• Runtastic Fitness Video

    Exercises for knee pain, recovery & stabilization

    Nicole hit a Video together with Lunden Souza, Runtastic Fitness Coach, for their Fitness channel. People Keep asking Lunden for low-impact leg exercises you can do if you have knee pain or troubles. Well, here you are! Nicole as World and European Champion in kickboxing is giving the best of the best information. She's just coming back from a pretty bad knee injury herself so she's for sure an expert in this area and has some awesome exercises and advice for you. We are busting out some juggling balls, wooden blocks and even closing our eyes for these exercises. Sounds interesting, right? Than have a look and let us know if you like it: https://youtu.be/q8DBKewy3n8

    30. December 2015
  • Calendar 2016

    Shortly it is not a secret any more - we will present the NEW calendar for 2016. How he will look like??? We will show you tomorrow. But be prepared for something very sporty.

    Tomorrow you can place an online order and buy the calenders for 25€ each (exclusive shipping). Sales and revenue belong to the kickboxing academy and will be used for training camps.

    19. November 2015
  • The new calender

    It's done. The new calender is ready and out soon! You can expect something pretty new this year! We do not want reveal the title jet, but it is a very sporty edition! Kickbox Worldchampion Nicole Trimmel worked together with fotographer Christopher Kelemen for this Project.

    If you want to look behind the Szene already click here: https://www.facebook.com/163639653696032/videos/950407428352580/


    - www.christopherkelemen.com
    - Styling by Caffeur Mörbisch
    - grafic and production by gitgo GmbH

    11. November 2015
  • Learning from a Worldchampion

    ASVÖ Burgenland offers exclusive Workshops with Nicole Trimmel and Peter Heisz.

    How can I use my brain to achieve my goals and reach Peak-Performance in sport? This question and even more will be answered in an exclusive and individual workshop. We introduce you into sucessfull strategies and train how to keep the focus on your goals. We distinguish between team Sport and individual Sport in order to meet your individual requirements.

    This high quality workshop is hosted by mental coach Peter Heisz and manifold World and European Champion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel.

    Special rate for ASVÖ Club members: € 980,- (incl. USt.)

    If you are interested please contact ASVÖ secretary under 02682/64824 or office@asvoe-burgenland.at for further assistance.

    25. August 2015
  • biken at Burgenland

    Nicole is riding the bike again after her injury of the Ligament. Another step Forward. What's better than riding the bike through wonderful Burgenland at this time of the season? Besides Swimming and physiotherapy, biking is now on top of Nicoles Programm. "It is a great feeling to sit on the bike again. My home, Burgenland, is one of the best places for biking. It is a real bike-paradise with flat roads. I still have to be careful and can't ride too long distances but I am sure soon I bike arround lake Neusiedl again," says Nicole.

    5. June 2015
  • Injury of the crucial ligament

    At the Irish Open in Dublin Nicole tore her crucial ligament during a fight. It was the third fight which became a real disaster for the World- and European Champion in kickboxing. "My knee went completely to the side. It was a horrible feeling and for me it was clear that something is wrong. I immediately stopped contest," reports the 32 old woman. 

    At home she had a check at Dr. Resinger who did not have good news for her. An MRI confirmed his first diagnose: rupture of the crucial ligament and another tore of the meniscus. Meanwhile Nicole had a surgery and everything went well. She  works already on her comeback. Physiotherapy has started last week. 
    20. March 2015

    When the inner drive turns into an external feature. Nicole Trimmel got a special tatoo: her target image. 

    During her mental preparations while the European Championships in Fullcontact kickboxing in Bilbao, Spain, her mind produced an internal picture. For Nicole it was a very powerful picture which was very present. Although she is very succesfull never before she could manage to win the Europeans in Fullcontact. But this time it was different. It was a hard way but at the end of the week she was the one standing on top of the podest. The picture in her mind was always there and escorted her on the way to gold. It was the lettering 'Champion' with three stars on her left underarm. The three stars represent the World title, her Pro title and the missing European title in Full Contact kickboxing. Now the trio was completed. 

    "When I was at the podium, I know that I got my title now and I also recognized that it is time to get this painting on my arm too. During the whole event it was with me and gave me a lot of power to be succesfull," says Nicole. At the tatoo studio Rothwerk in Eisenstadt, Ralph, brought her internal picture on a sheet of paper. "After seeing it for the very first time I had a very good feeling. I knew this is the one and I want to get it on my arm," says Nicole very happy. Now she wears her inner drive proud on her left underarm. 

    HERE you can watch the video.

