• Guest at Mahlzeit Burgenland

    On the 7th October 2017 Nicole Trimmel finished her kickboxing carriere with her 'ONE LAST FIGHT' in Oslip. Nearly one year later on the 5th of October 2018 she talks about her retirment at Radio Burgenland 'Mahlzeit Burgenland'.

    5. October 2018

    The highly intensive training program based on the success concept of tsar® - These 10 days will change you, make you stronger, make you proud and bring you closer to your dream body in big-steps. The results are impressive: in 10 days lose up to 10 cm in abdominal girth. After the boot camp you will be motivated to integrate a regular Training to your daily life.

    The Boot Camp is led by Sonja Ruprah-Weihs, the developer of tsar®, who, together with top female athletes and coaches, gets the most out of you.

    Nicole Trimmel, Kickboxing World Champion
    Heidi Neururer, snowboard world champion
    Stefanie Schwaiger, Beach Volleyball European Champion
    Marion Reiff, 2-time Olympic diver
    Sonja Ruprah-Weihs, developer of tsar®

    Date: 3.06.2018 bis 12.06.2018

    Here you get full details of the offer at the Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach:


    6. April 2018

    Workshop with manifold World- and European Champion in Kickboxing

    Take your chance to train and lern from Nicole Trimmel. She is one of the most succesfull kickboxing athletes in the world and has a total of 408 fights.

    This seminar is for both beginners and advanced fighters. 

    ATTENTION: limited participants!

    Info and Registration: http://www.fast-academy.at/events/kickboxworkshop-mit-nicole-trimmel/

    1. February 2018

    You do not know what the 2 stretched forefingers on the back mean when you're watching beach volleyball, what is the 19th hole in golf, how to properly side-kick, change the wreath, cook healthy, or become a football hero?

    The Falkensteiner SPORT. SPA. STYLE. week offers the opportunity to train together with some of the best in our country in Schladming, as well as to taste. In Welcome Home Atmosphere you get to know them privately and listen to the tips and tricks. Half a day each of our professionals will bring their specialty closer, train with you , take care of you, answer your personal questions and have a personal chat.

    Date: 10.06.2018 - 15.06.2018


    6. April 2018

    You want to know what a manager could learn from an athlete? What does it mean to be excellent and how can you comeback stronger?

    Go and get Nicole Trimmel as a keynotespeaker for your company! She talks about here achievments and daily sportlife but she also builds the bridge between economy and sport. Learn from the mentality of a real Champion.

    For inquiries please use the contact sheet.

    Fotocredit: SPA Camp 2017 / Jasmin Walter

    2. February 2018
  • KICKBOXCALENDER 2018 powered by gitgo

    Kickbox World Champion Nicole Trimmel and fotograf Wolfgang Prummer presented the sixth calender of the Champion: the KICKBOXCALENDER 2018 powered by gitgo

    Mercedez-Benz car dealer Ing. E. Ermler GMBH in Neusiedl am See was the best event location for this years presentation presented by Daniel Gmeiner. He introduced the audience into the new 13 very hot Pictures.

    The calender is again totaly in black and white and this time all pictures have been done completely naked just using boxing equipment. The product of this years shooting is an incredible one as Nicole Trimmel was in the shape of her life as all shootings were done between her preperations for One Last Fight. You can order the limited calendar edition directly on the website.


    Here is the official event-video: https://youtu.be/6KLw6wEIju4

    Here you can see the full KICKBOXCALENDER 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9HbfDKU5ww

    1. January 2018