• Tribute through municipality Oslip, O...

    Nicole Trimmel was honoured for her achievements in kickboxing sports.

    Mayor Johann Schumich can be proud of his most sportive parishioner. In 2007 Nicole Trimmel won two Vice-World Champion titles. Therefore the municipality Oslip honoured its exceptional sportswoman and gave her a donation in order to assist her new projects and aims.
    27. December 2007
  • Nicole entered final, Coimbra

    Nicole Trimmel made it to the final in Coimbra.

    After a victory on points against German Nadja Fritsche yesterday, the World Champion in Kickboxing today competed twice. In a close nit Nicole won the second round fight against Finish Anne Katas. In the semi-final Canadian Holly Deacon kept Nicole at arm’s length for quite q while, however lost clear on points.

    The final takes place tomorrow around 3pm. Opponent is Katarzyna Furmaniak of Poland.

    Only medal so far for Austria was achieved by Bianca Amann, -60kg (bronze). Colleagues Patrick and Michael Gerdenitsch retired already in the first rounds of the tournament.
    30. November 2007
  • Night of the Sports 2007, Vösendorf

    Nicole Trimmel at the Night of Sports 2007.

    The Österreichische Sporthilfe organised the Night of Sports 2007 on October 24, 2007. Highlight of the event was the tribute to the Sportsman of the Year of the Republic Austria. Present were many well-known people from politics, economy and society. Amongst this year’s winners were Thomas Vanek, Niki Hosp and Austria’s Under-20 Soccer National Team.

    The World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel en-joyed the event. She used the opportunity to be all smiles along with Claudia Heill (judoka) and Mirna Jukic (swimming).
    24. October 2007
  • Preliminary result from World Champ-i...

    Nicole Trimmel in the final at the World Championships in Kickboxing.

    Having scored a victory on points against Czech Irena Kobosilov, Nicole will compete in the final tomorrow against Slovenian Sabina Sehic - should she score a win, it would be her fifth World Champion-title.

    Nicole Trimmel is the only one of the 19 Austrian part-icipators still contending. The only bronze medal for the Austrian team was marked by Juso Prosic from Tirol today.
    Patrick Gerdenitsch of KBC Rohrbach had to take de-feat already in round one with a score of 2:1.

    At the World Championships in Kickboxing in Belgrade 53 nations or about 700 sportsman participate - out of which 15 start in Nicole’s weight class.
    29. September 2007
  • Countdown to World Championships, Vienna

    The World Championships in light contact kickboxing are approaching.

    The Austrian kickboxing national team will start its jour-ney to the World Championships in light contact kick-boxing in Belgrade, Serbia, in about 14 days. Infor-mation about the event can be retrieved here.

    Nicole Trimmel has been prepared well for the tourna-ment by coach Joachim Huber. In the remaining two weeks before the event she will continue with her sparring to optimally apply the techniques learned. Nicole Trimmel is satisfied about the preparation: “I’m happy with the training. The co-operation with the Bergmüller Kompetenzzentrum ensures optimal preparation for the event, on which I’m already looking for. Expectations are big, naturally.“

    Colleague Patrick Gerdenitsch, chairman Christoph Braunrath and coach Joachim Huber will also be in Belgrad.
    10. September 2007
  • Beach volleyball tournament, Oslip

    Nicole Trimmel at the opening of the new beach volley-ball court in Oslip.

    The municipality Oslip has erected a beach volleyball court with a focus on teenagers being keen on sports. On the weekend the opening happened with a beach volleyball tournament.
    Manifold World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel and coach Joachim Huber participated as team 'Die Kickboxer'. They went for 5th place at first go. "It was fun to compete twosome against teams with three or more players. Most important is that we could position the sport into the foreground and animate lots of children and youth to take part in the tournament", said Nicole Trimmel.
    19. August 2007
  • Kids training-camp, Rohrbach

    The KBC-Rohrbach hosts its yearly kids training-camp in kickboxing.

    Colleague and World Champion in Kickboxing Michael Gerdenitsch organised the traditional kids training-camp in Rohrbach. The young kickboxers have been coached in a professional way by Michael Gerdenitsch during the last five days. Referents from different martial art sports were invited in order to offer a wide range and variety to the kids.
    Nicole Trimmel was also there to hold one unit, and used it to teach coordination and exercises to streng-then the torso. “The kids are fantastic. In the last year they made a big jump forward. Plaudit to Michael, who is putting a lot of effort into the kids.† said Nicole Trimmel.
    26. July 2007
  • Visit of the opera Nabucco, St. Marga...

    Nicole Trimmel visited Verdi’s opera Nabucco in Stein-bruch St. Margarethen.

    Abundant and monumental one could describe the opera Nabucco. Director Wolfgang Werner welcomed the guests under the world’s most beautiful ceiling fresco - a starlit sky. The weather played along, though one had to use warm clothing. The four-time World Champion in Kickboxing eminently liked the prisoners’ chorus, who was put in scene at damped light condit-ions.
    10. July 2007
  • Advanced training class on kickboxing...

