Date of Birth: October 13, 1982
Residence: Oslip, Austria
Size: 1.68m
Weight: 65 kg
Club: kickboxing academy
Hobbies: Sport, Travel

  • certified kickboxing coach
  • certified boxing coach
  • Technical Director ÖBFK

  • study of sports sciences
  • lecturer at Bundessportakademie Wien (certified instructor and coach)
  • lecturer at FH Wr. Neustadt

Kickboxing - the quicker, more modern and at the same time more safe kind of the box sport permits and requires the application of fists and feet. Originated from the affiliation of the traditional East-Asiatic martial arts techniques Karate and Tae Kwon Do, engrained with Western boxing, kick boxing realizes the optimum combination of speed, elegance, fight technique and a maximum in body control.
The for this purpose indispensable part of training the whole body trains the quick and long-durable application of the forces in an outstanding manner. In doing so, skill and fulgurous reactions are the focus. The kick boxer acquires courage, self-confidence and determination. Thereby the skill founded on the tradition of East Asian fight arts, like Karate, Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do, are brought together successfully with the modern achievements of the western sports science and western martial arts, like boxing and Savate, to a highly competitive unity. The athletes learn thus agility and body control, and reach by their training a maximum in fitness, reaction rate and the ability of controlled multiple simultaneous body movements.
In a number of manifold combinations a clever strategy is developed about tactically ingenious attack and defence manoeuvres, which in their top form with endurance, concentration and savvy manoeuvres leads to victory. Thereby high requirements are put on the sportsmen and sportswomen on the accuracy of adherence to the rules, which form the obstacles on the way to gaining the necessary points for victory. High-quality protective clothing retains the opponents from unnecessary and unfair injuries.
For the fascinated spectator as well as the active participant kick boxing offers a persuasive and exciting combination of sport competition with men's natural fighting spirit and unconditional will for victory.