Samba Percussionistas - sexy and hot. That's the best description of yesterdays presentation of the hotest SPORTMAGAZIN-bikinig-project ever in Viennas MuseumsQuartier. 

    Arround 1.200 guests from sport, society and economy followed the show.
    21. March 2014
  • Training at Thailand

    From the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbühel directly to the trainingcamp in Thailand. Snow was replaced with white sand and turquoise whater like in paradies. Nicole loves to travell and explore foreign countries. The interest for different cultures and different people is big. Therefore she planned a very special training camp this year. Together with her national team colleague Nadja Reinegger she went to Thailand, the mekka of thai- and kickboxing. From Bangkok they went to the south of the country. Besides several trainings they explored the islands and got lots of impressions. "I love to travel and learn new things every day. We had very good trainings and the big advantage is that you can see so many things beside which gives you so much energy. I will miss the good food and way of life in Thailand but I am sure to come back soon," says the World Champion who is back at home again.
    13. February 2014
  • Natural Born Fighter

    The new Must-Have for 2015 - The Nicole Trimmel calender 'Natural Born Fighter'. Place your order now on the website here.

    Natural, simple and strong.
    Fotographer Christina Karagiannis took Nicole out into natur of her hometown Oslip. Also stylist Alexandra Karakopoulous-Zisser made a natural style. 
    Here you get some impressions of the Making-Off

    On the 27th November 'Natural Born Fighter' was presented at Gut Purbach. 

    28. November 2014
  • LIVE feeds EM


    Any questions? Nicole Trimmel takes the European Championshipstitle in Full Contact minus 65kg. She had to go throught the qualification and had four strong fights at this Championships in Bilbao, Spain. 

    Pinsson Roxana (FRA) 1:2
    Kedzierska Monika (POL) 0:3
    Konya Katalin (HUN) 0:3
    Kseniia Miroshnichenko (RUS) 1:2

    At the final she beats the Russian fighter and could complete here title collection!

    27. October 2014
  • Exclusive Workshop

    Attention ladies! Get a weekend just for HER! Exclusive training with World and European Champion and Austrian kickbox coach Nicole Trimmel at the 4-star Parkhotel in Pörtschach directly at lake Wörthersee. At her workshop "self-defence for women" you get basic knowledge. But also mobilisations, flexibility and strenght are part of the workshop. And of course the design-hotel in the 60-years style offers a lot of other opportunities to relax and chill. Information and bookings here.

    1. October 2014
  • 15th anniversary

    A very special event at Gut Purbach. Chef Max Stiegl meets Kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel. 

    What's the out-put if two pro's come together? A very special event of course! 1999 Nicole Trimmel started her kickboxing career. 15 years later she is still on top of the world. For this reason Max Stiegl, chef the cuisin at Gut Purbach, gives his best. Governor of Burgenland, Hans Niessl, takes over patronage of the event. Let's celebrate together! Be part of it and join us!    

    SAVE THE DATE: 23rd July 2014 @ 19hrs at Gut Purbach
    costs: 45,- € (incl. meal and drinks)

    We ask for reservation:
    Gut Purbach
    Hauptgasse 64
    7083 Purbach
    Tel/Fax: +43 2683 56086
    Email: gutpurbach@aon.at

    28. June 2014
  • Battle for the crown

    At the Bestfighter Worldcup in Lignano (ITA) Nicole underpins her position of number one of the world. 

    On the weekend she beats two of her long-time competitors. "What a sensationel fight. Now the ranking is clear again", says a happy Nicole Trimmel after her triumph at the fullcontact Worldcup in Lignano. 

    In category -65kg she fought Norwegian Catherine Fonnes and Russian Xenia Miroschnitschenko. Nicole prepaired very hard for the high class tournament and was looking for the chance to fight both - her dream became true. She was succesful and performed nearly without mistake.
    10. June 2014
  • Nicole on WHATCHADO

    Whatchado helps people to find their passion. In order to maximise your job orientation you can watch video-interviews of people doing differnt jobs and talking about their career. Kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel is part of whatchado and wants to inspire young people and escepially women to make their dreams come true. "If you can dream it - you can do it."

    Whatch the video here: http://www.whatchado.com/de/nicole-trimmel

    22. May 2014
  • Worldcupsieg zum Saisonauftakt

    After a longer break World Champion Nicole Trimmel is again on top. She wins the Worldcup in Innsbruck in fullcontact. In final she beats German Jessica Schütte.

    Because of an injury of the right foot during the final she cancelled her start in light-contact on sunday.

    "I had great fights on the weekend and I am satisfied with the performance. I did not want to take the risk to make the injury worser as the season has just started," says Nicole who fought with her new helmet in Innsbruck.
    14. April 2014
  • New strong partner: FELIX Austria

    With food producer FELIX Austria Nicole get's a strong partner.

    "I am very happy to present FELIX Austria as my new sponsor" says Kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel to the new co-operation with the food producer located in Mattersburg. "It is great that I found a regional partner. FELIX products are of high quality, it is a strong brand and they employ arround 200 people in the region" says Nicole. "Since more than 50 years FELIX has been representing quality, continuity and innovation. We fit well together" says the power woman.


    6. April 2014
  • Certified NLP Mentalcoach

    WIFI Eisenstadt – Because you learn for your life. Nicole could complete her mental talent with additional skills. Many thanks to Sporthilfe and KADA (an institution who looks after the education programs of athletes) for the support. After two years of training Nicole proudly received her diploma. In future she wants to inspire others in lectures. “A big hug to the speakers Toni Harrer, Marion Scheiterer and Alexander Grünwald who gave their best in order to make us better,” says Nicole.

    12. March 2014
  • The travel marathon

    The seasonal break is over and training has already started again for big fights in 2014. On the weekend Nicole does her first marathon for this year. Together with sponsor gitgo GmbH she rocks the legendary Hahnenkamm Race and visits a lot of society events. After she returns she change the glamour outfit with her training suit again and collects airline miles – destination: trainingcamp in Thailand. There she spends two weeks together with her national team mate to train there and get inspired by land and people.
    22. January 2014