    Kickbox-pro Nicole Trimmel resumes training after following a one-week education class.

    Nicole followed an advanced training class in Styria, where she collected the latest information about sports science. At applied methodical exercises kickboxing techniques were exemplified and monitored by the lecturer. In addition, the correct application of training equipment was trained - last but not least to ensure the quality of education for the offspring.
    The gained knowledge helps the four-time World Champion in Kickboxing to work on the improvement of her kickboxing techniques. Nicole's training mean-while started again, and has been adapted according to the learnings from the education session. Besides, at the Bergmüller Kompetenzzentrum a so called †˜training adjustment’ for relocation of the optimal training zone was recently conducted.
    25. June 2007
  • Twice-scored gold at Austrian Cham-pi...

    Nicole Trimmel scored gold twice in front of her home audience.

    The Austrian Championships in full contact and low-kick kickboxing were a massive success for ASVÖ Kickboxclub Rohrbach: the four-time World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel marked victory in disci-plines full contact and low-kick respectively. Her colle-agues Michael, Rainer and Patrick Gerdenitsch all hit for gold in full contact.

    Already in the afternoon Nicole contested in low-kick, where she took hold of the first gold medal. Triumph in preliminary round in full contact set the course for the final later in the evening.
    The evening event started at 7pm playing the national anthem and introducing the fighters. A lot of visitors came to support locals Nicole Trimmel, Rainer, Patrick and Michael Gerdenitsch.
    After a performance of offspring fighters, two prelimin-ary round fights took place. Then it was time to set the stage for four-time World Champion Nicole Trimmel, who defeated her opponent Sandra Binz (PSV Villach) with 3:0 points. Her colleagues Michael, Rainer and Patrick Gerdenitsch followed with their fights respec-tively.
    “The atmosphere in the competition hall was great. The visitors have been hanging on the edge of their seats. It was very much motivating. Even at the after-fight party in Rohrbach we were still celebrated.†, said Nicole Trimmel.
    2. June 2007
  • Kickboxing event in Burgenland, Matte...

    The preparations are under way for the kickboxing event in Mattersburg.

    The ASVÖ KBC Rohrbach will host this year’s Austrian Championship in full contact kickboxing in the sports hall of primary school Mattersburg. On June 2 all lights will be put on the disciplines full contact, low-kick and K1 style.
    The domestic kickboxing heroes Nicole Trimmel, Rainer, Patrick and Michael Gerdenitsch are already looking forward to fight in front of friends, fans and family.
    25. May 2007
  • Cooperation with Heinrich Bergmüller,...

    Heinrich Bergmüller and Nicole Trimmel work together.

    The name Heinrich Bergmüller is closely connected to the achievements of Austrian ski super-star Herman Maier. Heinrich Bergmüller, for long, acted as fitness coach of the Herminator.

    At the beginning of the year the Bergmüller Kompet-enzzentrum für Fitness & Gesundheit opened its doors in the Therme Stegersbach. Since March Nicole Trimmel is being looked after by Heinrich Bergmüller personally. The four-time World Champion in kick-boxing now enjoys new possibilities in training. After checking the actual physical status of the athlete, work on a training program adapted for kickboxing started. Further field tests will follow soon.
    First improvements after a two months training period could already be monitored when Nicole ran for Austrian champion in semi contact kickboxing at the Austrian Championships in Villach.

    Nicole Trimmel is highly motivated and enjoys training according to the Bergmüller principle. “I think this co-operation is a benefit for both parties. The Bergmüller Kompetenzzentrum allows me to train as Herman Maier does. That alone is of course a huge motivation. It’s fun, which is of utter-most importance†, says Nicole Trimmel.
    16. May 2007
  • New outfits for Sportpool Burgenland,...

    The Sportpool Burgenland dresses its athletes with new outfits. Sportpool Burgenland aids athletes from Burgenland in competing at top level, both nationally and inter-nationally. Nicole Trimmel joined the organisation in 2003 and has ever since received continuous support in execution of her sports activities.
    For the second time now the Sportpool Burgenland hosted a workshop about interesting topics in sports in Steinbrunn. Members of the organisation were handed over a complete set of training outfit at the end of the event.
    8. May 2007
  • Closure of special edition postage st...

    Oslip’s mayor Johann Schumich this week handed over the returns of the special edition postage stamp activity.

    The fundraising project for Nicole Trimmel in co-operation with the ASVÖ Kickboxclub Rohrbach and the municipality Oslip is closed. The special edition postage stamp with a picture of the four-time World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel in an edition of 1000 pieces was sold at the offices of municipality Oslip.
    Initiator of the project was chairman of KBC Rohrbach Christoph Braunrath. In co-operation with mayor Johann Schumich they surprised Nicole Trimmel with the initiative beginning of the year.
    The return will be used for training and competitions.
    4. May 2007
  • Semi contact Austrian Championship, V...

