It is no secret any more - Nicole Trimmel presented her new KICKBOXCALENDER 2017 on the 1st of december 2016. Foto-artist Wolfgang Prummer took very exclusive and sexy pics from the manifold champion everything in black and white.

    Moderator Christian Hoffmann talked with Nicole about her latest title at the European Championship in Greece before they showed the 12 pics of the new calender. After that the party was unstoppable at Gut Purbach.

    You can order the new KICKBOXCALENDER 2017 directly here on the Website in two sizes: A3 (25 Euro) or A2 (45 Euro) excluding shipping.

    Pics from the Event: http://www.bvz.at/eisenstadt/nicole-trimmel-osliper-europameisterin-auf-heissen-bildern/31.332.612

    Krone.at: http://www.krone.at/videos/sportvideos/heiss-sexy-kickbox-champ-laesst-die-huellen-fallen-nicole-trimmel-video-542280

    2. December 2016

    Before Nicole Trimmel gets back to the ring for the European Championships in fullcontact kickboxing end of November, she gives a first look into her 5th calender project. Wolfgang Prummer shooted the eight-time World Champion in black and white.

    The limited calender edition will be available in 100 pieces A2 and 100 pieces A3 only beginning of december.


    27. October 2016
  • Alpe Adria Trail

    Summer means hard training to prepair for the tournaments in autum. But why not spending this time outside in the nature? Therefore the World- and European Champion took the bike together with her colleague and cycled the Alpe Adria Bicycle Trail from Klagenfurt to Udine. After this trip they situated their training base arround Klagenfurt to visit the beachvolleyball major.

    4. August 2016
  • runtastic fitness channel

    Nicole is back on the Runtastic fitness channel. Together with her friend Lunden Souza she shows nice workouts and has a talk:

    Do you have a skateboard? Than check out this video for your next workout Routine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Rehcs-wc7o

    Why is STRONGER better than SKINNY? Have a look inside the talk with Lunden and Nicole: https://youtu.be/4ERS-JTHK5o

    7. July 2016
  • Worldcup Rimini

    After a big comeback at the hungarian Worldcup in Budapest it was the next step for the Champion: Bestfighter Worldcup in Rimini/Italy

    In the category female Fullcontact -65kg 10 very strong fighters competed. As European Champion in this class Nicole entered at the quaterfinal and had to fight manifold World- and European Champion Thea Therese Naess who is normaly in the -60kg class. 'A great fight and a great experience too as we normaly do not fight against each other. It is a great pleasure to fight against top fighters, ' says Nicole after winning this fight with 2:1.

    In semifinal she met polish Emilia Czerwinska again and had to face finnish Puurunen Jenna. She was leading in the final until the last few seconds. At the end of the fight it was a split decision and in this case the Computer decided. Nicole lost the final. "Sport is not always fair, but that's life. I know what I can and after my long break because of my bad injury I can be very satisfied. I had three strong fights and I am very happy with the result at the end," says Nicole who will participate at the Austrian Championsships from 10th till 12th June in Schielleiten.

    7. June 2016
  • Gladiator workout

    From 27th till 30rd of April 2016 Nicole worked as Coach for Gladiator workouts in the Be Live Hotel Palace des Muro/Mallorca. What is a Gladiator workout? It is a high intensity Training (HIT) with and without weights.

    If you want to know more about Gladiator workouts just send as a message via the website.

    2. May 2016
  • FELIX Austria

    Stegersbach - Managementmeeting of FELIX Austria.

    As brand ambassador of Felix Austria Nicole had the chance to talk again in front of the audience of her sponsor in Stegersbach. What does it mean to be succesfull and how do you react if you get stroked back or injured? The champion talked about how she got through these experiences and what does it mean to 'come back stronger'.

    'Nicole was already part of our last teammeeting. Economy and Sport have a lot of things in common. Our employees have the chance to hear stories from a professional athlete and they have also the chance to talk to her personaly and ask questions, " says CEO Mag. Peter Buchauer.