    10. February 2015

    It is not a secret any more. We could not find a better title for the new calendar. Back in March Nicole took a bad knee injury and went through a hard time of rehabilitation. Her year is marked from one

    Das Geheimnis ist gelüftet! Einen passenderen Titel hätte man für den neuen Kalender nicht finden können. Nach einem Kreuzband- und Meniskusriss im März 2015 kämpft sich die Welt- und Europameisterin schön langsam zurück. Ihr Sportjahr ist geprägt von wertvollen Erfahrungen. Den Kopf deswegen hängen lassen? Sicher nicht - stärker zurück kommen als zuvor lautet die Ansage: COME BACK STRONGER 

    Gemeinsam mit Sportfotograf Christopher Kelemen präsentiert Nicole in der Cselley Mühle Oslip vor geladenen Gästen ihren neuen Kalender und zeigt Einblicke in das Shooting.

    Ab sofort kann man den Kalender online bestellen zum Preis von 25€ exclusive Versand.

    20. November 2015
  • FELIX Austria is big player

    Austria's Leading Company Award: Love for Food makes Felix Austria the big player in Burgenland. Being active is the main thing for their success says Peter Buchauer, CEO of Felix. Nicole Trimmel is active too in her sport and also for Felix Austria. She acts as brand ambassador for the big player and took over the award together with Salesmanager Ernest Widek. "Congratulations to Felix Austria for winning this award. I am very proud of being sponsored by this successful company," says Nicole Trimmel.

    18. November 2015
  • Endurancetraining in Mallorca

    Nicole took her first training camp after her knee surgery with an endurance focus. She spend one week on Mallorca together with a training group. Lots of kilometers on the bike. In the North of Mallorca in Muro/Allcudia she found a training paradise. Genius biking paths, high mountains and an excellent gym - what more do you want as an athlete?

    "My knee was pretty happy with the high training level and got better every day. The long and partly intensive routes with mountains challenged me a lot. Within my training group I found the optimum level. We started already to plan our next trip to Mallorca next year!" says Nicole, who found a new training domicile for her preparation. This trainigcamp was sponsored by Team Rot Weiss Rot a project from Austrian Sport government. 
    4. November 2015
  • Special autograph

    At the 40th Youth Figherfighter competition the kids had the possibility to train with Kickbox World Champion Nicole Trimmel. But not enough they also received a very Special present. Everybody got a signed FELIX ketchup tube with an autograph from the champion.

    Pictures by Christina Karagiannis & Günter Prünner - all pictures you can see in the galery

    10. July 2015
  • #Crutches away

    The first part of the comeback is done. Nicole is allowed to walk without crutches. "A great feeling if you can take a glas from A to B without a problem. In such phases you learn again to feel happy about the small things in life", says Nicole. 

    With her rehabiliation Dr. Resinger and Physiotherapist Stefan Podar are quiet satisfied. "The steps are small but I am happy for each step I can make now", so the Champion who is already dreaming of her first bike ride around lake Neusiedl. She has to be calm till this is possible.  
    5. May 2015
  • Nicole on screen

    Two artists come together: fotographer Christina Karagiannis took the picture with her camera and fotorealist Wilfried Ploderer now painted the picture with a special chalk - a picture of the World- and European Champion Nicole Trimmel. The art work is not finished yet, but Nicole gave Wilfried Ploderer a visit in his atelier to stune about the huge picture. 

    "I love the picture and even more I love the painting now from Wilfried, because he put his personal note on the picture. It's a big pleasure for me to work together with such two big artists," says Nicole.

    5. March 2015
  • Thailand

    Double European Champion Nicole Trimmel is back from Thailand - the kingdom of Thai- and Kickboxing sport.

    Nicole came to train and refill her energy. "Since last year I have been falling in love with Thailand. In the past I trained in Lanzarote during the winter season. But right and left there is only vulcan-earth and nothing else to see. Thailand is different. It is coulourful, it is loud, it is versatile and at every corner there is a kickboxring. Beside the daily training you can explore the country and get into to culture of the thais. That is the reason why it is special", says Nicole. The thai-lifestyle is a very simple one and thais connect everything with fun. From this attitude towards life we should take something home. 

    As in the previous year Nicole travelled and trained together with her squad colleague Nadja Reinegger (-60kg, Styria). Two very fit and taff girls with no amxiety. After an early morning training they started to explore the environment and were looking for adventure. They climbed up hills or explored caves and went for a hike through the joungle. Nothing kept unexplored for them. 

    Let's have a look inside the trainingcamp HERE.

    Shortly Nicole is going for a performance test to get actual training values. They are the basis of this years preparations. Nicole will focus on full-contact this year.

    29. January 2015