    Nicole Trimmel is going to compete at the Austrian Championship semi contact this weekend in Villach.

    Initially the four-time World Champion in Kickboxing planned a start at a tournament in Sheffield, UK. As a result of a deferral of this contest, both competitions now take place the same weekend. The event in Villach being relevant for qualification into the national team, Nicole consequently competes there.

    Nicole commented on the tournament: “Semi contact is not my main focus. I concentrate on light- and full contact. Nevertheless will I do my best to be on the podium finally.†
    26. April 2007
  • Pre-information German Open, Berlin

    Germany’s capitol is the venue of this year’s International German Open.

    On April 14, 2007 the competition will start in the sports-hall of Berlin Schöneberg. Nicole Trimmel's last start at the German Open is already two years ago, then in Lünen, Dortmund. There the four-time World Champion achieved second place in light contact and third place in semi contact.
    The German Open is a qualification tournament for the German national team, and consequently also a quali-fication for the World Championships. Therefore, most German fighters are expected to take part. Also lots of international fighters will arrive in Berlin. “I have a very positive memory of the last German Open in Lünen. The weight classes were fully filled with fighters, and the organisation of the tournament, in particular the time schedule, was perfect†, says Nicole Trimmel.

    Nicole Trimmel and colleague Patrick Gerdenitsch are looking forward to exciting fights.
    11. April 2007
  • BVZ Night of soccer, Eisenstadt

    Nicole Trimmel was honoured as most favourite sportswoman of the year 2006 in district Eisenstadt at the BVZ night of soccer.

    The Burgenländische Volkszeitung (BVZ) presented the BVZ night of soccer in Eisenstadt. Everybody of distinction in Burgenland’s soccer sport was invited to this event. Highlight of the evening was the nomination for Burgenland’s soccer player of the year. This award was given to Christian Fuchs of SV Mattersburg. After a very fascinating performance of Austria’s Dancingstars Heinz and Kelly and some other show acts the most favourite sportsman and sportswoman of the different districts were honoured. Nicole Trimmel came off as winner of this year’s BVZ election already for the second time. Further details of the election can be found at the respective news entry of March 14.
    29. March 2007
  • Results from Austrian Classics, Kufstein

    Nicole Trimmel reached the third place in discipline light contact, class -65kg.

    The international Austrian Classics again was an amazing tournament and took place in the Arena Kufstein. This year 832 competitors from 16 countries took part. In the team competition 27 teams registered.

    On Friday the Team Rohrbach with Nicole Trimmel, Michael Gerdenitsch (both: KBC Rohrbach), Günther Weninger (Octagon Wien) and Christian Welker (Germany) participated in the team-event. Originally Bernhard Sussitz from KC Klagenfurt was planned as the third man, but could not compete because of an injury occurred in training. In the first round Team Rohrbach met Team Zoltan Dancsos from Hungary and won with 6:0 points. Next they competed against Team WKA Italia and won the battle with 28:6 points. Now Rohrbach had to beat Team Switzerland, but failed to do so with a difference of only four points at the end (19:15).

    On Saturday the tournament started with all men’s classes. Club-colleague Michael Gerdenitsch was very successful and gained the first place in light contact and third place in semi contact. Youngster Szerdar Tekeli lost the first round.

    Nicole Trimmel participated in the discipline semi contact, class -65kg. In the first round she competed against Krystyna Syztenchech from Poland. After the end of the second round it came to a tie between the four-times World Champion and the Polish lady. During a one minute extension Nicole Trimmel won the battle with 15:13 points. However, with 6:0 points Nicole Trimmel lost the next round against Barbara Szendrei from Hungary.

    In discipline light contact Nicole made it to the semifinal, which she lost against Bianca Amann from Austria.

    A report from the experiences of the Austrian Classics is also available on Go for Gold. The next tournament is planned for middle of April.
    20. March 2007
  • Austrian Classics, Kufstein

    The next tournament for Nicole Trimmel is coming soon. On Friday and Saturday Nicole will start at the Austrian Classics in Kufstein.

    After the Irish Open in Dublin the next event is approaching quickly. Nicole Trimmel starts at the Austrian Classics in the Arena Kufstein: on Friday in team competition and on Saturday in semi- and light contact.
    Club-colleague Michael Gerdenitsch has set up a strong squad for Friday’s team-event: in single combats the three male and one female fighter will contend against the opponent team. The points achieved in these fights will be summed up, by which the winning team will be identified. Besides Nicole Trimmel, Michael Gerdenitsch (KBC Rohrbach), Günther Weninger (Octagon Wien) and Bernhard Sussitz (KC Klagenfurt) will fight, all of them world champions in their disciplines respectively.
    “We are looking forward to Friday’s team-event. The spirit will be sensational. We definitely set up a strong team and our opponents shouldn’t underestimate us!†, says Nicole Trimmel on their chances this Friday.
    13. March 2007
  • News from Irish Open, Dublin

    Nicole Trimmel and club-colleague Patrick Gerdenitsch retired early in light contact.