    21. March 2016
  • training in Thailand

    Sun, white beach and blue water - sounds like holidays but it is the gym of Nicole Trimmel. Together with some friends she travelled and trained in Thailand. "The great thing when doing kickboxing is, that you do not need a lot for your training. Just a bit space where you can do your workouts, " says the World Champion. Nicole has been training in Thailand now already for the theird time and realy loves the way of live there.

    After her knee surgery last year she works on her comeback. In March the next training camp in Mallorca is on plan.

    5. February 2016

    OOooopss I did it again - Nicole Trimmel returns after her knee injury and got European Champion in Fullcontact again. It is her 5th European title now.

    She enters the quaterfinal against Emilia Czerwinska (POL) with 3:0. In Semifinal she fights against Katalin Konya (DEN) with 2:1. In the final it come to a very interested fight between Nicole and her Russian Opponent Ksenia Mirshnichenko. In the 3rd round Nicole turns the match only and makes a fulminant finish. At the end she wins 3:0 again.

    28. November 2016
  • Runtastic Fitness Channel

    Breakfast of a CHAMPION

    The girls are in the kitchen! Join runtastic fitness coach Lunden Souza and World- and European Champion in kickboxing Nicole Trimmel when making the perfect breakfast to kickstart your day. This breakfast is super healthy and a good option for those who want to gain muscles. And it is vegetarian.

    Have a look inside the video and let us have your comments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHwqSpZfPCI

    10. August 2016

    Swatch Club made it possible! Club members could win a personaltraining with Kickbox World- and Europeanchampion Nicole Trimmel. The lucky winners could take part at a workshop with the Champion and entered the ring together with Nicole and here colleagues to get a feeling for what kickboxing is about.

    It is defenetly worth to be a club member of Swatch. More information about membership you will find here: http://www.swatch.com/de_at/swatch-club/about-the-club/ 

    19. July 2016
  • Austrian Champion title no. 19

    The next step - Nicole took her 19th Austrian Champion title. The BSFZ Schielleiten, one of Nicole's most favourite training place, was the venue of this years Austrian Championships in kickboxing powered by ÖBFK.

    Im Fullcontact Nicole had nobody to fight. The winner of the semi-final gave W.O. and did not want to fight against the World Champion.

    In Lightcontact Nicole finally got the Chance to fight three times for her 19th Austrian Champion title.

    13. June 2016
  • What a comeback

    #COMEBACKSTRONGER - more than one year Nicole did not enter the ring after she through her ligament and meniscus at a tournament. Now she is back in the ring. At the hungarian Worldcup in Budapest she participated in Fullcontact -65kg again. As actual European Champion she entered the tournament at the semi-final. There she matched with Elisabeth Rebnord from Norway. After such a long time off she was of course more nervous than used to be. But the Champion and her routine made her strong.

    In the final she met polish Emilia Czerwinska. From the very beginning the two women took a taff and intense fight. But the Champion was back and striked her oponnent through the ring. At the end Nicole won 3:0 and celebrated a fulminant Comeback according to her slogan #COMEBACKSTRONGER

    "After such a long period of absence I was of course pretty nervous. But I was ready for this challenge. Champions never give up and I worked very hard for my comeback. The moment after the fight when you wait for the result and the referee puts your arm up is a freaky amazing feeling. This feeling rewards you for all your hard work. I am very happy and just want to enjoy what I did on my way back, " says Nicole to her first Worldcup triumph after her serious knee injury.

    17. May 2016
  • NEXT STOP: Mallorca

    1.200km on the bike within two weeks. Nicole just finished her endurance trainingcamp in Mallorca together with her traininggroup. Besides she did also lots of workouts in the gym like the 'gladiator' workout. 

    22. March 2016
  • Next stop: Salzburg

    Training and Travel is Nicoles lifestyle. Her next stop was Salzburg: kick- and thaiboxing at the RS Gym and skating with her team mate and vice-worldchampion Christin Fiedler.  

    "After my knee surgery back in 2015 it was the first time I could do skating again - I love this sport so much and it is the perfect winter Training. Together it is much more fun than doing everything alone. I had a very good time in Salzburg. " says Nicole about the great weekend in Salzburg.

    Nicoles next destinations: Schielleiten, Mallorca...

    22. February 2016