    Nicole Trimmel, Patrick Gerdenitsch and coach Christoph Braunrath took the opportunity on arriving already at March 1 for doing some sightseeing in Dublin.
    On Saturday, March 3, however it was time for the team of KBC Rohrbach to “get ready to fight“. The attempt of four-times World Champion Nicole Trimmel to start in both, class -65kg and class +65kg failed, as the same situation as at the European Championships in Lisbon arrived: The fights in the different classes taking place at the same, Nicole had to clear class +65kg after having won the first round in this class. In class -65kg Nicole lost out in round two against Irishwoman Julie McHale, later the winner of the Irish Open in this class.

    On Sunday, March 4, Nicole is going to fight in discipline semi contact, class -65kg.
    4. March 2007
  • ASVÖ tribute to masters, Oberwart

    Kickboxing-lady Nicole Trimmel and colleagues were honoured for their good performance in 2006 in Oberwart.

    For the winners of Austrian and European Champion-ships ASVÖ honoured Burgenland's athletes on Sunday, February 25, 2007 in the exhibition hall in Oberwart. The following athletes from KBC Rohrbach received a tribute: Ing. Michael Gerdenitsch, Patrick Gerdenitsch, Serdar Tekeli, Patrick Jurinkovich and Nicole Trimmel.
    25. February 2007
  • Alpine training camp in Italy, Tarvisio

    Kickboxinglady Nicole Trimmel for one day changed into the alpine camp and climbed up a hill.

    Burgenland’s Sportsman of the Year 2004 / 2005 Nicole Trimmel followed the invitation of squad colleague and several times World Champion in Kickboxing Bernhard Sussitz from Klagenfurt to take part in a ski tour in Italy under the guidance of tri-athlete Horst Papasoff. The three athletes set out to the Italian town of Tarvisio in order to start their skiing-tour. After 2.5 hours of exhausting walking they reached the top. The prospect of the “Dreiländereck† was the award for stresses and strains on climbing up. After a short brake with some tasty pasta they got back to the slope to downhill. The skiing-tour was an appreciated change suiting well into to the actual training plan of Nicole.
    12. February 2007
  • Gym lesson at secondary school, Siege...

    Sports teachers Renate Klikovics and Manfred Fasching invited Nicole Trimmel for being part of a unique project at secondary school in Siegendorf.

    In the secondary school in Siegendorf a unique project for first year scholars is running: The two sports teachers Renate Klikovics and Manfred Fasching are revitalizing their sports lessons for their 26 active kids, while using popular coaches and athletes from Burgenland for their sport lessons. These celebrities shall make children aware of the importance of sport. The fun-factor is of importance, too. This was the case at the lesson of four-times World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel and chairman of KBC Rohrbach Christoph Braunrath. After a warm up some kickboxing techniques were trained. Subsequently the kids had to overcome a show-jumping course with emphasis on coordination. At the end a kickboxing show was given to the young spectators, followed by giving out a lot of autographs.
    6. February 2007
  • Spark7 Slam Tour, Eisenstadt

    The Spark7 Slam Tour paid a visit to the HAK / HTL in Eisenstadt. Nicole Trimmel and Christoph Braunrath from KBC-Rohrbach presented kickboxing to the students.

    Spark 7 SLAM stands for Sport, Language, Action & Multimedia. Within the initiative “Fit für Österreich† this tour is supported by ASVÖ, ASKÖ and Sportunion and is touring through Austria. Sport and multi-sportive workshops are held. Coach Renaldo O`Neal, a former basketball player, created the “move and groove workshop†. This concept should animate young people for doing sports. A positive feeling through motions should be the result.
    The Spark 7 Slam tour co-operates with local clubs and athletes and offers them possibilities to represent their sports. Therefore Nicole Trimmel, the four-time World Champion in kickboxing, and the national kickboxing team’s coach Christoph Braunrath took the opportunity to do workshops with young students. Nicole Trimmel, a former student of the HAK Eisenstadt, showed and taught basic techniques in kickboxing. At the end the two kickboxers also gave a special show act for the students. “It was very funny to teach in my old school where I have spent five years. The aim was to motivate young people. It does not really matter if they start with kickboxing or with some other sports, but we would be glad to welcome some new students at our club†, said Nicole Trimmel.
    25. January 2007
  • Start of the new season, Oslip

    Kickboxing-ace Nicole Trimmel has again aimed high for this year's season and is aiming for her 5th World Championship Title. Preparations for the coming competitions have started.

    With new power and motivation Burgenland’s Sports-woman of the Year starts into the new season with her male equivalents from KBC-Rohrbach. However, it would not be Nicole Trimmel if she had not resolved a lot for this year. The objective is clearly defined: World Championship Title number five is necessary. Until this year's World Championships 9 months are left. The project can start! “I was quite satisfied with the last season. Despite the consolidation of organisations to the WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organisation) and the higher innovations to the athlete, I have yield a constant performance and I have shown that I am up to this new challenge†, so Nicole Trimmel.

    Together with club colleagues Patrick, Michael and Rainer Gerdenitsch the training has started in January. Each athlete is personalizing his own training. Some group sessions take place as well.
    Nicole Trimmel is focusing on the expansion of her basic physical condition, whereas the kickboxing training is queued at the end. Currently she is pedalling the ergo meter. New training courses are set by the young athlete with help of physiotherapist Petra Leeb-Jerson. Besides special invigorations units the musculature of trunk is being especially prepared for the kickboxing sport. The progress is huge and there is still a lot of potential, knows the 24years old sports-woman. Long-term coach Joachim Huber still precipitates until the end of February. From the very beginning of her career Joachim especially looks after coordination and kickboxing technique. Another focus in this year’s training will be boxing.
    21. January 2007
  • Vice-World Champion in Full Contact, ...

    Nicole Trimmel scores the silver medal at the Kickbox-ing World Championships in Coimbra.

    In the final of class -65kg Nicole competed today against Polish Katarzyna Furmaniak. As some weeks before at the final in Belgrade, the manifold World Champion in Kickboxing took defeat by a mere 2:1 on points. Again, only in round three the decision fell in favour of her Polish opponent.

    Consequently, Nicole Trimmel further on holds four World Champion-titles in Kickboxing. “The fight was very exciting. All three rounds were absolutely equal. Both of us were competing on high level. Finally some odds and ends will have decided on victory. Never-theless, I’m happy with my performance.†, said Nicole Trimmel.

    The fight was broadcasted live on Portugal’s main TV-station.

    Besides the bronze medal scored by Bianca Ahmann, Nicole is once more the sole sportsman to have mar-ked a medal for the Austrian national team at this World Championships.
    2. December 2007
  • Arrival at World Championships, Coimbra

    Nicole Trimmel arrived yesterday in Coimbra.

    The World Champion in Kickboxing und her colleagues of KBC Rohrbach, together with the Austrian national team, arrived yesterday in Porto. A bus transfer to Coimbra followed, where registration and weighing took place. Right afterwards they moved into Hotel Tivoli, which is located close to the city centre.

    Today sightseeing in Coimbra at lovely 20 degrees Celsius was on the agenda. The fighters walked the university town at best temper. In the late afternoon they trained again in the fitness club of the hotel.

    Tomorrow another day of training will follow, before the sequence of fights will be announced in the evening.
    27. November 2007
  • Vice-World Champion in Light Contact,...

    Nicole Trimmel scores the silver medal at the Kickbox-ing World Championships in Belgrade.

    In the final of class -65kg Nicole competed against Slovenian Sabina Sehic today. Burgenland’s manifold World Champion in Kickboxing took defeat by a mere 2:1 on points in an enthralling fight, which only in round three ended in favour of Sabina Sehic.

    Consequently, Nicole Trimmel further on holds four World Champion-titles in Kickboxing, and didn’t show signs of disappointment: “I’m happy with my performance. Sabina was better today, I respect that. I’m glad about the silver medal. However, there’s not much time left for celebration - I will spend some time analysing the fight in detail, and have to start with mental prepara-tions for the next big event in Portugal by the end of November already. I would be happy to find again such a great setting there.†, said a gleaming Nicole Trimmel.

    Besides the bronze medal scored by Juso Prosic, Nicole is the sole sportsman to have marked a medal for the Austrian national team at this World Champion-ships.
    30. September 2007
  • Leave-taking for World Champion-ships...

    Nicole Trimmel and Patrick Gerdenitsch guests at governor Hans Niessl.

    The World Championships in Kickboxing will take place in Belgrade, Serbia from September 25 to October 1, 2007. Starting for Austria’s national team will be - amongst others - Nicole Trimmel and Patrick Gerde-nitsch.
    Governor Hans Niessl didn’t miss the opportunity to take leave of the two top athletes of Burgenland: exem-plary he put his hands on the back of the car of Nicole Trimmel, push-started Nicole and Patrick virtually for their leave-taking to Belgrade and left his wishes for success with the whole team.

    The head of Burgenland used the opportunity to ap-praise Nicole Trimmel’s latest marketing idea - a spe-cially designed sticker for the vehicle of the manifold World Champion in Kickboxing - targeted at broad-ening the kickboxing sport and Nicole’s image. Quite enthusiastic about the initiative, he welcomed it and highlighted Nicole Trimmel’s exemplary role in other campaigns, in particular in coherence with children and youth.

    On display was also the new outfit for the national team, sponsored by TopTen - a manufacturer of pro-tective equipment for martial arts.
    21. September 2007
  • Post Fußball Cup 07, Neusiedl am See

    Nicole Trimmel at the Post Fußball Cup 07 in Neusiedl am See.

    The Österreichische Post AG, as partner of the UEFA EURO 2008, from July 1 to September 16, 2007 orga-nises one of the biggest hobby soccer events in Austria: the Post Fußball Cup 07. There are nine quali-fication tournaments on federal state level, at which all employees of Österreichische Post AG and soccer freaks can participate. The final takes place on Sept-ember 16 in Vienna. The winning team is going to be rewarded with tickets for the UEFA EURO 2008.
    The award ceremony of the qualification tournament in Neusiedl am See was accompanied by the CEO of Österreichische Post AG Dr. Herbert Götz, the go-vernor of Burgenland Hans Niessl and World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel.
    26. August 2007
  • Wristband of Österreichische Sporthil...

    Nicole Trimmel wears the wristband of Österreichische Sporthilfe.

    The Österreichische Sporthilfe recently started a new initiative: the ’Sporthilfe Wunscharmband’. Receipts on the sale of the wristband go to funding of Austrian off-spring and top-class sportsmen/-women.
    The philosophy has been derived from South America, where such wristbands enjoy high popularity. It works accordingly: the wristband is made of a material dis-solving after a while. It is tied with three burls onto the wrist of someone perceived as special. With every burl the person is allowed to wish for something. If the wristband dissolves or a burl opens, a wish becomes true.
    The Sporthilfe Wunscharmband can be purchased here and only costs 2 Euros.
    8. August 2007
  • Performance test, Stegersbach

    In the Bergmüller Kompetenzzentrum a performance test was again executed.

    In the last few weeks Nicole Trimmel executed a fitness training to improve her physics. With a test on the treadmill the latest performance indicators have been determined. The four-time World Champion in Kick-boxing is satisfied with the results: “It shows that the efforts of the last weeks have been worth it. In the next weeks we will improve my interaction potential and integrate more often the kickboxing training.† said Nicole Trimmel.

    Colleague Patrick Gerdentisch also conducted a test in Stegersbach, where he was delighted by the profes-sionalism of the team as well as of the high quality standards of the equipment.
    18. July 2007
  • Head of state congratulates, Eisenstadt

    Nicole Trimmel as visitor in Landhaus Eisenstadt.

    The four-time World Champion in Kickboxing achieved to bring the Austrian Champion title in all disciplines to Burgenland. Enough reasoning for deputy governor Franz Steindl to invite Nicole in Landhaus Eisenstadt, and to congratulate her for the achievements at this year’s Austrian championships.
    3. July 2007
  • Getaway in Italy, Torbole

    Nicole Trimmel indulges herself a getaway with friends on the Lago di Garda.

    Instead of training, relaxing was placed on Nicole’s agenda for the bank holiday weekend. The four-time World Champion in Kickboxing took a rest in the wind-surf heaven of Torbole at Lago di Garda, Italy.
    Completely without sport was a “no-go†, as Nicole couldn’t resist a short windsurfing adventure.
    10. June 2007
  • Prolongation of contract with Sport-p...

    The Sportpool Burgenland prolongates the contract with Nicole Trimmel.

    Since 2003 the four-time Kickboxing World Champion Nicole Trimmel has been supported by the Sportpool Burgenland. The contract again was extended for another year at the office of Sportpool Burgenland, where it was signed last week.
    27. May 2007
  • Austrian Champion in Light contact, L...

    Nicole Trimmel takes again the Austrian Champion-title in light contact kickboxing.

    In Leibnitz the four-time World Champion claims her fourth Austrian Champion-title in a row. She defeats Verena Pichelhofer of ASKÖ Graz with 3:0 points. Silke Klampf doesn’t stand any chance. In the final Nicole runs against long-time rival Bianca Amann from Vor-arlberg. In a technically well conducted fight Nicole wins with 2:1 points.

    In total, the ASVÖ KBC Rohrbach gains two Austrian Champion-titles: besides Nicole Trimmel, also Rainer Gerdenitsch ran for victory in light contact. Patrick Gerdentisch, Serdar Tekeli and Christoph Pauly all win the bronze medal. Michael Gerdenitsch misses out this year.
    20. May 2007
  • Light contact Austrian Championship, ...

    Leibnitz is the venue of this year’s Austrian national competition in light contact kickboxing.

    Nicole Trimmel will start in the category ladies -65kg. Her colleagues from ASVÖ KBC Rohrbach Rainer, Michael and Patrick Gerdenitsch will also participate at this event.
    “Light contact is my favourite discipline. The Austrian Championship is quite important and is a criteria for qualification to the national team. I cannot misprize my competitors and it will not be an easy thing to win the title again. As titleholder and as multi-time World Champion you get hunted amongst the hunters!†, said Nicole Trimmel.
    14. May 2007
  • Energy Run 2007, Eisenstadt

    Nicole Trimmel fires the starting signal for the Energy Run 2007.

    Eisenstadt again turned into a marathon-metropolis the past weekend. At the traditional Energy Run 780 participants started. In front of the beautiful scenery of castle Esterhazy the four-time World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel pulled the trigger with the starting signal for the marathon.
    Team Burgenland, with event organisers Ruth Schnee-berger and Rolf Meixner, once again did a good job. The favourite in half marathon Matthias Steindl outpaced his opponents, and ran for victory.
    6. May 2007
  • Austrian Champion in Semi contact, Vi...

    Nicole Trimmel scores her first Austrian Champion-title in semi contact kickboxing.

    Although Nicole is already World Champion in semi contact, she hadn’t managed to achieve the Austrian Champion-title yet.
    The four-time World Champion presented herself in excellent shape this Saturday, finishing all her fights before the end of the regular time through technical knock-out. She defeated Brigitte Freuis (0:10), Isabella Hannl (0:10) and finally Verena Pichlhofer with 14 to 4 points.

    In discipline team the team of ASVÖ Kickboxclub Rohrbach scores second place, being beaten in the final by team KC Kruckenhauser of Kufstein.

    “I’m very happy about this title, as it’s my first in Austria. Our performance in discipline team was great! We had lots of fun. We also brought along four kids to the tournament, who did well and whom we hopefully could inspire for the the future“, said Nicole Trimmel.
    30. April 2007
  • Gold at German Open, Berlin

    Gold for Nicole Trimmel and twice bronze for Patrick Gerdenitsch at the German Open in Berlin.

    “I’m still able to do it†, said Nicole Trimmel immediately after her victory in category light contact, -65kg at the German Open in Berlin.
    In round one she defeats German Katja Möhle with 3:0 points, followed by Austrian Bianca Amann. In the final she beats German Tatiana Suchan in a tactical fight, avoiding unnecessary, strength-consuming kicks.

    In contrast, in her full contact fights Nicole remained too passive, thus retiring early in this category from the tournament.

    During the past three weeks Nicole was coached by long-term trainer Joachim Huber again, the results of the co-operation being immediately visible at this event.

    Colleague Patrick Gerdenitsch shows an excellent performance in achieving third place twice, both in semi- and light contact, class male up to 94kg.

    Besides sports activities Nicole could spend some time on sightseeing: “Berlin is a very nice place with a lot of history.†, said a visibly impressed Nicole Trimmel.
    14. April 2007
  • Training camp, Utrecht

    Nicole Trimmel followed a three day training camp in the Netherlands.

    Having received her first fully individual training plan earlier this week, Nicole went through a series of training sessions in Utrecht and The Hague as preparation for the upcoming event in Berlin. There, she combined training exercises and sightseeing: both, in the beautiful old town of Utrecht and when recharging her batteries at the well-known beach promenade of Scheveningen, part of The Hague.

    The four-time World Champion in Kickboxing was highly satisfied with the result of the journey, finally realizing that the quest for the search of “Easter eggs† can also be done at the beach: “When in the Nether-lands, do as the Dutch do†, Nicole said.

    Apart from the physical activities, Nicole worked on a further development of her marketing concept.
    8. April 2007
  • Night of Sports, Pamhagen

    On Tuesday evening Burgenland crowned its “Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year 2006† in Pamhagen. Nicole Trimmel was nominated in the female category.

    In the last few years the Night of Sports grew to a society event. VIPs from sport, politics and economy took the opportunity to take part when the secret of the Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year was dis-closed. Burgenland’s sports-journalists had the final say in this voting.

    The nominees for Sportswoman of the Year 2006 were: Joana Bucur (Special Olympics), Julia Dujmovits (snowboard), Nikola Hofmanova (tennis), Anne Wunderlich (swimming) and Nicole Trimmel (kick-boxing).
    The nominees for Sportsman of the Year 2006 were: Rene Haselbacher (cycling), Lukas Pallitsch (athletics), Philipp Ringhofer (motocross), Hans Spitzauer (sailing) and Bernd Wiesberger (golf).

    Nikola Hofmanova and Rene Haselbacher earned the trophy in this year’s election. Nicole Trimmel received this award already two times in 2004 and 2005, and shared her happiness with the winners.

    Further awards where given to Gerald Vogler (basket-ball) for the best coach and to the SV Mattersburg (soccer) for the best team.
    28. March 2007
  • BVZ Favourite Sportsman 2006, Eisenstadt

    Nicole Trimmel came off as winner for this year’s BVZ election of most favourite sportswoman of the year.

    The Burgenländische Volkszeitung (BVZ) has finished the yearly election for Burgenland’s most favourite sportsman and sportswoman of the year 2006. The votes have been counted. In the category most favourite sportswoman 2006 the four-times World Champion in Kickboxing, Nicole Trimmel, was elected as victress by the BVZ-readers.
    14. March 2007
  • Results from Irish Open, Dublin

    In discipline semi contact Nicole Trimmel looses out with 14 to 19 points against Greek Constancia Popoudopulus. Colleague Patrick Gerdenitsch has to give in as a result of a contusion of his ribs.

    The fighters from Burgenland miss out at Europe’s largest martial arts tournament, the Irish Open, in Dublin. The four-times World Champion Nicole Trimmel retires early on Sunday, March 4 in category female, class -65kg against Greek Constancia Popoudopulus.
    In a tough fight Nicole Trimmel was able to gain on points lost at the beginning of the fight. However, after some non-assessed hits she finally had to admit defeat. “Semi contact is not the discipline I’m doing best. I have put all I could into this fight, placing some good punches in the last third, thereby catching up on points. Unfortunately, I ran out of time.“, said Nicole Trimmel.

    Club-colleague Patrick Gerdenitsch had to give in after a fulminating opening round. He had been hit hard on his then already present contusion of ribs. Suffering from pain, he had to leave the mattress without a struggle.

    In two weeks the Austrian Classics will take place in Kufstein – another international tournament, which will serve well as preparation for the young Austrian sportswoman.
    6. March 2007
  • Pre-information Irish Open, Dublin

    The Irish Open will take place in Dublin from 3rd to 4th March 2007. Three people from Burgenland will take part.

    Nicole Trimmel and Patrick Gerdenitsch, both from KBC Rohrbach, will fly to Dublin on March 1 in order to take part at the Irish Open. At Dublin airport they will meet coach Christoph Braunrath who will be arriving directly from the UK.
    On Friday the Austrian team will have enough time to do some sightseeing and relax a bit. The four times World Champion in Kickboxing Nicole Trimmel will use this tournament to test her condition and technique. At the Irish Open 2006 Nicole managed to achieve the bronze medal in light contact, class -65kg.

    The Irish Open is the largest martial arts tournament in Europe today. The event is run by fighters for fighters in aid of charity. The profits from the 2007 event will be given to the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC). Last year’s event was the largest event yet, with over 2.300 fighters from 27 countries attending. This year this record is set to be demolished.
    27. February 2007
  • BVZ voting on Sportsman of the Year 2...

    The Burgenländische Volkszeitung (BVZ), a weekly newspaper in Burgenland, is making their yearly election for Burgenland’s most favourite sportsman and sportswoman.

    Readers of the BVZ have the chance to elect their favourite sportsman and woman as of now. Kickboxinglady Nicole Trimmel is nominated. Votes can be placed until March 5, 2007, either directly here or with a ballot paper (included in the latest issue of BVZ).
    14. February 2007
  • Evening of sports, Zagersdorf

    Burgenland’s kickboxers Nicole Trimmel and Michael Gerdenitsch followed the invitation of pastor Zeljko Odobasic to present kickboxing at an evening of sports in the parish centre of Zagersdorf.

    In a familiar atmosphere the two figureheads of KBC Rohrbach Nicole Trimmel and Michael Gerdenitsch presented their most favourite activity: kickboxing. Initiated by the community Zagersdorf and organiser pastor Zeljko Odobasic the two athletes were given the opportunity to demonstrate their sport and themselves. Standard techniques and some technical combinations from the daily training workout where performed. After that the spectators got a very personal interview when the athletes answered several questions from the interested audience. Nicole Trimmel and Michael Gerdenitsch had fun while performing on stage and were very happy about the big interest in Zagersdorf.
    8. February 2007
  • Coaching seminar, Schielleiten

    Education and learning is key. Besides job and training Nicole Trimmel is returning to the classroom to press ahead with her coaching education in kickboxing.

    Already in 2005 Nicole participated in a course of the BAFL project “coaching education for active competitive athletes†. The project aims to win athletes for the Austrian sport after their active career. Besides high diving lady Marion Reiff, swimmer Petra Zahrl and beach-volleyball players Robert Novotny and Peter Gartmeyer numerous other celebrities of sport hit their books. Nicole finished the basic part, being the same for all sports, last year. This time the first special tutorial for kickboxing took place from January 28 to February 2 at the Bundessportzentrum Schielleiten. Besides Nicole, club colleague Michael Gerdenitsch and chairman Christoph Braunrath participated.
    2. February 2007
  • Burgenland’s Top 100 VIPs, Vienna

    Nicole Trimmel, four-time World Champion in Kick-boxing, was elected 19th of the Top 100 VIPs of Burgenland.

    The Austrian magazine “News† elected the top 100 VIPs of Burgenland and the top 1000 VIPs of Austria. Edition no. 3 of the magazine (issue date: January 18, 2007) shows the ranking of the top 100 VIPs of the federal states Upper Austria, Styria and Burgenland.

    The four-times World Champion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel achieved the top 20 and left some well-known celebrities behind. Burgenland’s Sportswoman of the Year 2004 / 2005 gleams with place 19 in the ranking. Club-colleague Michael Gerdenitsch holds place 85.
    Winner of the voting was Andreas Ivanschitz, team captain of Austria’s national football team, followed by governor Hans Niessl and family Eselböck.
    22. January 2007